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1 Nov 2009

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Bill Craswell(C62-65)

3 Nov 2009

hi all,i stumbled across your website and to my pleasure i noticed a few names i remember from times gone by. kim fletcher from belm,christine duxbury from bordon, & my old dance partner nic cuthbertson from hamm. nice to know your all still about. all the best little andy [tiger] bolton.

Andrew Bolton (B74-76)

7 Nov 2009

Hello Andrew Bolton!! Hows things with you?? Pretty sure I used to dance with girls mate..! Few others pop up on here, Chris Epps, A.J Wheeler to name 2. In touch with my old mate Nige Horne. Keep your eyes peeled, they are bound to talk about a reunion soon! HINT HINT!

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

8 Nov 2009

Hi, I'm Rosemarie Musgrove, but was Rosemarie Door at the time. I would love to hear back from anyone that attended Hamm at the same time as I did. I was 13 at the time so would have been in years three and four at the time.

Rosemarie Door (B77-79)

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11 Nov 2009

Brings back good memories, be good to hear from Dave Thompson

Tony Read (E74-76)

12 Nov 2009

Linda Gant, your name rings a bell. What school year you were in in 1969 - I was a 4th year student then.

Sylvia Robertson (M69-71)

13 Nov 2009

Hi to everyone that knows me. Just thought I would wish everyone Happy 'PEG LEG' night. Remember to check your bedding and blankets to make sure you dont have three lines down them or he will be visiting you tonight.

Dale Harding (B76-78)

15 Nov 2009

Hi my name was John Birks and attended WBS from 1975-1976. I was in Hillsborough in a dorm on the ground floor. I enjoyed my time there sharing a dorm with several others, Malcolm Frame. John Hamilton,and a friend called Cal

John Birks (H75-76)

18 Nov 2009

Hi to Dale Harding, good to see you on the site. How's life been treating you over the years? Remembering good old Pegleg.......... My memory is starting to fade fast now unfortunately. I met up with Nick Cuthbertson, A.J Wheeler and Mark Scott a couple of years ago, we had a good old chin wag about the good old days. Was Mark and A.J in the annex flat at the same time as you..........I seem to think they were. Hope you are well mate.

Chris Epps (B74-77)

20 Nov 2009

Hi to Chris Epps, Life is good with me. I'm the catering Manager at the West of England School for Young People With Little or No Sight in Exeter. A Job I've been doing since completing 22 year in the Army. Like you my memory is also fading. I dont remember Mark and AJ in the Annex, but David Shaw was. Best Wishes to you

Dale Harding (B76-78)

20 Nov 2009

Hello, I was sooooo pleased to find this site I didn't know it existed. Now I am quite excited to maybe make contact with some of the old students or staff. I attended Windsor School for girls from 1954 until 1959. I was in the church choir and would like to know what happened to Mr. Loft Simpson my idol since he taught me music.

Ann King (nee Cook) (M54-59)

20 Nov 2009

Tony Read, did you live at R.A.F Laarbruch, Weeze? If you did, I believe you were a mate of my elder brother Andy Epps.

Chris Epps (B74-77)

20 Nov 2009

My name was Ann Cook and I was in Marlborough House. I was in the church choir. I would love to find anyone who remembers me or my friend Stephanie Diprose or anyone else that was in the dorm with us. I can only remember one teacher that was Mr. Loft-Simpson and would like to know when the school became both boys and girls because when I went we didn't associate much with the boys just for sports sometimes. Great to hear from other girls who were in Marlborough house with Frau Kraus the Matron whom I recall as not very friendly.

Ann King (nee Cook) (M54-59)

24 Nov 2009

Hi Dale and Chris, great to see both your posts! Yea, Chris, that get together in Reading was great. Got to do it again soon! How are you Dale?? If I remember you were Catering Corpes?? Glad you are settled, there is life after the army!!

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

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