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3 July 2009

I was known by some as 'Christ' because that is how the german staff wrote my name. My parents were in RAF Gatow in Berlin and I was a good friend to Shaun Buckland in Caernarvon house!!

C J Thomson (H77-80)

4 July 2009

Having just spent a pleasant afternoon with Geoff and Laura Hern when they visited us in our holiday home in Brittany I have been prompted to look at the messages and have enjoyed reading those from pupils and staff I remember. My main reason for writing is a sad one, namely to inform those who may remember him that my youngest son Bernard died unexpectedly last November when on holiday in Spain. It has been a very sad time for us all and we ae still trying to come to terms with it. Otherwise we - my wife and I, Denis and Michel - keep well. Greetings and best wishes to all who remember us.

Jack Worrall (B69-76)

6 July 2009

A response to the sad message from Jack Worrall. Many condolences from all our family on the sad loss of your son Bernard, who, we all remember well. We are Brigid, Tess, Margaret and Derrick Cooling. Derrick (Dad) was Padre Cooling at WGS. Please pass on our good wishes to your family, especially Michel, whom Brigid and Tess were good friends with. What are you doing now Michel? Hope to hear from you.

Tess Cooling (B73-75)

6 July 2009

I was an American student who attended Windsor Girls School as a day student from 2nd form - 5th form. I would like to hear from any old friends. In particular Anne Rowlatt whom I stayed in touch with until about 5 years ago and lost contact. If anyone knows where she is I would appreciate hearing from you!

Dianne Merriss (E72-76)

6 July 2009

Hello Mr Worrall, you were my headmaster at WBS from 73-76, and I remember you well! I started in Sandringham, but ended up after a 6 month break in the UK in Balmoral. I had several dealings with you, all I have to say for the wrong reasons! several canings and a suspension for midnight walks along with massive influence from Mr Donovan from Balmoral actually straightened me out and I've had a great life. Everybody who attended Windsor Schools all say the same thing, it prepared us for life. And it did. So sorry to hear about your son, I lost my wonderful wife 20 months ago from breast cancer, so I understand some of the pain you are experiencing. Great to here from you, Nic

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

7 July 2009

This is a message to Carol Gurr. I am in touch with Denise Fletcher (just been to Wimbledon together), Caroline Ambridge, Kerry Shipton, Lyn Hughes lives up the road from me. Just keep plugging on the message board and they will respond I am sure. I will tell Denise to take a look.Hope you are well.

Carol Martin (nee Gibson) (H73-77)

8 July 2009

I am hoping to find my very best friend from my time at WGS. Her name was/is Anne Heywood and she was in Caernarvon when I was in Edinburgh 71-73. I see from the list that she is a lapsed member of this site. I have such wonderful memories of her and I'd love to catch up and renew the friendship. The last time i managed to locate her she was at RAF Benson - that was many years ago. If anyone knows how i could contact her, I'd be so grateful.

Anne James (McTavish) (E71-73)

8 July 2009

Hello Mr Worral I would just like to pass on condolences from my brother Folyd and myself at you recent loss. Floyd and Dale Harding, Balmoral House

Dale Harding (B76-78)

9 July 2009

Mr Worrall Sir, sorry to hear about your son Bernard. Difficult to know what to say at times like this but I am sure all of us from Windsor wish you & your family happier times in the future.

Chris Epps (B74-77)

Sydney Reunion 2009 - Confirmed Dates 25 & 26 September

Well it's confirmed.......the dates set for the Australian Sydney Reunion are 25 & 26 September, and if anyone is still standing.......farewell breakfast 27th September !

We now need final numbers, including any partners attending, this is vital in order to book the venue for our *Saturday dinner, & make it a success, we are a large group for catering & likely have set menus to select from, to avoid disappointment we must have your commitment, as a deposit will be required, so be prepared

The good news is the late Ian Pulfords sister Maureen Press and her husband will be able to join us wonderful !

For those who are coming in for Friday, this will be a casual affair.....getting to know you time I am sure.......again numbers attending are needed - this could be in the afternoon or evening, depending on your arrival times into Sydney - feed back needed please !

The venues are still being worked on for this to take place - Ellen Warnaby will be helping me to finalise this task.......if anyone has any food intolerances/ vegan, coeliac etc, or mobility problems, speak out now & we can factor that in to meet your needs - we want everyone to enjoy this event

Regarding accommodation, some of you have your preferred hotels to stay in, and I have no wish to tamper with the original suggestions are no longer in the running......please let me know if anyone would like any help The ones that are attending & have selected their hotels might like to share their choices with us

I do believe we have one UK Windsorite attending........fantastic news !

Look forward to hearing from you all.......the success of this depends on you too

Ella Fielding (Cann) (C62-64)

*Dress Code - Smart Casual

Nice work Ella - Come on you Aussies lets make this a resounding success I have booked my flight and will definitely be there, look forward to meeting you all. If any other UK residents want to attend contact me for advice on best flights/accommodation. - BillC

9 July 2009

I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me and my sister, Claire, particularly Julie Jones and Pauline and Lynn O'Leary who were friends in Edinburgh, and Jane Oliver and Debbie House who were in Balmoral (I think!) and were at RAF Gatow in Berlin with us .... we used to ride together at the stables in Charlottenburg. I have just seen a post from Steve Pleasance ... the name really rings a bell to the point that I have just dug around my old photos and found a photo from a Steve I used to 'go out' with when I was at WGS .... if this is the same Steve, it would be great to be in touch - i can scan and send you a copy of the photo to check, if you like ....! :-)

Anne James (McTavish) (E71-73)

10 July 2009

Well, well Neil Barnes. Of course we remember you and big brother Shane. We had, if my old memory is still working like I think it is, some great times in Marlborough and I'm regularly reminded of you when I see your name at the front of the Stamp Stockbook that you flogged to me when you gave up collecting - remember that? I also have a good memory of Shane's obsession with 'Knights in White Satin' a regular request of his for the 'smooch' (polite word) dance at socials when he was trying, usually successfully, to 'pull'. Nice of that Innes fellow to call me 'charming' albeit with an enormous 'tongue in the cheek' and I've been to two Newbury re-unions 2000 and 2003. Good to hear that the York mini job went well and I'm hoping to get a copy of the newsletter soon with the articles that we wrote about Thommo and PMK. Any news about when it's due yet? As Jack Worrall wrote we saw him and Cecile on our last weekend (July 4th) in Brittany. We try to meet up there each summer. He too awaits the newsletter. Off to the Sauerland on holiday again next month - should not think that anybody else remembers the area with the same affection as I do. A real second home for me and I've often been tempted to move there for good - too old though. Enough rambling for now - hey there's a hidden meaning there.

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

10 July 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Worral,
Sincere condolences on the loss of your son, Bernard, who I not only taught, but who was also a classmate of my son, Kevin. I know it takes a great deal of time for such a loss to heal.

John Wheeler and Family (E72-81)

11 July 2009

Ah, but you're wrong, Mr Hern - I remember the walks in the Sauerland with a lot of affection! For a start, it gave me the opportunity to visit Warstein, where my maternal grandfather came from, and I also really enjoyed the walks. I still tell people the tale of how on one walk, walking along a very pleasant track through the woods, you suddenly said "this is boring!" and led us up through the woods, straight up the hillside, with about a foot of snow lying on top of two feet of mud higher up, struggling through the trees and undergrowth, only to emerge an hour later about 10 yards further down the same track. I still follow the same kind of exploration process from time to time when out walking :-)

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

14 July 2009

Mr. Worrall, please accept my sincere condolences on Bernard's passing. I remember him as quite a decent young man (albeit from some time ago). On other matters, you will also be perhaps unsurprised that my conversational French has unfortunately not gotten any better than it was during your heroic attempts to teach me (and one AJ Wheeler, iirc) the language many decades ago. The last time I recall hearing of your whereabouts, you had relocated to the Channel Islands, but that was, I believe, long ago. I would love to get caught up with what you have been up to since I left Windsor way back in '77.

It looks like a good time was had by (well, most of) you lot in York (with apologies to Steve P :-). Although this summer was not a good time (for many reasons) for me to drag the Wife over the Pond for a long weekend trip to hang about with people who knew me long before she did, I do hope that we will be able make it to at least one subsequent Windsor gathering at some point in the future.

And finally, a big Texas "Howdy" to Dianne Merriss. -at least one of the "Windsor Yank Contingent" does remember you. Have you been in touch with many other US ex-Windsorites? Perhaps a US-based WBS/WGS reunion might be worth considering? In any case, please drop me a line when you get a chance.

Wil Oxford (C71-77)

15 July 2009

Mr Worral, I am so sorry to hear of your son Bernards passing nothing I can say will soften the hurt, but I hope you get by, with all the good memories you, i am sure, will have of Bernard. On the subject of memories and if I may, on a lighter note, you cannot put a face to my name, I was one of the two lads (Bob McCormick being the other) who had to see you after being accused about allegedly starting that great fire in the Magnesium factory next to WBS in 76. I was of course wholly innocent (as was Bob) But, as he had, shall we say visited the premises sometimes in the past, was made by you, to apologise to me, for the monstrous stain on my good name and character. All of which I gracefully accepted,......with a huge sigh of relief! I will always remember and be grateful for your Solomon like wisdom that day.

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

15 July 2009

Mr Worrall, I would just like to add my condolences to the others on here, on your sad loss. I, like Nic Cuthbertson, also remember having to visit your office, along with Kevin Jones on one occasion and with quite a few others on another, over the 'missing library book' incident. I have never held any grudge over our 'meetings', indeed, they have helped to mould the type of person I am today, along with lifes other experiences. I sincerely hope the passage of time eases yours and your families grief. Mr Hern, I also remember trekking through the forests of the Sauerlands. One I will never forget is when Noddy Weightman headed our team of intrepid explorers and we saw yourself and Miss Marr taking a particular trail and our born leader decided you were going the wrong way. We ended up some 10 miles away from the planned rendezvous and finally got to you and the others at the bus sometime short of sunset....Happy days eh?

Nigel Hoar (S71-74)

24 July 2009

The Great Flood happened at the beginning of December 1960. My late father, John Johns, bursar of the boys school, had to close the school about three weeks early as the basements of school buildings were flooded and heating equipment was failing. Living locally, there were about four of us, however, who were on the point of taking O-levels. Following my suggestion, we ended up attending classes at the girl’s school. Wow! We had cracked the holiest of holies! Every cloud has a silver lining! Do you recognize the enclosed rail vehicle…?

Ian Johns, (M5-61)

28 July 2009

Hello Anne James, I don't remember if I was the lad you went out with and as I was a bit of a prat in my youth I cringe with embarrassment. Perhaps you may have confused me with Steve Dobson the Brad Pitt lookalike in our house. I will give permission to pass on my email.

Mr Hearn wrote in an earlier posting of catching a group of girls in Edinburgh House alongside some boys. I can add to this memory and indeed name names! Edinburgh House had a small annex downstairs on the ground floor that I and a few other boys were allocated into. (Kev Newman, Spook McGookin, Steve Dobson)This proved quite provident as we soon discovered no one supervised us. As with all boys we wrote letters and made contacts with girls from Edinburgh house WGS and the arranged nocturnal meeting was set up. To our dismay I and Steve Dobson were recalled to dorm upstairs in the main corridor. Therefore I abandoned the meeting yet not Steve D. The meeting went ahead and by all accounts great fun was had. We tried to reciprocate by getting into WGS Edinburgh house yet this was so well patrolled with dogs and security we gave this up. The girls made a second run to us yet this was when Mr Hearn caught us.

Steve Pleasance (E71-74)

Oh Dear, the brain is fried! I wrote that it was Mr Hern (correct spelling) who caught us and now thinking about this it could have been Mr Fox. I have tried to find the earlier posted message regarding this yet with so many years to go over I can't locate it. I guess you were right Mr Hern "Pleasance your as dim as a Toc H lamp!"

30 July 2009

Looking through the messages again after sometime away from the site I see there is a Photo of what we affectionately called the Hamm Flyer!! Not sure what is was really called but it did a regular trip past the Boys school. You knew it was coming as it bleated it horn before coming to the rail crossing near the school gates. I wonder if it still runs? and if it does is it that same type of little one carriage train?

I also remember the flood happening, not personally but from a black and white film that we were shown just after arriving in early 1962. I think the person who made the film was one of the Sandringham prefects at the time. Always wishing for a flood to happen in those early years.

Malcolm Brunsdon (E67-69)

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