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1 Sept 2009

Hi to everyone. I was travelling along the Route 2 past Hamm the other day and had to go and visit the old school. If anyone is intending to go on a pilgrimage; forget it. Only half of the Sandringham/Marlborough block was left standing. The only other building that was complete was the Church. Building has started on the new complex on the site. I went for a walk along the back dyke. It felt good to be able to walk without looking over my shoulder for a teacher and if I wanted to drink a beer, I could have without any fear of getting in trouble (I didn't though as I was driving).

I was speaking to a guy at work this morning telling him of my visit and guess what? We were both at the school at the same time... spooky or what? His name is Mick Jones (Caernavaron Hse (I'm sure that he will be remembered by a few of the 70s crowd, especially Martin Holden)). We also have a girl working in our Regiment who went to the school. Her name is Jane Knight (early 70s).

I'll be away from Oct 09 - Apr 10 with limited internet available, but will try to visit this site when I can in order to keep up to date with any news.

Jim Alger (S77-80)

2 Sept 2009

Would love to catch up with anyone who remembers me. windsor was a great time for me and Ihave lots of good memories and some not so good!!!! but after 30 years would be interesting to see where you all are. im living in new zealand, been here a while now, so not heard of any reunions until the other day, missed heaps of stuff by the sounds of it. anyway if there is anyone out there from 1974 - 1979 who remembers me - hi. cheers for now.

Sharon McGregot (Dicks) (E74-79)

Sharon, you can still make the Sydney Reunion 25/26 September 2009

2 Sept 2009

What a great site!! Considering all the years that have passed by it is that people are remaining in touch. My memories have faded and I can't match many names. I did notice Alison Close (B 75-78)I am sure that she was in my dorm as was Jackie Devereaux and a girl called Karen. Reading some of the posts does in fact jog my memory!!

Sharon Peat (B75-78)

6 Sep 2009

hi any one out there who remembers me linda and my brothers tony and gary, would be nice to know if you are still on planet earth! (not that we ever were}!

Linda Gant (M67-70)

6 Sep 2009

I wasn't a member of staff nor a student. In 1986 I spent 5 weeks in Windsor Girls school when I was on a military training exercise with the RAMC 205 General Hospital (now 205 Field Hosp) It was very run down with flooded basements, leaking roofs and the church had been taken over by pidgeons. I believe it was due to be demolished however couldn't say for sure

Jane Melley (1986)

( bookings will be under the heading of Windsor Reunion)

Friday 25 Sept - 6.00 pm Yellow Bistro and Food Store

57-59 Macleay St
Potts Point NSW 2011

ph (02) 9357 3400

for those who want to move on afterwards for drinks, chat & chill out
Blue - Water Bar
6 Cowper Wharf Rd
Woolloomooloo 2011 NSW
Phone: (02) 9331 9000

Saturday 26 Sept - Midday Sydney Ferry to Manly from Circular Quay & return
for casual lunch /sight seeing/
This is not an arranged event, suggestion only


Saturday evening 26 Sept - Reunion Dinner at Catalina's Rosebay
by Water Taxi from Circular Quay
(departure time & cost to be confirmed upon final numbers)
or make your own way
Lyne Park, Rose Bay, Sydney
61 2 9371 0555

7.00 for 7.30
dress code is smart casual - no sneakers/trainers/jeans please


Sunday 27 Sept - Midday farewell - optional

Boy Charlton Pool
Enjoy the panoramic views over Sydney Harbour and watch the lapping swimmers from behind the café’s floor to ceiling glass windows or the open-air terrace. grab a bite to eat or you can breeze in from the Domain for all-day breakfast & coffee or enjoy lunch with a glass of wine

Look forward to seeing you all at some part of this event

Contact numbers:

Pam Fielding 0431 178 055
Ellen Warnaby 0488 747592
Bill Craswell 0404 323457

13 Sep 2009

Great to see details of another Windsor re union!Hope you all have a great time! All the other reunions have been brilliant!

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

Thanks Julie - I will be writing a report for the next newsletter. BillC - roving reporter - Sydney NSW

16 Sep 2009

Julie's right, seeing reunions taking place is great, but doesnt that point to the need for a full reunion to take place? I might be wrong, but surely nothing ramps up membership like a good "all decades/world reunion! Fond memories of Newbury, great venue! What about it committee!!?

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

18 Sep2009

Hope the reunion @ weekend goes well and you all have as good a time as we did in york . Aye Nic totally agree a big reunion should be on the cards. take care to all n have fun Cecelia ( S47 ) xxxx ha ha i just minded ma number there !!!

Cecelia Begley (S74-77)

18 Sep 2009

Hope all those going to the reunion in Sydney have a wionderful time. You certainly couldn't have a better location, I have wonderful memories of Circular Quay & Darling Harbour etc. Pity I couldn't make the trip!

Alison Yaxley (SttJ64-66)

18 Sep 2009

Quite agree with you Nic, it is certainly time for a big reunion, last one was 2007 in Blackpool. I was sure we were due another in 2010. So come on committee can we please have another big reunion, its always great to catch-up on old times with everyone. A big hello to all who remember me, Chris Lancaster, Maz & Angie Barnard, Debbie Rymer, Julie Tibbs, Mich Henderson, Wendy Duncan, Celia Begley, Julie and Kelly Roberts, Dave Edmondson and anyone else I may have forgotten. Got a new email address, anyone who wants it can contact Bill who has my permission to give it out to anyone except my ex husband. Take care hope to see you all soon.

Chris Duxbury (B78-80)


20 Sep 2009

Hello everyone who remembers me.Ive been looking through all the emails that you lot have been writing.I must say that i remember quite allot of you and can still put a face to the names.When i had to leave windsor boys,it was with a heavy heart.I missed all my mates and i often look back with great fondness and many happy memories and sad ones I was a Berliner and in malborough house.Those train journeys were out of this world and,put saint trinians to shame.My dad was colour sargent John Mcmenemy 1st battalion parachute reg,he passed away 11/01/2009 and i badly miss him.IT would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me,there are so many to name who i would love to hear from so i wont name anyone for the moment and will wait and see who gets intouch look forward to hearing from you all.Takecare all you WINDSORS out there Love from David MCMenemy (mac)

David McMenemy (M75-77)

20 Sep 2009

Have a great time Bill, great to see the windsor committee involvement! Looking forward to the roving reports Without wanting to start another '70's domination!!! Along with other members who have commented...2010..would be good! I would be only pleased

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

21 Sep 2009

Thanks Julie, I am having a great time - have already met up with Paul Campbell who I used to hang around with on the Volkspark. I sampled one of his superb Tofu Burgers from his Sunday market stall "Ruby Murrays" at Addison Road Community Centre. (there you go Paul - world fame at last !!)

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

22 Sep 2009

I agree we need another big reunion, it will be great to see everyone again. To all those going to the Sydney reunion have a great time. Hello to Chris Duxbury, Chris Lancaster, Julie Tibbs, Maz & Angie Barnard, Kelly & Julie Roberts, Cecelia Begley, Mich Hall, Wendy Duncan, Sheryl & Jackie Blackmore and anyone else I have forgotten, hope you are all well.

Steph Southall (B78-80)

22 Sep 2009

What a blast from the past - Paul Campbell, suddenly I am 17 again and going out with Paul in London (after we left school)he was at Cranwell. Did you stay in the RAF? How did you end up in Aus? Ah well, back to being 59 again, reality strikes ;-)Have you been in touch with Gordy? I know he was hoping to contact you a few years ago.

Lynn Hardy (C62-67)

23 Sep 2009

David McMenemy, I think I remember you, you were a 4th year when I was a 5th year?! Sorry to hear about your dad!

Tony Reilly (M73-76)

23 Sep 2009

David Mcmenemy Hi Davin its Kev Brown i remember you and your Dad sorry to here of his passing my dad was a colour sargert in 1 para i will let him no i hope you well

Kevin Brown (B74-75)

24 Sep 2009

Well my husband and I are all packed for the Sydney reunion. We have got a small drive of 300km's to Adelaide tomorrow and then a two hour flight to Sydney, so in all we will have travelled approx 1500km's. We are both looking forward to it and meeting some 'ex windsorites' this will be my first reunion and I would like to thank Pam, Ellen and Bill for their hard work in making this possible. My brother the late Ian Pulford was so looking forward to this happening but alas died late last year, so I am making this trip in his memory. I am sure a wonderful time will be had by all with the water taxi to Catalina's at Rose Bay on Saturday night for a wonderful meal and then the next day at the Boy Charlton Pool for lunch. I am sure a lot of memories of our time at the Windsor schools will be explored during these times.

Maureen Press (B63-67)

24 Sep 2009

Hi Steph Southall and everyone else who knows or remembers me!! Have been to several reunions and look forward to the next big one - is it likely to be anytime soon? Take care Love Sheryl x

Sheryl Stuart (Blackmore) (B74-79)

25 Sep 2009

Hi Mac - I remember you well from Marlborough house - 3rd & 4th year. Great to see that you have found the site. Noddy

Mark Holder (M73-77)

25 Sep 2009

Just want to say to all the antipodean folk, have a great weekend, I hope the orange sky will have gone so you can really enjoy yourself. Yes Bill you will need to do a review for the next newsletter.And Jim, any photos you can get of the School in its final stages would be good to share on here with everyone. And finally, yes it would be good to have another big reunion. Those of us on the committee will have to start putting our thinking caps on. Bruno

Malcolm Brunsdon (E67-69)

27 Sep 2009

Thanks for the update Jim. The good news is that the Chapel is to be preserved, it's been bought by a waterworks services company to be used as a storage facility, as far as I can gather they intend to repair and make secure the original building, so at least there?l be something for visiting former inmates to see.

Phil McGregor (C73-76)

27 Sep 2009

Hope you all had a good time in Sydney, renewed old friendships, and had a good old Windsor Chat! Bill....where are you..Roving reporter? Can only imagine that you are having such a blast, that the computer comes second best! Looking forward to the review. Bruno...sounds like a great idea, for another reunion! Would love to be on the registration desk at the next reunion, had an absolute blast at the last one!

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

Still here, having great time - will report later..... BillC

28 Sep 2009

Bill was last seen at sunday lunch by the harbour drinking Boags (Tasmainian beer) ?!?! Any other sightings please report! A good time was had by all. Maureen I hope you recovered your car and got home alright

Patrick Impey (S62-64)

29 Sep 2009

What can a person say, the weekend was absolutely stunning and yes Bill was last seen drinking Boags (actually I think it was the only beer he drank once he got used to it (we won't mention getting into Aussie wines though..another story for another day). Me being a very shy ex Windsor I thought the whole thing may be a total wrong I was, for a pack of almost strangers, we just clicked and I think everyone involved at any of the 'events' had a great time. I know it's bad form for internet stuff to type in all caps, but THANK YOU PAM, BILL, ELLEN and anyone else involved. On the more serious side, it was something I was half dreading and on the other hand, looking forward to, turned out there was no need to worry, there was a 'something' between us all that just worked. I never was good at essays, but meeting up with all those people went a long way to fullfilling a sort of gap that was there. enough from me, except to say I've had one of the best times in my life.

Glyn Johnson (E63-68)

29 Sep 2009

Nearly 8:00am - I am in Sydney Starbucks wearing my new Akubra Aussie hat (bloody tourist !) with my trusty netbook. Have to agree with Glyn, the weekend has been a fabulous last weekend of my trip to Sydney. Would like to say thanks to Pam & Ellen who did all the work to make it happen. I will be doing a piece for the next newsletter which should be out in November. Hopefully that newsletter will include a new Antipodean section compliments of Glyn who will be our new correspondant for Australasia.

Yes the Boags was very nice but it was good to get a few pints of Guiness down on my night out at the Rocks with my local Sydney guide Paul - one thing we discovered was that we were both rubbish at pool.

Thanks to all at the reunion for making me feel so welcome and a very special thank you to Pam, Paul & Glyn for showing me around Sydney I'm sure I would not have seen so much without their help.

Signing off now to take the train to the Southern Highlands, nearly 2 hour trip and costing less than 5 pounds - amazing public transport here.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

30 Sep 2009

We had a great weekend with all the gang and our thanks to Pam and Ellen for making it all happen. Highlight was the water taxi across Sydney Harbour :)

I was reminded about an incident at a staff vs school rugby match where the Padre was grabbed by the incidentals. The words "Oates, please let go of my testicles" are still ringing in my ears. I almost wet myself.

Renewed friendships with Glyn and Pam and met our intrepid reporter. Boags was good at lunch - Fish & Chips in Manly.

So, thanks to one and all. We have grown from 3 to 19 in the space of two years - long may it continue.

Dave Naylor (H64-67)

30 Sep 2009

Well what can I say about the Sydney reunion, except it was one of the best times that my husband and I have had. I must say I was a bit like Glynn wondering how it would go, knowing that I probably did not know anyone but we all just 'clicked'. It was like going back forty years and the memories kept flowing. A big thankyou has to be given to Pam/Ella, Ellen and Bill for such a great reunion from the time we met up at Manly then by water taxi to Catalina's at Rosebay, then on Sunday at Boy Charlton Pool in the Domain and then on Monday Bill, Glynn, Trevor (my husband) and I went to Doyles at Watson Bay by ferry. I feel like we will be friends for life, and Glynn you are now part of our family and the 'Windsor family' and always will be welcome our way. Hopefully we will have another reunion and let it be at Sydney, so much still to see. Yes, Patrick my car was fine (just covered in dust) and only cost $124.00 for parking (this is another story as we nearly missed out plane to Sydney). It was lovely to meet your daughters on Sunday and great to hear what had happened in your life since Windsor on Saturday night. Who will forget the Windsor Beret, I bet the photos will look great, can't wait to see your photo's Bill and hopefully you get back to the UK ok. Bill is now an honoury 'Aussie' save up Bill for the next one it won't be the same without you.

Maureen Press (nee Pulford) (B63-67)

Thanks Maureen, was great to meet you and Trevor - I'll be back........ BillC

30 Sep 2009

I think between Bill and I we have enough pics to make some serious 'bribery money' anyway, it's all back to reality for all of us, but I wouldn't have missed this weekend for all the F*****g money in China. The chances of another reunion 'down under' will be fairly slim I would imagine. I'm just glad I caught this one........for anyone interested Pam/ella, can't keep up (Bill did explain) the lady is now known as 'wonderwoman'.... Pam is coming to Tassie next month, just to help me clean out the chook shed. Enough frivolity, this weekend was something I needed, to clear the air , or find out something about my life and others in exactly the same circumstances.......lets have a poll as to who still does hospital corners

Glyn Johnson (E63-68)

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