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1 Feb 2009

hello rodney(ROD) whitworth(30th JAN) long time no hear wasn't sure if u would read the message board or not. Anyway how trix down your end of the globe where ever u r, me i'm living in reading,berks and a fully registered dental nurse-great looking down peoples mouths all day but hey someones gotta do it. i'm single as of a few months ago after a seven year relationship yippeee!. loving it no 1 to answer 2 go out when i want get home when i want do what the hell i like now gr8 thing being single again, how about u? luv 2 hear from u mate luv 'n' stuff jo xxxx

Jo Barnes (H78-81)

2 Feb 2009

Hello Simon Brindley, I was in Edinburgh House and played in goal now and then. In the team I remember were Malcolm McGookin (Spook)and Kev Newman. Even today play every Thursday with an "oldie" 5 a side team indoors. My links with Germany continue as we play an "oldie" team from Meissen once a year. One year here, where we host them, and the next year they host us. (Suffice to say the match is now but a small part of the weekend. I went to a Newbury reunion many years ago and sadly didn't meet any other Edinburgh house people and only a few from other houses.

Steve Pleasance (E71-74)

2 Feb 2009

I hold many happy memories of Windsor Boarding School. Very scary at first but we were all in the same boat. We had midnight feasts, scary stories, pillow fights and a great laugh. Cannot remember every ones names only David Jones, I had a crush on him and his sister Myvanwy who was a prefect in our house. Met her in Swindon when we settled there after dad came out of the army. Saw David but to shy to speak. Remember the rabbit stew once a week. Tuck shop where you could buy little gifts for the your family. Socials with the latest songs, 'Volari' allways takes me back there. The frozen fish pond round the back of the hall in winter. The horrible matron who gave my birthday cake away to her favourites. Hula hooping in the comman room. Happy days. Head of house was a favourite, she was my sewing teacher when we went to Jamaica too. Maureen Bettley as was

Maureen Macey (Bettley) (S58-59

3 Feb 2009

Steve Head are you out there mate.

Paul Simmers(winnie) (M76-79)

3 Feb 2009

If the date for the get together isnt going to fit, how about (and it's only an idea) do a little reunion for all years on another date, maybe like the one in Blackpool & Grange over Sands? You would certainly get a decent amount turning up I would have thought. What do you think people/Cecelia? You could copy n paste general info on Friends Reunited and get an idea on numbers from replys. Just an idea. Hi to anyone that knows me, still trying to contact Dave Bremner, Steve Forward & Mike Melia

Alan Savage (C71-74)

3 Feb 2009

With regards to the suggested reunion, what about a trip back to Hamm in the Summer/Autumn. A few of us went a couple of years ago, the flights were cheap, as was car hire when shared and the accomodation would be comparable with over here if not cheaper.

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

3 Feb 2009

Hi Jo Barnes, I remember you were in my year and I can just picture what you used to look like. Dental nurse now, well done. I'm serving in the Army after 24 years now living in Poole Dorset. I think Rod lives down here somewhere. I must dig out my concorda books to see if you are in it. Have you heared what happened to Mairi Gowans? Cheers for now.

Rob Dorning (B78-82)

3 Feb 2009

I have been asked by Celia to sort accommodation for the reunion in York which is in hand but I need further info from people. Please can you post my address and home number 01904 758194 so that I can provide the relevent details. I have provisionally booked 30 rooms but we require a rooming list by the end of Feb and full payment by 31 March, all cheques to be made payable to the hotel, Whitbread PLC, 2 nights will be £130 but we are thinking of room sharing which is why I need a room list and who is prepared to share and who will wish to have there own room, I am actually staying although I only live up the road!!!. My home address is 1 Cleveland Terrace, Huntington, York, YO32 9PD.

Sara Jane McAuley (S75-79)

4 Feb 2009

Hi all and to Sara..thank you. I agreed with Cecelia i would post message regarding reunion info, but you have done it, to confirm...6th June it is at Millfield Brewster, York. And the rest of info you have stated. Thanks for all your help So come on folks, now you know the deal, lets get booking and lets make it happen!!

Christine Harrison (B76-80)

4 Feb 2009

I am hoping that someone might remember me. My name was Marita Kennett at the time I attended Windsor Girls School. I am now living in Canada, and would like to hear from anyone who remembers me at that time. Thank you

Marita Derksen (C66-69)

4 Feb 2009

Hi Rob Dorning(3rd Jan)the name rings a bell but sorry can't put a face to it. Anyways cheers for putting a message on the board. If u can remember what i looked like wot 28 yrs ago man u got a good memory not changed that much just 28 yrs older Ha Ha.(don't look too hard in the concordia books)u might get a shock especially with wot we were wearing in those days!!!!!. So u'r in the army then good on ya hope u've enjoyed it probably served here,there and everywhere. U haven't put down if ur married(kids),single,as put in my message me single still lovin it. Sorry be back in a mo just gettin a call from the parentals who live in malta(at least they got nicer weather than we have)!back v soon. Hi back again feels like i'm writing an essay but u know wot its like catching up with peeps u haven't heard from in yrs. If u think that Rod lives down your way and u happen to bump into him sometime get him to get tappin on the keys and say hi. U mentioned Mairi Gowans wots happened mate don't sound too good? U should try and get some of the pics from concordia and get them on the sight so we can all have a laugh!!! Anyway take care mate tap some more keys v soon luv 'n' stuff jo x

Jo Barnes (H78-81)

4 Feb 2009

Come on Sean Cockcroft, John Gay, Scott and Denise Innes, York isnt that far - 2 hours by train from London! If you book early its about £30! Glad to see its coming together

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

5 Feb 2009

Hiya All. Am I to understand that it is now agreed the Annual Re-Union will take place in York date to be confirmed. Sombody please advise, as this would be much better than Edinburgh, certainly for me.

Clive George (H74-76)

5 Feb 2009

hi to Alan Savage please bring some pics of osnabruck with you

Tam Stephen (S70-74)

6 Feb 2009

Hi Everyone, It's great to see all the interest being shown for the seventies re-union, i'am hoping to be there, but the reason for this message is that i've noticed that the domain for Ex windsor has expired, are any of the main players from it on this site, and do they know what the future is for it, it would be a crying shame to lose it, All the Best

Ken Gleeson (B72-74)

6 Feb 2009

Hi Clive George and anyone else who hasn't got the just of it yet. sorry i've just opened a new business and have been so busy and have had Christine and Sara to dig me out.THANK YOU BOTH xx The reunion is @ the Millfield Brewster on 6TH June as Christine has stated above and anyone need info can contact Sara Marshall (mcAuly) on the post above. If you want to phone up and just book yourself Clive with card the ref numb is OKR103382 (windsor reunion ) ask to speak to pauline and book your one or two night stay !! there are 30 twin rooms booked but please let Sara know or e-mail me as well as Pauline (my e-mail is in januarys posts ) we are ticking names and rooms off when they have booked and also trying to work out room sharing so you can also state who you would like to share with or coming with you to share or if you want a room to yourself - so far everything seems to be going well. Any probs please feel free to contact myself or Sara. Tommy i will bebo you today and aye i got your Joke ...what is wrong with Edinburgh Clive ha ha ha !!! In York We also have a Bar/club who are willing to rope off the top part area for us all to be together for a good catch up thanks to Sara knowing the owner and anyone still feel twenty there are some v i p tickets to go to bigger club later on !!! take care and thanks for all the response so far,looks like we're in for a good weekend * hope this makes sense i've not slept for two nights ahhhhhhhhh !!! * Cecelia xx

Cecelia Begley (S74-77)

6 Feb 2009

Hiya Jo, Been away for a while and saw a few posts with my name on them. Rob is correct I used to live near him in Poole Dorset, but Ive moved on since then. I currently live in Hampshire and like Rob I am still serving in the UK Armed Forces (now on 24th year)I have just over a year to push out. Im in the middle of applying for the Australian Army,so I can continue to wear green to the age of 55. I was up your neck of the woods last Monday (Theale DVLA) trying to sort log books and other stuff out.

Rod Whitworth (B80-82)

7 Feb 2009

C'mon guys and gals, lets make this a good 70's bash!! We have VIP entry into the best clubs in York, hotel sorted etc. Ring or mail me 01904 758194 or, If not then please give Celia details as we need to get sorted. XX

Sara Jane McAuley (S75-79)

7 Feb 2009

Rod Whitworth and Rob Dorning - 24 yrs wearing green? Makes my 17 yrs as a Police Sgt seem like a long weekend ! I remember our first weeks in the dorm at windsor

Paul Valentine (B80-83)

14 Feb 2009

There seems to be a problem with the message post forwarding - until further notice please send anything you want posting to

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

15 Feb 2009

Calling all Antipodean Windsors, and maybe beyond. I propose to carry on the push for a Sydney Reunion 2009, possibly September, this is what the late Ian Pulford (bless you dear man) and myself were working on. If any of you lurkers or active members would like to contact me via the website for my email to get this up and running about you Glyn in Tasmania or Dave Naylor.....the original mini reunion gang of 3 ....can only get better eh ?

I attended the Blackpool, how about some of you retired or travelling Windsors think about coming over here would have a fabulous time, guaranteed !

I would be more than happy to lead the charge and/or work with others, to make this a really fantastic gathering in Australia........

Look forward to hearing from you all out there.....

Pam(ella) Fielding (Cann) (C62-64)

Sounds great - I may put in a personal appearance - BillC

18 Feb 2009

Hi guys. This is just a quick update on the reunion 5th and 6th June. Myself and Celia want you all to know that anyone from the 80's era is more than welcome but also to everyone that we need names of people who are definately attending and whether willing to share or bringing friends by the end of this month please. We want this to be a real great time for us all so let's get together again......!!! Let us know asap 01904 758194 or CC. XX

Sara Jane McAuley (S75-79)

18 Feb 2009

I e-mailed Ted Wickes son to find out about funeral arrangements unfortunately i couldnt make it to Preston on the day. Daniel emailed back and I thought everyone who posted messages would like to know that Daniel said he took all the condolence messages from the board, laminated them and placed them on a boquet of flowers for Ted`s funeral.

Lynda Mcallister

Thanks for the update Lynda

You should be able to post messages using the webform again. I am making some changes so is experimental for the moment but will work. - Bill

21 Feb 2009

I'm in Adelaide - although I was a long term Sydneysider - and would be interested in the reunion. The site has my email address and I'm happy for it to be forwarded to you.

Andrew Commons (B65-68)

21 Feb 2009

Hi Guys, I'm sure i recognise the name Rob Dorning. anyway back to the matter in hand, does anyone have a copy of the last Concordia? (it has a picture of an egle on the cover)mine unfortunately was destroyed in a minor fire. I realy would like to own one but if someone has one i could borrow then i would be very very grateful.

Gary Roebuck (M79-82)

22 Feb 2009

Anyone wanting to get in touch please do so. Joe Ajuice (Malta) if you out there drop me a line. Cheers Mitch

Mitch Ellis (H66-68)

23 Feb 2009

message: hi all especially christine harrison, just to up date you ,kelly roberts hasn't been in touch recently as she's broken her leg!! yes another disaster. so she Can't get to the computer at the moment, as it's at my house and she can't hop that far on her crutches!! if you have her mobile number, give her a buzz, but give her chance to hop to,it pardon the pun, her words, not mine! Well done on the reunion front chaps,hope it all comes togetherx

Julie Preston (E77-81)

24 Feb 2009

Sean and other ex-inmates, it might be a good idea for a visit, WBS days are possibly numbered or at least part of it. It was reported in December on that BMW-Autohaus Schmidt had finalised negotiations for the development of a showroom at Argonner Barracks to be completed by the Autumn of this year, with demolition starting early 2009 That said the article has since been removed from the site. Given the current recession in the auto industry, perhaps WBS has been spared for now. Maybe the members with contacts in Hamm could shed some light on the situation. Cheers

Original Article on

Vier Millionen Euro für Autohaus in der Mark

11.12.2008 · MARK Rund vier Millionen Euro beträgt das Investitionsvolumen für das neue BMW-Autohaus Schmidt, das am Hohefeldweg auf dem Gelände der ehemaligen Argonner Kaserne entstehen wird. Wirtschaftsförderer Eberhard Wiedenmann sowie Gottlieb und Susanne Elsässer, Geschäftsführer des Lünener Autohauses haben die entsprechenden notariellen Unterlagen unterzeichnet.
Im ersten Quartal 2009 sollen die alten Gebäude abgerissen werden; die Eröffnung des neuen BMW-Autohauses ist nach rund sechsmonatiger Bauzeit für den Herbst 2009 vorgesehen.

Phil McGregor (C73-76)

25 Feb 2009

Hello to all the Edingburgh girls. Iwould like to know if anyone remembers me. I was in the dorm with Debbie Smith, Debby Humphrey, Tracy Davies and i cant remember the others. does anyone know them? My sister was also there...Judy Howland. Im Caroline.

Caroline Scheele (E76-78)

26 Feb 2009

Hi Guys, I would be interested in an Aussie Reunion. Keep us informed

Carol Everett (H69-72)

If you can get this off the ground I may attend too. BillC

27 Feb 2009

Hi My daughter has just found this site for me cant believe it I was in stjames then got moved to the boys school. That saved alot of problems that was some size of a wall to try and get over.My sister was at windsor girls school to her name was Donna her best friend was Melanie King. After all these years I have just recently got back in contact with Sonia Trotman however i am trying to contact Louise Samson I used to go home with her nearly every weekend she stayed in osnabruck.anyone remembers my sister or me please get in touch.thanks Denise

Denise Tranent (StJ77-82)

27 Feb 2009

Likewise. I will travel north from Melbourne to Sydney. Good idea!!!

Graham Keil (B71-76)

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