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14 Jul 2010

Apologies to all posters - there was a problem with the form mail which I have now sorted out - please repost any messages that didn't appear.


14 Jul 2010

Well folks its been a couple of weekends since the reunion, I hope
everybody enjoyed themselves. I certainly did, yes a big thanks to those who
organised it, well done.

Did I hear someone say a trip to Hamm? Well may be, who knows?

Malcolm Brunsdon (E67-69)

17 Jul 2010

I was at Balmoral house from 1971 to 1974 along with my elder brother Graham Craigmyle. My sister Lindsay Craigmyle was at Windsor Girls School. My best friends at school were Mark Votier, Guy Bird, and Graham Keil. I remember sneaking out at night through a hole in the fence by the hockey pitch and scrumping in the local Gardens. Also remember that two guys from Balmoral were caught during one of these outings and was punished by Mr Dudley. My brother Graham also played guitar in a school band. Also remember Mr Carey, Matron Dilla, and Mr Dudley. Many memories good and bad.

Ian Craigmyle (B71-74)

19 Jul 2010

Had the best days of my schooling at WBS, my sister was at WGS. I fantastic institution that did so much for me. Will one day go back to visit.

Rob Franklin (B68-70)

20 Jul 2010

Hi Ian Craigmyle, it's good to see a name i recognise, i was in the 'monkey dorm, or plebs dorm' at the same time as you as a second year, how are you doing, I remember the names you mentioned, Graham gets on this site from time to time, there's a chance that one of those boy's might have been me, we got dragged back to school by the polizie for being very naughty one night,there were three of us, the others were a guy called Ian Long, and the other whose surname escapes me was Henry, we got into a lot of trouble with Mr. Worrall the headmaster as well as ol' JD,........ All the best mate

Ken Gleeson (B72-74)

21 Jul 2010

Hi Ken, yes I remember you. Also remember we both were out scrumping late at night with others from Balmoral. I think it was you that was caught because I remember JD laying into you in the office
opposite the roll call room as we had all been assembled for roll call. Were you the guy with the Doc Martin shoes and long black coate. Do you remember the subbuteo football tournaments we had at Balmoral. I think you supported Gillingham FC ?

Ian Craigmyle (B71-74)

21 Jul 2010

Hi DIANA FLINT (nee Hobbs), I read your post from 12 Apr 2007 and you are looking for my sister Lindsay Craigmyle. I can put you in touch with Lindsay (now Lindsay Harris) as she lives just down the road from me.

Ian Craigmyle (B71-74)

21 Jul 2010

Hi Ken, if I remember correctly you were in the bottom bunk bed and I was in the top bunk bed in the monkey dorm ? There were about 14 of us in the monkey dorm. Do you remember the PegLeg Ghost myth that was doing the rounds.

Ian Craigmyle (B71-74)

22 Jul 2010

Just been going through some of the old messages, finding names i remember but faces i cant see anymore, then i looked at those photos posted that where taken in 2006 of the boys school, must admit it brought a tear to my eye, i can still see all the cherry blossom trees lining the path by the football pitch in the spring , still hear the shouting and splashing from the pool ,cant get my head around just how much that place has effected all of us , i havent met anyone that has had a bad word about those days. Anyway Jock enough romanticsim, get back to work ya bam.

Jock Carroll (S72-76)

22 Jul 2020

I enjoyed my time at Windsor. I have lots of happy memories. I am in touch with Jackie Harris, Marjorie Watson and Ken Squires all from Hillsborough. I am still trying to find Pat pringle and Heidi Muirhead. If you are out there please drop me a line. Also anyone else who was in Hillsborough at around the same time.

Karin Bishop (H55-58)

23 Jul 2010

Hi Ian, your memory spans from the brilliant, to the not so good, yep i was that Gillingham FC supporter, along with Kev and Alan Adams, i'm still in touch with Kev, i certainly remember the carpet on the games room floor being covered in subbuteo mats with us all scrabbling around on our knees and interferring with other kids games, the Peg-leg myth was a big occassion for us plebs, i remember gazing out of the window most of the night in the hope i might see something, and the older boy's doing their best to put the fear of god up us, and i lived and died in Doc Martin boots, but for my time in the monkey dorm i was on the top bunk diagonally across from you in the far corner by the window.... where Jacko burned his face while doing a 'Genie' with the fireworks, as i think i remember you having a single bunk to the left of the door as you came in...i could be wrong though, it was a long time ago....... excellent days though mate

Ken Gleeson (B72-74)

29 Jul 2010

Ha remember Ian,yep it was me in the bottom bunk under kenny.Remember your brother in the band,norris and ratty and think peanut were in that dorm to.

Kev Adams (B72-75)

30 July 2010

I was in Hillsborough house 75-77 , I am trying to find Pat Robertson, can anyone help, I think she had a two brothers in windsor boys.

Kim Nixon (H75-77)

31 Jul 2010

Thank you Ian. I also have memories of the monkey dorm. If my memory serves me correctly,you were not only a top bloke, I think you were a very talented sketcher. I also recall Guy (and his brother Roy) Bird. If I may ask what prompted you to contact now? Have you been to many or any re unions? From all a ccounts the last one, partly organised by Jed was a great success. On that note the organiser certainly deserve greater thanks and appreciation. Well done and thanks

Graham ??? (B71-75)

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