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3 Mar 2010

Hi would love to reminiscent with anyone who remembers me.

Peter Hayden (C75-76)

4 Mar 2010

Hi Rae Cleverley! I remember you well. Please pass my best wishes to Miss Devine when you contact her again. I've just been thinking of the evenings in Sandringham House and the fun!? getting the first and second years to settle down and go to sleep. Petra Cartwright and Anne James (where are they now?) come to mind!

Jean Barnes-Harvey (Coffin) (S76-81)

5 Mar 2010

The members list has been updated. Check now to see who you know!
Don't forget to let me know of any changes to address, etc to ensure you get the next Newsletter which I believe is coming soon! - Doug - Membership Secretary

Doug Pruden (S62-63)

6 Mar 2010

I am doing a bit of research about my own days at School and can not find any material about exact precise dates of when School terms started and ended. I am looking more precissely for the dates of the half term break of the Autume term 1969. As it was mid term when I actually started at Windsor Boys, rather than at the beginning of the term. A friend suggested late October for the time of the half term break-Can anyone help? Thanks

Mike Greenwood (H108) (H69-720

7 Mar 2010

Guff cakes,cheese staws,chips,gaffers pie,dorm inspections,lights out,dorm raids,radio luxemburg,pillow fights ,getting slippered,roll calls,sick bay,exits down to the pub, football machine,chapel,choir practice,assembly,Kur Park,canal walks,girl friends,crush pins,getting chucked,beer & fags,ration card for ciggies,Mohnesee sailing,6th form common room, Sargent Peppers,D of E,Concordia Sevens, 1066, matrons, prefects, monitors, Jacks Union, internal mail,house & school colours,house rivalry,hundreds of mates,great masters,end of term train trip home,summer term cultural visits(Belsen?), school buses biscuit tins,caned for smoking again..,house socials,dance but no snogging, hospital corners,new term first day back,see all your mates start all over again..brilliant!!!

Ralph Bennett (M62-68)

9 Mar 2010

I was Donna Williams and LOVED my time at WGS - does anyone remember me???

Donna Wilson (H61-65)

12 Mar 2010

To Donna Williams your name rings a bell in my memory,did you know me ?

Whatever happened to the love of my life in 1963 Pat Cotton B29 anyone know ?

Paul Roper B112 (B63-64)

13 Mar 2010

Hi Donna. Yes I remember you. I was in Marlborough House, and we used to come upstairs and create mayhem in the middle of the night..midnight feasts and end of term pillow fights and getting caught. I remember end of one term a few of us got caught and blow me at the beginning of the next term we were dragged out the front of everyone and given a half term loss of privileges. No trips to the Kurpark, no tuck shop and even had to wash Mrs Hendersons car!. Do you remember Margaret Docherty? We are still very much in touch. More memories.. On one occasion a few of us in M House decided we were going to run away back home, obviously not knowing how,but we made so much noise before we even got out of the grounds that we got caught. God, did we get into trouble for that. I have to laugh when all I had was a toothbrush and comb shoved down my jumper and nothing else, not even any money. We actually got the ruler across our knuckles real hard. Also I'm not sure if anyone remembers the incident when a couple of girls from another house (own up if you are on this site) got caught outside the grounds, I think over in the boys school. They were hauled in front of the whole school and we were forced to send them 'to Coventry' They were even isolated from everyone and punishment for anyone who got caught talking to them. Changing the subject a bit now, Paul, I see your name cropping up on here. It is so familiar, that I even ran the name past my mum to see if somewhere during my life your family name rang a bell but she couldnt remember. I'm talking about more than just these few years. More so going right back to my early childhood. As you know, many students were from army backgrounds and travelled around to different postings together. Help me out here please. I'm sure there is a connection somewhere.

Angela Cottrell (Walker) (M62-64)

13 Mar 2010

Neil Barnes, Still waiting for you to get in touch, sorry not been on site for some time. Hope you are well let me know how things going.

Scot Innes (M73-76)

14 Mar 2010

Angela Walker's post stirred some memories. A great mate of mine, who shall be nameless but was in Hillsborough House, was caught one night with some other girls. My understanding of what happened is that they had been to the Boys' School late at night, and on the way back were being chased by some Gastarbeiter (foreign workers - I think they were possibly Italian). Seeing a car with a GB numberplate, they flagged it down for assistance. Unfortunately for them, it was a member of staff from the Boys' School. :-)

The girls were locked away in the Careers Office (in the cellars under the main school block, and we waved to them through the little window. They were initially expelled, but since there were few options of other schools they could realistically go to, certainly my mate came back some weeks later.

All a big scandal at the time! Best wishes Pam

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

14 Mar 2010

hello i was in sandringham house and my number was 129 - i cant really remember the girls i shared with in the dorm but do remember the boilers to make tea poss a girl called janet with glasses like me a - there was miss crooks - frau giezafeld(wrong spell) and another not sure of her name - i was in the swimming team for backstroke for the house - there was also a demonstration about something and we all sat in assembly refusing to stand when the head came in - what about the french toast and beans - also changing pleated skirts for a line and adapting them ourselves - i ruined mine - sunbathing with cooking oil in theoutside theatre, one last thing mr harris the history teacher!!!- if anyone remembers me i would love to hear from you.

Karen Page (S??-??)

14 Mar 2010

Jean Coffin, I will write specially to "Miss Devine". We normally are only in touch at Christmas but I will see that she gets your good wishes. Was your daughter Debbie? I think I remember her. Best wishes. Rae

Rae Cleverly (M77-81)

16 Mar 2010

Hello to all, especially those who remember me. I havw been meaning to join the Society for some time now and never seemed to get around to doing so. I have read so many posts over the past few weeks and decided to go for it.Some fond memories are still with me from Sandringham House from 35 years ago. Like someone else wrote in their post Windsor Boys School was only a part of my life for three or four years yet it remains so very very precious in my memories. Good times and bad times.My school number was S116 and my Sister was S117 she was a couple of years older than myself.Just some of the things i remember were ,playing table tennis with Matron ( Shidloff & Couler) Spelling. I believe the House master was Mr Colin Ramsdale and i believe Mr Bryce was a technical drawing teacher. As for the students i seem to recall a Kev Hopkins ( Curly hair) as i remember. Stuart Bell ( Dinger) Paul Townsend.My memory is fadinded so unless someone joggs it i find it difficult to remember. Other fond memories include not having to go to Prep if you had Technical Drawing homework as you required a T Square and board. Having tea or hot chocolate and a cake before bed time. Getting hauled out onto the corridor if caught messing about . Getting slippered by the duty Master . Leaving all the softest slippers by the first bunk so it didnt hurt too much. Those silly door stop things that were around all the dorm handles to stop the doors from banging( not too hot on the fire and safety regs in those days) Ha. Going to the Cinema on a Saturday night to watch some Western or having to come back on Sunday night to finish watching the Ten Commandments as it was such a long film Ha. I do recall wanting to stay in School and not go back to RAF Laarbruch one Visiting Weekend as i had heard the lads who stayed had such a good time playing War games in the grounds of the School. I do remember bring Kev Hopkins home on a visiting weekend as his parents were based in Berlin and it was too far to travel for just a couple of days.As it turns out i did go to RAF Gatow as a posting when i joined the RAF in 1978. Well i could rabbit on for ages but i guess i will bring my first post to a close. Next time i will dig out all of my old school reports and then i will be able to mention a few more of the staff as they as you know will have signed the bottom of my very average school reports. If anyone remembers me and wants to drop me an email feel free to do so. Regards

Ray Cresswell (S74-77)

18 Mar 2010

Morning All, Plans are going well, we are up to 120 guests. And we still have about three months to go.

As we only have the disco facility for the evening I have asked the hotel if we could have "background" music for the day time. They replied no problem and would supply a CD system, but we will have to supply the cd's. So I don't want to turn up with a shed load of cd's that no-one likes..and in turn everybody do the same as we would not have time to play them all. I have some old..ish music I can burn to a disc to start with and if a few others do the same, we could cover most taste's. So please have a think about it and let me know so we don't have a hundred odd disc's to try and play.

A reminder for those who have yet to pay the full amount or a deposit, could you please do so at the earliest oppurtunity. Max is very flexible (lol) she can take most payment types...Paypal, Bank Tranfers, Cheques, and Postal Orders. If you have particular problems with these then contact us and we will sort something out. I would rather we pay in advance than waiting for money to come in on the day.

A few ppl have have asked for sponser forms, as they are doing there own thing for H4H and obviously bringing any monies for the charity on the day. I do not want to much happening on the day to detract from the Reunion. But every little helps..

Another reminder to those who have yet to change their RSVP on the Reunion event page. For those who have committed and or paid for the reunion, can you please change your status to "Attending". This give everybody more idea of who is attending and may influence others who are waiting to see who is coming.... Best Regards

Jed Bottomley (B77-80)

20 Mar 2010

Dennis Thompson i attended windsor boy 1977 - 1981, Hillsborough H140. I do remember a few people from my days at windsor. Anyone remember me, also my younger brother Peter was there. Sadly my brother has passed away aged 40. Some of the lads i remember are the edmonson brother Graeme and David, Bobby Peterson, Tony & Linden Parslow, Paul Cooper, Ian Martin, Ian Aberdeen, John Grimes. All Hillsborough lads as i recall.

Dennis Thompson (H77-81)

25 Mar 2010

Hi Ray Creswell, I remember you, I was in Sandringham for a while then left, and when I returned 6 months later I was in Balmoral. The Ram wouldnt have me back!! I'm in contact with Jock Carroll as well. Me Binger, Jock and one or two others shared a dorm when I first went to Hamm. When I was in Balmoral I shared a dorm with Nige Horne, AJ Wheeler, Kev Rennie Ratty Wright and Dale Harding. Good times. There is a reunion this June in Weymouth, get yourself down, its like youve never been away with wrinkles!!!

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

26 Mar 2010

Where are you now? Alan Meadows last known address ACT, Australia,

Jean Douglas nee Page, Rotorua, NZ, Christine Williams nee Rogers, Christchurch, NZ, Tex Scott, Queensland, Australia, Judith Fuller nee Dunlop, Lindfield NSW, Australia. You have mail!

Ellen Warnaby (Brandon) Australasia Representative

28 Mar 2010

Hi, to anyone who may remember me. Bernadette Pike nee Brandon is the name. I was in Balmoral house 1960-1963. I have seen many names of girls, (and guys) on the site whom I seem to remember, Patricia Cotton being the latest. I have an autograph book in which many of these names feature. Some names I am unable to put faces to but would love to get some feedback. Only discovered this site middle of 2009 courtesy of my big sister Ellen Warnaby nee Brandon also Balmoral house who is now the Australia/New Zealand rep.

Bernadette Pike (B60-63)

28 Mar 2010

Do you remember Stewart Houston, Senior Geography Master 1950s. I have had a note from Dr Houston as follows: Dear Ellen thank you for forwarding The Windsor Society papers. It is a good idea to revitalise the connections for people here (Australia). Unfortunately I am far too old and frail to become involved. At 85+ this is more than I could manage. We were among the original staff families in the 1950s so our memories go back a long way. My wife died just over a year ago. I was sorry to read of the death of Phyllis Aspinall wife of Bryant the founding Headmaster. They were good friends and neighbours when we lived in ??( illegible). I hope you continue your good work in rebuilding the Society and wish you success in your venture. Yours sincerely Stewart Houston.

Dr Houston, like me lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.Only a 15 minute drive away. I am hoping to arrange a meeting so he can share his memories with me.
If you remember Stewart Houston why don't you drop him a line via my email and I will make sure he gets them.

Ellen Warnaby (Brandon)
Australasia Representative

29 Mar 2010

To Bernadette, i remember you but most of all i remember a boy who walked round combing his hair all day i think he was called (gods gift to girls Cookie) i expect you remember him too,and as for Pat Cotton we used to exchange letters and crush pins,but i have never seen her on this site but she used to be a member at one time.

Paul Roper (B63-64)

29 Mar 2010

I am looking for the olde ie Shirley and Alison both in Edinborough house

Thomas Cook (H76-80)

30 Mar 2010

To Paul Mcquarrie (M79-82) who left a message 4 March 2009. Tommo (teddy body) Thompson Peter. Suddenly died at work aged 40 with one of his son by his side. His sister Paula is now living in Northampton with her husband of 24 years. This is Dennis his older brother who is passing on this information. I was still at windsor boys when you were there.

Dennis Thompson (H77-81)

31 Mar 2010

To Paul Roper, thankyou for the quick message. Your name rings a bell but cannot put a face to it. As for Cookie (i.e. John Cook), yes I remember him well. I never knew he was known as "God's gift to girls" and the fact he combed his hair constantly is also news to me. Anyway nice speaking with you.

Bernadette Pike (Brandon) (B60-63)

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