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2 Oct 2009

Any one remember me from those years. I was in house cricket team and cross country. came 3rd in school run.

Mike Slattery (H61-62)

3 Oct 2009

Old habits die hard, Glyn Johnson, I still do hospital corners! That is really sad isn't it, memories of too many stripped beds for not following rules!

Alison Yaxley (StJ64-66)

4 Oct 2009

Who can forget hospital corners had my bed stripped to many times to forget, of course my beds still have to have hospital corners my family cannot get over my obsession with beds being neat and tidy!!!! I hope you are wrong Glyn about reunions in Oz.

Maureen Press (nee Pulford) (B63-67)

4 Oct 2009

The first pics from the Sydney Reunion. Please email me any others that you would like to show as I am hoping to do a larger spread.

Sydney Reunion First Pics

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

4 Oct 2009

Oh red face, I have to confess to a serious senior moment - it was Paul Akehurst I went out with NOT Paul Campbel. Apologies Paul, hope other oldies will emphasise :-)

Lynn Hardy (C62-67)

5 Oct 2009

Hi Noddy, I have not been on this site for some time now, glad to hear you are alive and well. My brother Mike went to the last reunion in York and said that he had spoken to you. I have Fond memories of my years at the school and have attended 3 of the reunions so far. I saw the entry from Mac on there too! Mac if you get this I would love to hear from you. I have been living in Kent since I came back to the UK in 78 and although I have quite a hectic lifestyle I can always find time to reminisce over those happy days.

John Kinchin (M75-78)

5 Oct 2009

Many years have past and names have become vague if you remember me would like to hear from you. Was in Balmoral when Miss Elliott was house mistress. I played all sport, violin and was a member of drama club. One of the many confirmed in the CE church.

Annette Tinkler (B64-67)

6 Oct 2009

I're all saying, "not that old fart again" final words on the subject of the reunion in Sydney. Being at WBS was a fairly LARGE chunk of my 'younger days' and I've always wondered about others that were there. 25th - 27th of September this year, was a very SMALL chunk of my 'later years' Now the 41 years between don't seem so vast. (I was never known for my essay writing skills.. so I won't trouble you guys any more)...hard to put the few days into words but I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels the same.

Glyn Johnson (E63-68)

6 Oct 2009

I remember the name David Cooper. Were you in the House football team as I have some photos of that team and the basketball team. I attended the reunion in York and hope to attend the next one.

Michael Conboy (C53-57)

6 Oct 2009

Great pictures Bill! (Nice job as "roving Reporter"!) Great to see that another Windsor reunion was a success, and a good time was had by all! Good to see that, even tho, you don't neccessarily know people, windsor people can get on with anyone, renew friendships, and make new friends, and have a damn good time! Roll on the next one!

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

8 Oct 2009

Thanks for the sentiments Julie. Your absolutely right!!!!For me, it was, "I don't know you" but I empathise with your experiences. I have walked where you have. We have that common experience and therfor fellowship. Which is bonding and fulfiling. I know it was school, and at times I was very sad to be there, on some occassions putting on a brave face to endure the misery, but as Glyn indicated, the re union, filled a gap. Thank you!!! very much for organising the event. (PS In Bills photos I am the one with the weak beard!!!!!)

Graham Keil (B71-75)

8 Oct 2009

Yes Michael I was in the house football and basketball teams also in the school rugby team,remember going on a rugby tour to Hanover I went in a car with Mr Edmeades one of our house masters.Do you remember Richard Lishman he came to visit me in York while on holiday in the area.In my final year at school I was in a small dormitory adjacent to Matrons flat with John Aedy and Butterworth.Other names I remember Clive Crosby,Ian MacArthur,Hamilton and Mr Howe our house master.

David Cooper (C53-56)

9 Oct 2009

We are hoping to get a newsletter out towards the end of November. If anyone would like to contribute an article it would be most welcome. You do not need to be a brilliant writer and the article does not have to be about the old days, maybe something has happened to you that reminded you of past events or we would love to hear what you are doing now. Please try and send something in, maybe someone could write up the York reunion or any other meets. You can send articles in using the visitors book post form or email them to me.

I am still waiting for some more photos of the Sydney Reunion before making the full slide show but I have added some names to the original set now.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

10 Oct 2009

The Aus reunion was fun, I'm glad Dave Naylor got a giggle out of the rugby scrum story, Oates had blonde, slightly curly, hair I think. Being very short sighted my Rugby participation was limited, I clearly remember playing a game and somehow ending up with the ball. I started running, I've no idea if I was running in the right direction, and I never saw the tackle, that left me ploughing the ground with my nose, coming. I do remember the Sevens contests with some pleasure though, I was a spectator.

Bill, if you find yourself back in Sydney again and want some real beer I would suggest you try the Lord Nelson in the Rocks, they brew their own and have a variety of styles that range from the commercial Boags end of the alcohol scale up to the sort of stuff the Trappists turn out. All very tasty.

Andrew Commons (B65-68)

I did the Nellie on a night out with Paul - you are right its a great pub - Bill

10 Oct 2009

hello to anyone who remembers me ,i havent been on the site for ages although i did call in to the reunion at york for a short while It was good to see some of the old faces.Noticed David MCmenemy posted a message i was in Berlin same time as you.I remember the trips back to WBS on the train,what a laugh.Bye for now hope to see most of you at next big reunion

John Woodward ( woody) (C76-79)

10 Oct 2009

Hi John - Great to hear from you. Am also hoping that Mac gets in touch. Missed a good w/end in York but hope to see you at the next reunion which I hope will be the big one next year....

Mark Holder (M73-77)

11 Oct 2009

Some more Sydney Reunion Pics from Dave Naylor.

More Reunion Pics.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

16 Oct 2009

Just want to add my thanks and appreciation to all who attended the Sydney reunion and made it such a success It was a great weekend organised by Ella showcasing beautiful Sydney for us out of towners (weather could have been a bit kinder). I ate and drank my way thru the weekend as some of the photos attest and wouldn't have missed it for anything. Thank you Bill our roving reporter and camera man - long way to come for dinner and a good story! I too still do hospital corners, but thank god for fitted sheets.

Ellen Brandon-Warnaby (B59-62)

19 Oct 2009

On the 9th I posted a request for articles for the next newsletter, so far I have received absolutely nothing ! I can't believe that nobody has a story to tell so I am asking again. The article does not need to be over long or even brilliantly written, if we are to get two newsletters out a year then we need material. It would be good to maybe do a short article outlining your life after Windsor, how did you get to where you are now. Memories of even small happenings at school would be good as it will likely trigger other memories. What about some of the activities that we did, must have been lots going on, what about the school socials or adventures "over the fence". I remember from the school magazine they used to have "Windsor Witticisms" - yes would be pretty corny jokes now but still fun if anyone can remember any. So please don't be shy, get your thinking caps on and send in something or we won't have a newsletter to send out.

I believe that some members did not get the last newsletter, if you are one please email me and I will get it sent out.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)


Some photos just received from the York Reunion if you spot yourself please email me your name to add to the photo.


22 Oct 2009

Hello to anyone at all that remembers me

Rod Whitworth (B80-82)

23 Oct 2009

Does everyone know that Windsor Boys has been largely demolished over the last few months. The latest picture shows only the dining block, the chapel and some of the buildings in front of the gym (changing rooms, metalwork?) still standing. Very sad. There is a BMW showroom on one corner. Not sure what is happening to the rest.

Simon Brindley (E69-75)

23 Oct 2009

Hello, it's been a while since i looked at this site, lots of names of people i remember! wow and so many memories, to any one who remembers me i say a big hello, and do post back to me, would love a trip down memory lane, so annoyed i missed York reunion, i only live 40 minutes away!!

Janice Nagle (S75-80)

23 Oct 2009

Julie Roberts, a story from you about the York mini reunion would be great, you were out Rotweiler after all! I'm sure there is more pictures as well??

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

24 Oct 2009

Thanx for the nomination Nic! will try to cobble something together and send it to Bill. Am sure there are alot of other people who were at the York reunion, who have something to report!!! Nic..... I am not a rottweiler! Honest.... was just the "Glue" that pulled everyone together, got them into the taxi's, and to the venue on time!!!! Has anyone else got any pics from York? If so, pass them on to Bill. Thanx

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

25 Oct 2009

Would love to reconnect with Marion (Mas) Paterson (day student from Soest), Claire Maxwell, and any Yank day students from the early 70's. Bailey Mundy, saw your post in June - where is Melanie? Colin Keil, I lost touch with Sheena, is she still in Canada?

Beth Oxford Shamburger (M70-74)

25 Oct 2009

More Sydney Reunion Pics from Glyn Johnson - Glyn's Pics

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

26 Oct 2009

Hello everyone, I'm not sure whether you'll remember me. I was a dayboy travelling from Soest everyday. Looking through your "post's" I remember Mr Worral as the Headmaster. I can remember Will Oxford, Michael Lamb (m), Tim Westmore (e) Paul Mundy (?), Mr fox, my year 1 teacher. I'm afraid thats about all I remember. My health has not been good to me. I've worked hard all my life and now a slipped disc and hernia have slowed me down to a walk with a stick. Nice to read your post's , they were a blast from the past. Take care. Best wishes to you all from Biggsy.

Trevor Biggs (C71-77)

30 Oct 2009

Hello All, I've been sat trying to remember people from both the schools and from Soest itself. The names I've come up with are David Mc cormick and brother, Kenny Baker, Paul Sheldon, Keith Humphries, Bob Casburn and brother, Martin Williams, Phillip Burrell and brother, Paul Hayden, Tim Westmore, Michael Lamb, Paul Mundy, Wil Oxford, Danny Barlow, Andy Warwick, Nicholas Parsons. The girls I remember, apart from my sisters Pauline Biggs and Christine Biggs, were Karen Smith and sister Carol, Caroline Taylor, Susan Thomson, Lesley Payne and 2 sisters, Karen Cheetham and the sisters Taylor....Linda and Vanetia. The remembered teachers are, Mr Worral, Mr Leighton (head and deputy head), my first form teacher Mr Fox, Mr Greedy (pottery ?), Mr Carey (history ?), my caernarvon house master I cannot remember although I do recall reading his name in past postings. I can tell you that after leaving school and coming back to the UK, I trained as a vending machine technician and visiting a school in the Grimsby area to fix a vending machine, I came across my first years music teacher. It was really nice to see him. I recognised him in passing and called his name and then spent half an hour or so chatting about WBS, it was great. Well thats it for now so I'll sign off. Best wishes to you all from Biggsy.

Trevor Biggs (C71 - 77)

31 Oct 2009

Hi Sheryl, noticed your posting on the Sept page. I remember you.... Well how could I forget a Nienburg girl. Hows Jackie, fit and well I hope? Catch up again at the next one if you can make it.

Hi Noddy, yes I will make a point of going to the next one, it will be good to see you again. Also wanna say hi to Woody as we have downed a few beers together during past reunions. Hope to catch up with you both soon, Is there anything in the pipeline for 2010? Apart from earlier this month I have not been online for about a year so really out of touch with events n stuff.

John Kinchin (M75-78)

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