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3 Aug 2009

Looking forward to the SYDNEY re union.To avoid the unfortunate mix up re the York mini re union can mobile phone numbers be supplied of organisers?

Graham Keil (B71-75)

A number will be posted on here soon, look forward to meeting you Graham - Bill

5 Aug 2009

Long time since i visited site! Big Hello to all that remember me.

Kev Jardine (H75-79)

11 Aug 2009

I am a lapsed member and have applied to rejoin. Found the site by chance and as I live in York was dissapointed to miss the reunion. I remember the name Mike Conboy who was in Caernrvon the same time as me.

David Cooper (C53-56)

11 Aug 2009

Just logged on here after a few months. Can I take the opportunity first to send sincere condolences to Jack Worrall and family on the very sad loss of Bernard, which I had heard about a while back. Best wishes to you all, from all the Brindleys.

Great to see messages from Steve Pleasance - "Pleaso" I think we used to call you (do you remember a guy called Mark Meade - don't know why I associate him with you?); Roy Bird who I remember - I think you were one of the few boys there when Martin and I arrived in 1969 who was still there 5 or 6 years later; Will Oxford - we saw your brother Greg in London about 10 years ago; Diane Merriss who I think was a friend of my sister Jane? - she has lived in Scotland for 15 years or so; Madlyn McPartland - I remember you and your (tall?)brothers; the Cooling family - Padre Cooling taught me A level RE at the Girls School in 1974/5; Scott Innes from that brilliant football team circa 1974 and of course Geoff Hern and Tony Fox - two of the best. Hope you are keeping well Tony. Not seen you for a while!

Sad to hear that some of the buildings at WBS are to go or gone but at least there will be some still standing if I ever pay a visit to Hamm after 32 years. Would like to go back just once. Jane thought about it this summer on her way back from S Germany but felt she did not have enough time to do it justice.

Simon Brindley (E69-75)

11 Aug 2009

Hi carol gibson was great to hear from you from what i can gather you live in andover or is it salisbury i cant remember who told me but would love to hear from linda hughes carol ambridge i met carol in tidworth years ago she was working in the naafi at the time my mum and dad settled in tilshead which is a little villiage passed the stones (stonehenge)and i am down there quite often i am living in edinburgh and i have two petrol stations thanks for replying and look foreward to hearing from the rest of you

Carol Gurr (H75-77)

11 Aug 2009

At last someone from my era!! Am still hoping to see a message from ex Sandringham students especially Jackie August.

Ellen Gill (Geyer) (S54-58)

11 Aug 2009

Forgot to mention earlier Colin Keil - do you remember the school trip to Norway in a couple of landrovers in 1975 - with Mr Tottingham(?) I remember your older brother John. We used to call him "squaddie Keil" coz he had a reputation as a hard man. Was it true that he once had 5 or 6 german lads come after him and put four of them in hospital - or was that just a story? Also Steve Pleasance, I remember Spook McGookin and Kev Newman. Kev Newman once told Mr Backhouse that his name was "Rodney Marsh" and Mr Backhouse called him "Marsh" for the rest of that term

Simon Brindley (E69-75)

19 Aug 2009

Hello to Simon Brindley, in reply to your earlier message I was beaten up by Mark Meade and Sam Weller on my last day at WBS because I was writing to their girlfriends - or some such excuse, received a good right and broke my nose. I did play a few times in Goal for Edinburgh House and still play 5 a side in goal today every Thursday, We have a yearly game with a team from Meissen Germany they host us one year and we return the compliment the following year. Suffice to say the game is now only a small part of a boozy weekend. Kev Newman lived for Man. City and Rodney Marsh he hero worshipped, Kev like "Spook" McGookin were good footballers and I think made the school 74 side. If I recall you also played in that team- or am I wrong?

Steve Pleasance (E71-74)

20 Aug 2009

Hi everyone from this time at wbschool its been along time, what you all up to? by the way Scot is still married to my sister Denise, 1973-2009. x

Stephen Pegram (H73-76)

20 Aug 2009

Peggars, realy good to see you here marra, been patiently waiting for you and like you say, s'been a long time.

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

21 Aug 2009

I am trying to locate my old dorm mates Brian Taylor, Richard Wistow, & Ged Harvey. I was at WBS 1967to1970 Miss Strudrik was our matron And Mr Hodges was housemaster Also Mr Rogers lived in the other house flat.

Terry Mcgiveron (S67-69)

22 Aug 2009

I saw a few names i remember looking on this site i would like to get in touch with any one who remembers me Alison Dyson i think that might have been me in that photo with Trevor i was good mates with him Chris Epps get touch with me been along time.

Kevin Brown (B74-75)

22 Aug 2009

I was disappointed to have missed the last re-union - as I hadn't realised my membership had lapsed and was unaware of the Blackpool event !! I have now enquired about re-newing my membership so I can get back on track !!!!!!!! Hi to all who knew and remember me . I was in Sandringham S.65 from 1970 to 1974 and formerly Deborah Clucas - and my brother Ian Clucas - people used to call us "Cluckie". Love to all xxxxxxxxxx

Deborah Clucas (S70-74)

23 Aug 2009

I wasn't at the Girls school for long but I do have happy memories of my time there. Hillsbrough House with my sister Maxine Gardner.(my maiden name) in dorm 312 to start and then 206 Hope someone remembers me xx

Dawn Gardener (H71-72)

29 Aug 2009

Message to the Barnes brothers - I have a few pictures left of friends from school and you and Shane are on them. Shane clowning around with his long blonde hair! Don't know whether you remember me. I was in Hillsborough, friendly with Jayne Rowlatt(Edinburgh, and eventually became head of house in my last year. I was in Stratford earlier this year on a school trip with my daughter (now 11) small world. We live just outside Reading. I hope you are both well. Please say hello to Shane and hopefully bump into you at one of the next reunions.

Loraine Holmes (nee McMillan) (H73-76)

31 Aug 2009

I was w.g.s in 1974 to 1976. in edinburgh house. would dearly love to catch up with old housemates and anyone else who might remember me

Sharon McGregor (E74-76)

31 Aug 2009

Quick hi to Steve Pegram, nice to see you on here, hopefully meet up at the next reunion!?

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

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