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1 Mar 2009

It is with great and personal sadness that I have to announce the Passing away of Robert (Bob) Stocks on 28 February 2009. Below is a message his wife Pat sent through to a friend.

"Bob passed away suddenly Saturday evening NZ time. I do not have a password to get on to the hobbit site, would you please be kind enough to let all those other wonderful hobbits know the news. Bob loved the fun time he spent hobbitting and the great time we had with you guys in 2003."

I got to know Bob through the many ex school sites that exist and met up with him and his wife Pat in 2003 when they came over to England. He had a good sense of humour and will be sadly missed by his family and friends.

Malcom Bruno Brunsdon (E67-69)

1 Mar 2009

Just joined up.Have seen a few names that I can recall. My younger sister Alison and I were living at RAF Geilenkirchen in a flat at Weeze at the time we were at Windsor.
Memory needs jogged (getting on a bit now)but some names I remember are Mary Ann Eagles, Margaret ('Fred') ?Frazer, Su Turner, Annmarie and Jenny Trigona, Isobel McCutcheon,Miss Evans -Head, Miss R? taught french, Mr Evans - physics, Miss Mallon House Mistress

Angela Johnson now Gale (H64-68)

1 Mar 2009

Would like to chat to any day bugs from Werl who might remember me. Regards Michael.

Michael Vale (C71-75)

4 Mar 2009

WBS when you first arrive was kinda damn Hamm scary.Colditz barriers at the gate and barb wire pointing inwards.Then taken to your cell to meet your cellmates.But what greatmates they all where and I'll never forget my great times there.Then after first sleepless night it was,BRRRINNGG!!"Guten Morgan Aufschtane!"It was Matron and that as it,time to get up nightmare.then you would hear a whistle from the lips so loud the windows it was on with my Ted Boy shoes and a bop to roll call.Laurance read the names,a 1st year punk was messin about."Hey Bogbrush get in the corner!"I peed with laughter.Then I thouht this joint is crazy.Think I'm gonna dig it.anyway my dorm mates,Rob Mitchell,one of my best ever mates,Wayne Davies realy funny guy,Harty,Steven Bringhurst still Rockin' I hope.different dorms more mates Steve Allen met him again years later in Stirling where I live but never kept in touch.girls I remember Tracey Rielly,Jo evens Elke Guppy and Elaine Quigley.also my Teddy Boy Pals from Hillsbro Tomo&Teddy & Tomos sis Paula Thomson.also have to mention my Nieiburg mates Loyd Lathem,the 3 Hamlet bros,Salty, Mick Lobb,Mandy and many to mention.great music teacher too Mr Lewis had same guitar as Eddie Cochran and told me he met him,what a cool cat!also Mr Marsh,Gom,Trendy Trev the list goes six Ann Marie was also at the School so if anyone remembers us let me.Keep Rockin' You All.Paul Mcquarrie the Rockinest Cat In Windsor.Peach&Love Man.bye.fx

Paul Mcquarrie (M79-82)

7 Mar 2009

I'm amazed to find out that "Pud" Watson's family lived at the same address as mine at Am Hokenholz 39 ! Now that's an amazing coindidence cocidering our mutual family surnames ! Go figure !! I know of "Pud" Watson when I was a pupil but for all my 3 yrs at WBS Geoff Hern was my Maths Teacher not "Pud" Watson ! My youngest bro was also a pupil at WBS during the same years & he got nicknamed "Pud" either at Hamm or just after we left & still is known so by his chums . Me - I was "Bugs" - I like to think it was after "Buggsy" Segal , but I rather think it was after Bugs Bunny !! I was also amazed to see Claire Watson's pics . I've travelled for work for 30+ yrs & in the last 20+ in Eastern Europe & Russia !!! I've also been past Hamm several times, laterly in Aug 2008 . WBS ain't the same ! "Peg-Leg" has done a bunk !! I came across Heather Culter as well via a school chum ( my next school after WBS who joined the RN & knew her when she was RN ) .A small world . I'm sometimes in touch with Mike Borthwick also a Marboroughite from the same era. Fond regards to all !

Harry Watson (M61-64)

10 Mar 2009

Hi to anyone who remembers me I was in Hillsborough during the days of Matron Little and Miss Ramsey. In my final year I shared a dorm with Jackie Devereux. would Love to hear from anyone out there who remembers me, some I remember were: Karen Cheatham,Cecelia Begley, Senga Boyd, Lynn Bryce, Zena Wood, Matti Mathews Trixi Gunn, Carol Gibson, Denise Fletcher, Kim Murray, Jackie Felton, Gina Clarke,Judy Longwith, to name a few also Mark "Monty" Powell from Marlborough WBS. Please get in touch if you remember me xx

Debbie Callaway (H76-78)

11 Mar 2009

Hi to Debbie Calloway, I do not remember your name, and I do not expect that you remember me, but I thank you for mentioning Trixi Gunn. She was a lovely girl and have very fond memories of her. She lived in the next block to me at R.A.F Laarbruch. Once again, many thanks Chris.

Chris Epps (B74-77)

13 Mar 2009

Debbie, Monti is around but quite elusive.

Tony Reilly (M73-76)

14 Mar 2009

Chris Epps, I've lost your number, call me, I'll ask Doug to forward my phone number to you. Debbie Calloway, quite a few of the people you named are going to a mini 70's reunion on 6th June in York. Cecelia Begley and Senga Boyd to name two. Sean Cockcroft, John Gay, Scott and Denise Innes. Chris, come on and come along. Lots of you out there,

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

I have passed your details on Nic, will look forward to meeting you all in York - BillC

17 Mar 2009

Thought I would write a few more lines....I was in Caernarvon house, 1966 - 1969, and I remember sharing a room with Lorna Stageman, Mary Docherty and Katherine Erskine..would love to hear from anyone, great excuse to come to a reunion in Germany.

Marita Derksen (C66-69)

18 Mar 2009

hi debbie calloway, your name sounds familiar but memories bit blurred nowadays! i knew trixi from laarbruch along with chris epps, wonder where she is now? unfortunately i cant make the reunion in june but recognise a few of the names. hope you all have a great time.

Brent Warren (S76-79)

18 Mar 2009

Hi,just spoken to Sarah Mac, who is organising,along with Cecelia, the mini reunion in York. Sarah says there are still some rooms available to book at the Millfield Hotel here in York. Sarah needs some idea of numbers of people who are attending by the end of March. Come on you 70's people, the more the merrier, we're not getting any younger! Sarahs contact details are on last months post.
Look forward to seeing lots of people in Yorkx

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

19 Mar 2009

Any Marlborough 64-68 out there ? Would like to remenise with me LOL.

Benny Bennett (M64-68)

20 Mar 2009

message to all you 70's people, i've drawn the short straw and have been roped into help sarah and cecelia organise the mini reuinion in york on june 6th,in this respect sarah has pre booked rooms at the millfield hotel in york,rooms still availabe.Sarah has also organised the venue, which is a 70's club in town, FLARES, which she has managed to get free of charge! to make this a success we need your support. So please contact any one that you know from the 70's and encourage them to come and join us. at this stage it is pretty much a free for all,but it would be really helpfull if sarah could get some idea of numbers,[details on the previous page} please e mail sarah to confirm, sarah has put alot of effort into organisining this, so thet's make it a really good night outx

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

24 Mar 2009

Hello. In April I will be taking part in this year's London Marathon- I must be mad!! I am doing this in memory of my Mum ,Margaret Kitchen who sadly passed away 2 years ago from Alzheimer's disease. She was followed very quickly by my Dad, Peter Kitchen who had looked after her for over 16 years. You may remember him as housemaster of Marlborough house from 1962 -1981- a long time by anyone's standards! I felt I had to do something to try and raise the profile of this terrible illness not only on the sufferer, but also the carer and their families. I will be one of the slow ones at the back, but I am only really bothered about raising as much as I can for the Alzheimers Society. I have already raised nearly £1700 and have had some donations from ex members of staff, students in Marlborough and friends of mine from school. If you feel able to help in any way I would be very grateful- a big thankyou to those of you who have already made generous donations. You can visit my web site on Thankyou in anticipation. I know Mum and Dad would be very grateful for any donations. Thanks again .

Virginia Street(Kitchen) (M71-79)

24 Mar 2009

I have been off line for some ime and have just read through messages posted for January to March and am still in shock re. Ted Wicks and Neil Carrick's passing away. I had no idea, I met with Neil at the first reunion at Newbury Park. We reminded each other of the great side we played in together at Windsor and how we both thought each other would end up as professional footballers. He was a really nice bloke and a great footballer. I think Ted was a few years younger than myself although we were both in Marlborough. Never the less I would like to send my belated condolences to both Ted and Neils families.

On a more cheerful note it looks like the 70's reunion is going ahead in York. I wondered if anybody knows whether more of my year will be attending, such as Ian Mynott, keith Shipton, Al Copley or Paddy Hawkins (Junior). Have you invited any teachers such as Mr Hearn?

Gez Gilmer, were you thinking of going? Best Wishes to all.

Scot and Denise Innes (M73-76)

27 Mar 2009

Sorry Guys and Girls, only just found this site :( Have got to spend some time checking thro' names and dates etc. When 'we' the Neeves first arrived at WBS their was 4 of us Tony, Peter, David, (me) and little brother Micheal. I had a fantastic time at WBS and many many good times. Trying to remember names but yes we are all getting older.
Sad to see Mr Kitchen has passed away. Remember a few teachers, Spankie bopa, Hairy Hern, but who was the teacher who used to take his Eye out!! Hope their is a few peopole on this site who remember us. I'm trying to find some pictures and possible video ( cine Film in old money) Will keep u posted

Dave Neeve (M70-73)

28 Mar 2009

Hi anyone that remembers me! I've just stumbled over this site thanks to Keith Moralee, and I'm actually quite sad really. I've seen the pictures of the two schools (WBS & WGS) from 2006. It's all overgrown, smashed up and unused. As I said, quite sad really. I notice there's a reunion in June. I may re-arrange a few things and pop over to see who's there. My best regards to all who read this.Cheers! Steve

Steve Allan (C79-83)

28 Mar 2009

I attended Windsor Girls School between 1961 and 1962 name of Carol Anne Streeter, my father was in the RAF, I remember while I attended we made an LP which I still have a copy called Windsor Girls Sing Again and Mr Purvis was a music teacher at that time. We have been living in New Zealand for over 30 years, one of my friends here in NZ had a friend who now lives and works in the States who's brother went to Windsor Boys what a small world.

Carol Anne Streeter (?61-62)

30 Mar 2009

Ok guys, yes i'm on the site yet again, Sara Mac still needs some numbers for the mini reuion here in York. The hotel of preferred choice is The millfield, Just off the A1237, close to the A64, the booking reference is OKR103382, the hotel number is 01904 787630. If you do book a room, please let Sara Mac know. Time is closing in, yes i Know it's only April, but June 6th is just around the corner., and York gets really busy in the summer time! Don't just think about it, come and join the fun. See as many people as we can here in Yorkx

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

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