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3 Aug 2010

Ey up Lads, I remember you Kev. It's because of you and Ken I still look out for the Gillingham results although I'm a Leeds supporter. Graham, I stumbled on this web site by chance, and was amazed to see names I recognised like Ken, Kev, Graham, and Roy Bird. Snippets of memories of the monkey dorm keep flooding back. Would like to know where Mark Votier got to. I remember we all crowded into one of the Matrons rooms to watch the World Cup final on her TV in 74.

Ian Craigmyle (B71-74)

4 Aug 2010

I am looking for anyone who was in Caernarvon House 1976-77. I was in dorm 12. (C110) with Kevin White, Barry Drain and Toni Moday. I am also trying to find a sit with a record of the old Year Books

Sean Treby (C76-77)

5 Aug 2010

Yes ian remember that final. Germans n dutch. Cannot remember if it was in matron da silva or dilla's room. Where you and your bruv graham live now days? Remem ber grham and dudders in band. Steve norris and plug buckingham had been members a while ago but not on here presently. Still got a school photo of balmoral house taken in 72 black n white of course. I'm in derby now days .

Kev Adams (B72-75)

05 Aug 2010

It would be lovely for anyone who may remember me to contactme on my e-mail... Bernie Melia, Lindsay Pipe, thats just 2 names I'd be here all day with the rest!!!!!

Christine Bell (K61-65)

06 Aug 2010

Hi! I was in Hillsborough (H83,was called JAYNE McCANN then. Miss Ramsey was the House mistress and Matron Little was there. I would love to know if anyone knows the whereabouts of Ally Heaney or Michele Pugh. I remember Jane Pyke, The Johnson Twins, Liz and Ruby Smith, Naomi McGuire, Sue and Audrey Clarke, Bev (who was a runner), Rhonda ?, Denise Fletcher and lots more. Shared dorms with Alli, Carole ?, Rozena ?, Linda Hughes, Liz Smith. Had a brother in Marlborough called PAUL McCANN who got on well with Cosmo in M/WGS. Would love to hear from anyone out there who remembers me!!

Jayne Oldfield (H77-79)

6 Aug 2010

Hi Kev, Bruv Graham lives in High Wycombe(Bucks) and still plays the guitar in local bands and I live in Calne(Wiltshire). Graham has been living in High Wycombe since we came back from Germany in 1974. Where's Ken live now days ? My claim to fame was playing the drums in morning assembly in the church, and Graham was on the guitar. Can't remember the music teacher's name though he was on key boards. Mr Dudley was a fantastic drummer as well, borrowed his drum kit many times.

Ian Craigmyle (B71-74)

8 Aug 2010

Hard to believe, first reunion i ever went to was 22 years ago today! The 8/8/88 in Trafalger square! Impromtu i think...glad to see things are still alive and kicking! Long may the reunions last!If you're not involved....please get involved!

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

9 Aug 2010

As a former teacher at WBS I love reading all the letters posted on our site.Jock Carrolls' memories of the cherry blossom and the swimming pool were especially poignant. He's quite right - that place did make a lasting, positive impression on us all. Imagine how I felt when Wil Oxford came to see me. He was an American day boy in the early 70's (a member of 1AF of course!) whose father worked for Dupont in nearby Rhynern. Wil (now Dr.William Oxford) runs his own company in Austin,Texas and was over here for a short visit. What was really reassuring was his comment about how far ahead of the crowd, educationally speaking, he found himself when he returned to the US of A! This he attributes to his time spent at WBS. Now the place has been demolished to make way for a BMW showroom and a Feuerwehr station. That brought tears to my eyes when I saw the photographs Dr. Carey sent but how comforting to learn, through these letters, that most people enjoyed the experience.Sitting over lunch, Wil even reminisced about cooking Roman apricot stew and visiting Mark Church - after all these years!That was in 1971!

Tony Fox (E67-81)

11 Aug 2010

To those who will remember him.

I write to advise that yesterday morning my father David Benfield (ID 82) passed away in Fordingbridge Hospital, Hants at the age of 86.

Ian Benfield

11 Aug 2010

Sorry to hear of your loss Ian. Condolences on behalf of the Windsor Society and its members.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

12 Aug 2010

I to enjoyed Jock Carroll’s recollection of the heady days in the early/mid 70's with the cherry blossom, splashing of the pool (always so bloody cold!) so thought I would embellish a bit of my (now rapidly fading) memories due to Mr Fox's (sorry Mr Fox, cant call you Tony even after all these years...!) message! Why were the summers (well March to November it seems!) always so hot!? I have no memory of ever wearing a coat! Who remembers the May bugs, catching them and tying to the window clasps!! The race to get over to the food hall at meal times, single file! Exiats! it was a dream in the 4th year when you could go out in the evening, but nothing beat 2-4 Saturday and Sunday when the girls were unleashed! Trying to get in to the girls school when it wasn’t your weekly rotation! The only time you wanted to be younger than you really was! Detention - 2 till 4 Saturday and Sunday, you were evil teachers!!! Prep, who can forget prep! get caught reading or writing a letter when you hadn't finished your prep and......detention!! Just a side note for Mr Fox, when I came home to England I had 5 months school to complete, the people in my class not only didn’t know what a homework planner was, they never received homework period! Back to the 70's.....rock cakes and tea for supper, the fantastic porridge for breakfast, cant believe we had three 3 course meals and tea at 4 o’clock as well as supper!!! Who can forget walking around and around the sports field hand in hand with your bird.... Having written a letter everyday talking about everything (hand delivered by 5th and 6th formers) covering it with SWALK, NORWICH and the likes (lipstick lips and perfume from the girls)you had nothing to say except think about that farewell kiss... Every teachers nightmare, midnight excursions!! We could squeeze through the bars or scale the fence in a blink of an eye! I'm sure there is many more, tuck shop, Schell Imbis over the road, Smoke on the Water being bellowed out on a guitar from just about every house but I'll hand over to somebody else now and stop rambling! Nic

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)


Great post Nic... Julie Roberts (E77-81)

13 Aug 2010

Hi Linda Wood (Nee Hughes) here. Just seen messages from girls I went to Windsor Girls School with. I'm really pleased to see someone's looking for me. Please drop me an e-mail and I will reply.
Look forward to hearing from you all. Love Linda..x

Linda Wood (H75-80)

15 Aug 2010

Hi Nic, a great recollection of the 70's, well done mate. My memory is getting worse by the year, but that is age for you! I have got to add that Windsor Boys is at the top of my list for the way I have turned out as a person, second only to a great familys influence, and I, like so many others,will never forget those early years.

Chris Epps (B74-77)

15 Aug 2010

I just found your site after quite a lot of surfing. My sister & I, William Edward & Mary Elizabeth HUBERY, were students at the school from around 1954 to Christmas 1956.
I was in Balmoral house, I don't remember what house My sister was in. My sister has unfortunately has passed away. I would love to see if any of my fellow student are still in contact. I do have some photos and many happy memories of the school.

Eddie Hubery (B54-56)

15 Aug 2010

I was just reading through the posts. I can't for the life of me remember the story of 'pegleg' can someone please enlighten me?

Sharon Brownlie (B74-78)

15 Aug 2010

Hi to all those who can remember me from the good old days at Hillsbrough, I was the brother of Clive (Hywel) George who got away with everything with big brother about!I remember the following guys if you are still about, Ian Griggs, Sean Cockcroft, John Gay, Steve pegram, Bob McCormack (Might have spelt surname wrong!)Molly Graham,and Ian Martin. I have many memories from Windsor that i will always treasure, the best school days of my life! if only i could turn the clock back! The may bugs, The hedge hopping! the big gang fights at the canal with the local Germans! and the climbing on the roof of the big warehouse behind the gym! such an angel i was!

Bob George (H73-76)

15 Aug 2010

Hello to Jane Oldfield and Linda Wood. Hope you are both well... Big hugs Denise Fletcher!!!! lolHello to Carol Gurr, good to hear from you, I live in charmouth in Dorset with my family... Get in touch! And Deborah Clucas, hello old netball player... Hope your well!
From Denise Fletcher (Meyers)

Denise Meyers (H72-78)

16 Aug 2010

I was saddend by the death of David Benfield.He was my housemaster for the two years I attended Windsor school.We didn't get on very well but I did respect him.Regards to the family.

Gordon Scott (Scottie) (S54-56)

17 Aug 2010

I am sure many former pupils of WBS will be sad to learn of the death Peter Spankie, a much-respected member of the Maths Department, a very loyal colleague and a hard-working colleague who contibuted greatly to the life of the school. His wife Sheila, who taught commercial subjects, pre-deceased Peter in the same hospital where Peter had been was a patient since Easter. Both Peter and Sheila played a very full part in the Staff Mess wherre Peter was at some time theb Treasurer and also President.

Jack Worrall (B68-76)

18 Aug 2010

Thanks for the side note Julie, I hope other WBS/WGS people will also add their own memories, it helps jog mine! Jock Carrolls mention of the cherry blossom is a great memory I had long forgotton about! I stayed at WBS in the nid 80's whilst serving in the army. We were on Exercise and it was used as a holding camp. I actually stayed in my dorm in Balmoral House and my camp bed was where my bunk used to be, it was real nostalgia! As I had 8 hours to kill I "escaped" through the fire exit and skipped over the fence (not as easily as I had remembered!!) and walked the back way to the girls school. All was intact back then, and apart from slightly overgrown and bot quite as big as I remembered it was as I vividly remembered. Chris Epps, I've lost your phone number, could you ask the society to pass it to me so I can give you a call? Also, has anybody been in contact with AJ Wheeler?? He seems to have dropped off the planet!

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

19 Aug 2010

I was sad to learn of the death Peter Spankie, as posted by Mr Worrall on Aug 17th. Mr Spankie was my first Maths teacher at Windsor - he had incredible patience, understanding and knowledge. I can only say that Maths never presented a problem for me throughout my schooling through University and in my Engineering career - I have to credit that to Mr Spankie and Windsor.

Bobby Hoffman (E69-75)

19 Aug 2010

This is for Mr Hern...not Hearn....A little surprised that you have remembered me.......And an unusual slip up for me on the English front....much more my forte in life rather than maths which I do not doubt surprises you!! However, I have a 17 yr old son heavily into science and maths A levels at the moment and another son, aged 14.5 whom seems to follow me more than my husbamd, on the English and History front - horses for courses I think you will find??!!!! And yes, I do remember the the bike saddle??? Plus the huge red circle of errors all over my maths books!!!

Christine Willmott(Law) (M77-80)

21 Aug 2010

Just pick up on what Mr Fox said < still cant bring myself to call any of the teaching staff by their christian names, weird eh >, regarding the standard of the education, it was second to none, i may not be the brightest button in the box, but i truly beleive that we had something that mainstream schools will never have , and that is the teaching staff we had, coupled with the relationship we had with our staff, we lived together , played together, and worked together, it was a privilage, like Chris Epps said, it had a positive effect on all of us, we are all products of our enviroment and i,m so pleased to have been part of that , so if its not to late, " Thank you to all the staff " I am grateful.......

I,ll give you a ring Nick C,, soon mate , it was great to see you up in Edinburgh even if it was just for a whle, really sad news about wee Mike Stilie,< hillsborough boy >..he was a funny guy and a good mate.

Jock Carroll (S72-76)

22 Aug 2010

Following the earlier announcement regarding the passing away of David Benfield please note the funeral is will be held at St George's Church, Damerham, Nr Fordinbridge Hampshire, (post code SP6 3JF) on wednesday the 25th August at 12.15. I plan to attend the service. Please let me know by email if you plan to attend.

I was at Hamm and overlapped David for his last two years before he left. Others who knew him better will I know pay tribute to him over the coming weeks. David agreed to serve as a staff repesentative on the Windsor Society committee. He made an enormous commitment to the Society aided by his knowledge of Windsor School in the early years and his extensive ongoing contacts with both staff and pupils. Members of the Windsor Society owe him a great deal. His 2nd wife Gillian attended and helped us at several reunions. I have expressed to Gillian our sadness that David is no longer with us. He will be remembered by all of us

Bob Jordan
Windsor Society

22 Aug 2010

Peg Leg! The i remember...WW1/2 hero...shot down..landed on WWG..wooden leg...haunted the girls school on various days...not sure what days.. different house different days!!!! .if you had a stripe dowm your sheet on bed change day....he would visit you!!!! Still haunts me know.... PS Bed Change day was the cellar!!!!!!! As if life isn't scary enough..... And i wouldn't change it a bit!xxx

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

23 Aug 2010

I would like to send my sincere condolences to the families of Dave Benfield and Peter and Sheila Spankie. Both were colleagues of my fathers, Peter Kitchen, who sadly also passed away three years ago. You are in my thoughts at this sad time. Best wishes from Virginia

Virginia Street (Kitchen) (M71-79)

24 Aug 2010

Hi Noticed a few of the ex-Hillsborough House girls are popping up on the messages board. Lin Hughes especially hi remember me I was in a dorm with you. Still very much in contact with Denise Fletcher, Loraine McMillan etc. If you live in the south Lin ex Hillsborough House girls are trying to get to gether. Love Gibby.

Carol Martin (Nee GIBSON) (H73-77)

24 Aug 2010

Hello all you B.E.A.-yootiful students of Windsor Boys + Girls School from 1968-1972
Where is Christine Sharp and Karen Smith and Peter James and Derek Walters ??? What a great time we all had........the best days of my life until now. I just won !!! I used to love being involved with all the activities and especially Teatime, when we all ran to the canteen for tea and at least 10 slices of toast and a cake fight. Those were the days of fun. Oh yes, Where are you Julie to U all, from

Gary Marsh (E68-72)

24 Aug 2010

Hi! Carol (nee Gibson). Think I shared a dorm with you, was the big 6 dorm and included Audrey Clarke, Alli Heaney and a girl called Sue ???? - you dived out of bed one night to have a fight with her!! Have I got the right Carol?

Jayne Oldfield (H77-79)

25 Aug 2010

hi Carol and Denise. It was nice to get your message, I live in Scotland. Have you heard from Carol Gurr ?

Linda Hughes (Wood) (H75-80)

25 Aug 2010

I was at Hamm last week. Most of the site is now flattened. Some of it is a Mini car dealer. Only the Dining Hall is still standing and that looks like it is due to be demolished. I have some pictures if anyone would like to see them.

Nicolas Bullus (E75-76)

27 Aug 2010

Having just turned 50 and with a fading memory, still makes me smile reading the posts 34 years after leaving school.

Tony Reilly (M73-76)

28 Aug 2010

Reading Nic Cuthbertson's recent writings of his visit in the army. The walk down the birds school. Lol many a time we used to sneak down there normally about midnight. Return trip was not so cool,opening up the creaky double door at the foot of the stairs by J D'S Office,YES almost got away with it.A sudden stern voice would say, IN MY OFFICE. Oh cack here we go for another round of the cane, but eh this will make me a field marshall twice over. Then theres roll call to face for another bout of the cane in front of the whole house. Yep i remember you Nic and Chris.Sure you had bins on Nic, Chris i remember had a brace on.Eh theres a few Balmoral boys about maybe some point a re-union.

Kev Adams (B72-75)

28 Aug 2010

Hi linda wood are you the same linda that i grew up with in fallingbostal we went to shackleton school ad then we were together at windsor you have a brother where abouts are you now have been looking for you for ages i am in scotland get in touch hi to carol gibson deneise fletcher johnston twins does anyone know where liz dodd went to she pierced my ears in the third year and we got caught by deneise ha ha do you remember that

Carol Gurr (H74-78)

28 Aug 2010

Hi carol yes its Linda Hughes here i have lived in scotland 30 years i live with my partner David i have 5 children am also a trained nures my brother Kenneth is in the police force in England it was nice to hear from you have you heard from Jane pike ?

Linda Hughes/Wood (H 75-80)

29 Aug 2010

Hi Kev Adams, my god youre a blast from the past. How you doing mate?It seems only yesterday, but obviously not the case. I was speaking to Rob McKeever only the other day, remember him?. I am still in contact with a few guys from back then. Myself, AJ, Nick & Mark Scott all met up in Reading a while back, a great night, although have now lost contact with AJ & Mark again. What have you been doing the last 30 odd years? Hopefully speak soon. Regards Chris.

Chris Epps (B74-77)

30 Aug 2010

Reading Mr FOX,how r u DUDE. Class 1AF, yep i was in that class and remember Will Oxford who if i can remember was from CHARLESTON S/C.What a great place it is too.I remember Michael Lamb from that class as well. ROMAN APRICOT stew, ugh it was vile. Yes it put me off anything connected with Apricots for life. Remember cooking it which you must have had digs at the foot of Balmoral and Edingbrugh house or it was at John Dudley's gaff.Always remember Dr Carey dressed like he was outta the 19th century in his checked waistcoat. Some teachers i remember were yourself,Dr carey,potty mr Chater science,mr tottingham maths.Mr Jones, the nuckles mr Donavon by the look took over from J D as head of Balmoral.What happened to Mr Dudley? Mr Baugh too. Yeah sure it was your class we made paper mache masks for the school dance at the end of our first year,yep mine i remember was Alice Cooperish with a knife stuck in the face. I turned out quite sane in the end and work at Toyota in DERBY, or maybe not lol.BEST WISHES to you.Mr Fox.

Kevin Adams (B72-75)

31 Aug 2010

Hi linda where do you live in scotland have been looking for you about 5 years you will have to give me your email address so that i can get in touch we will have to meet up for coffee how long were you at windsor for after me and sharon left i have three children shaun is 30 samantha is 25 and has two children my youngest jody is 19 and is exspecting her first baby in january i have been married for 29 years my husband was in the army and when we were posted to munster i took a trip down to WGS it hadnt changed a bit please get in touch look foreward to hearing from you take care

Carol Mclaren(Gurr) (H75-77)

31 Aug 2010

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