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4 Jun 2010

Hello everyone! Can anyone help me get in contact with Ian toplis,Mark kirman,Kevin wesson,David blanchflower,They were my room mates in Edinburgh house.I have tried some of their email address but they are no longer in use.Would be grateful of any help thanks kev. Andy quigeley! I didnt realise how many photo,s we have of you in our photo albums lol!OH YES. Plus got some crackers of Edinburgh annex boys. Colin green,John palmer,John cheetham.I cant remember the name of the lad that took them.But they are priceless. Counting the days to weymouth,Thanks kev,

Kevin Cheetham (E78-81)

7 Jun 2010

Kevin Cheetham, I was in the annex at Edinburgh House at the same time as you. It may have been me who took the photos as I was heavily involved in photography.

Nigel Tanner (NAT) (E77-81)

7 Jun 2010

The Members List has been updated today. Check now to see who you know. The Society's Newsletter has been sent to all current members. Please keep me up to date with changes of address, etc

Doug Pruden (S62-63)

8 Jun 2010

Hi Carol Harrison (E70-74) and Pat Aris (E74-76) I too was there. I don't remember many names apart from Jackie Devereaux, a Jenny and a another called karen who shared my dorm. Of course Matron Schroeder and her poodle (or were there two of them?)are memorable. I was younger than you both I am 48 now and I am sure 50 isn't a bad age!

I am currently writing a book about my schooling years whilst my father was in the army. I am particulary interested in the many varied reasons why the Army sent so many children to Boarding Schools. If anyone could help I would be grateful. I will check back here often, it is a great site glad I found it.

Sharon Peat (E74-78)

10 Jun 2010

Hi Sharon (Peat), I can only speak from my own experience. My father was in the RAF and we were stationed at Laarbruch, where there was an infants and junior/middle school only. It was either boarding school in Germany or boarding school back in the UK for me. So Windsor was the lesser of two evils. I would say that this was probably the case for everyone posted overseas. In other words there was no choice. I know my parents didn't want me to go, but what could they do? Good luck with the book Sharon and 50 is the new 30 so there! haha.

Pat Aris (E74-76)

13 Jun 2010

Hi everybody and all the new friends we met at York reunion last year, you made us very welcome. We are the motorhome couple and are hoping to make it Weymouth this weekend as we travel on to Southampton and Isle of Wight on Monday. Hope to see some of you again there.

Mike & Ros Conboy (C34) (C53-58)

15 Jun 2010

Hello to RTW Gann who was trying to contct me. I'm living in Romsey (housemaster in a boarding school, of all ironies)and am in regular contact with Brian livingston, who now lives in Ireland. It would be very good to get in touch with Ray and anyone else who knew me back in the 60's

Chris Rowney (E64-68)

15 Jun 2010

Really great to see that all the years are coming together! Looking forward to seeing the Motor-homers again! Safe journeys to all travelling to Weymouth this weekend! Really hoping the sun shines for us/on us allx

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

18 Jun 2010

hi, chris rowney, u dont happen to work in st,edwards school do you! my son was a pupil there and i was a student at wgs , that would be something. i keep checking this site incase i recognise anyone and i am hooked on it to be honest, take care, carol

Carol Whitehorn(Harrison) (E70-74)

19 Jun 2010

I just thought I would send those of you not attending the reunion, warm greeting from this very sunny reunion at Weymouth. I am surprised I am the first to post to the site. It is not 27 minutes till the buffet which I am looking forward to. The reunion seems to be well attended with many memories being exchanged. It sounds like those who arrived last night had an enjoyable time as well. Have a great day

Michael Greenwood (H69-72)

20 Jun 2010

Big thank you to Jed, Maxine and all involved in the organisation of the Weymouth bash. Great venue and a great time was had by me and everyone there from what I could see. To Mike Greenwood - great idea to post message but the webmaster was getting into a few pints so it had to wait until today.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

21 Jun 2010

Great job Jed & Maxine

A great turnout too, lots of photos on the reunion page on FB ;-)

Jed 'n' Fud thanks for the 5am "Crunch Nut Cornflake" routine ;-)

Andy Quigley (E76-82)

22 Jun 2010

A big thanks to Jed & Maxine for a job well done organising the reunion. A great time was had by all. Already looking forward to the next one. It was great to see everyone again and catch up.

Chris Duxbury (B78-80)

23 Jun 2010

Hi All. Just to echo Chris' and Andys thoughts and say a big "Thank you" to Jed and Maxine for organising a really fab reunion. We had a great time (as did Debbie) and it was good to meet everyone again after so long. Great to see John and Kev Cheetham after all these years!! Hope to see even more old faces at the next reunion. Best wishes.

John & Ali Falcus (E78-81)

23 Jun 2010

Sharon, et al The Army Childrens Archive ,contains a brief description of the why’s and wherefores of BAOR boarding schools. Scroll down to “BACKGROUND INFORMATION: BAOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS AND SPECIAL TRAINS”The website also contains plenty of other info on schooling and family life for British forces 'Brats' around the world. Hope this helps, best of luck with your book.

Phil McGregor (C73-76)

23 Jun 2010

Thanks to Jed and Maxine for organising a great re-union in Weymouth. It was good to see everyone again, already looking forward to the next one.

Steph Southall (B78-80)

24 Jun 2010

Well where do I start... The Weymouth Reunion was I believe a resounding success. In total there were 132 attendees which was awesome. Many aquaintences were renewed and new friends made. The venue was a good size and well lay'd out, and the DJ got most of us strutting some strange stuff.... As you know we were also fundraising for "Help for Heroes", the total amount raised is £879.19 which is brilliant. I would also like to take this oppurtunity to thank the Windsor Society for there contribution it enabled us to get the coffee mugs that we dished out at the reception table. There was talk about possibly organising a trip back to Hamm sometime next year, we'll have to see how the land lays on that one. I, Max and Mich would like to thank everyone for making the reunion one to remember and for all the kind messages we've received from many of you. Best Regards Jed

Jed Bottomley (B77-80)

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