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1 Sep 2008

Hello all, Sorry for the delay in responding, but my wife and I have just gotten back from seeing our eldest daughter off to her first Semester at University (I'm too young for this, I tell you!). I sent Mr. Fox an email separately, but my kids (both girls; 14 and 18, by the way) are quite certain that he has remembered the wrong student!

Hey Madlyn! I got an email from your brother Dan a couple of years back, but he never responded to my reply, so I figure that either my or his email spam filters got carried away or I responded to a bad email address or something. If you will send me his current contact info, I will try it again. I also heard from Tom and Anne Holliday, but it has been quite a while since we were last in contact. My brothers Gregg and John and our sister Beth are all doing great; all married and all with loads of children (it's a total zoo when we try to get everyone in the family together under one roof).

I also remember you Graham and thanks for the kinds words about us "Yanks". From my perspective, I definitely feel that we got the better end of the BFES bargain. My family are sick and tired of hearing me extoll the virtues of my Windsor education! And, of course, they remain absolutely convinced to this day that I have invented the concept of a hair or uniform inspection as a scare tactic! Ahhh, those were the days!

And not to forget Mr. Hearn as well! How I remember those long, painful (for you, not me!) sessions in the Maths block. I must admit, though, I think that I can still remember my multiplication tables, so your efforts were not necessarily all in vain...

It's so great to hear from people that I knew at the "Old School" after all these years. The good news for me is that you lot are all so much older now that (most of) the really stupid things that I did back then have long been forgotten (I hope :-). Keep those cards and letters coming!

Wil Oxford (C71-77)

1 Sep 2008

Please contact me if you know me.

Helen Jones (H79-82)

2 Sep 2008

Hi, I remember you Nat Tanner. We used to play for Edinburgh House rugby with Paul Sambrook, Ady Cummings, and a few other names which i've forgotten over the years! would be great to catch up with some more of the late 70's and early 80's people at the next reunion. Remember some other names too and if anyone remembers me, then please get in touch.

John Falcus (E78-81)

2 Sep 2008

hello to all former WGS students. Those were the days. I remember WGS with fondness. I was at WGS with my sister Brigid between 1973 and 1975. My Dad was Padre Cooling. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers us, especially Nina Ball. Lost touch with her a long time ago and would love to see her again. Thanks and hope you are all getting on well. Just saw a post from Wil Oxford. You probably wont remember me . Hello! I knew Denny and Brian Barlow also, friends of yours I think. How are you? Love Tessie

Tessie Cooling Edwards (B73-75)

3 Sep 2008

Hi to anyone who may know me or my sister Shirley, both from Edinburgh House. I remember a few names and faces from previous reunions and look forward to catching up at the next one. I married a Windsor boy and we often have a laugh at the times we had at school! Look forward to catching up with Rob Overd and Andy Q very soon. Think i know you Helen Jones. Did you go to Derby Middle before WGS? Or the discos at Blacker Bks in Osnabruck? Did you have blond hair? Anyway, if anyone remembers me, please get in touch.

Alison Falcus (Olde) (E79-80)

3 Sep 2008

Its been a while since my last post on the site. I was due to leave the forces in April however Im still wearing green and am posted just outside Salisbury for the next 2 years. I recognise a few names that have been posted, but to be honest there seems to be less and less people from the 1980`s leaving messages. If anyone remembers me please post a message on the site.

Rod Whitworth (B80-82)

4 Sep 2008

Hi to all does anyone remember me get in touch if you do.

Geoff Gravener (M71-74)

4 Sep 2008

Thanks Will, I must say that your short note did provoke a reaction of gratitude to WBS.I am sure that we all had our favourite and impressionable techers depending upon personal dynamics, however I am sincerely indebted to Mr.Fox and Mr Carey. Their impact has had a sustained influence to a lesser or greater extent, on why or who I am.I can still recall an awakening from my educational slumber. You could find things out by looking them up!!!That was/is a marvelous underated skill.Together with 'Jesus Christ Superstar'...'Whats the buzz tell me what is happening....', the monumental kindness of Mr Carey, patience and encouragement all encased in a lot of 'class'. Our children are about the same age. Gemma and Sam. Gemma works in Dubai with Emirtates Airlines, and Sam is still at Uni, (although he plans to work in Aspen on the ski slopes @$4.00 an hour!!!!)I think he drinks a days work in an hour! In some ways I ahve the best and the worst of jobs. In Victoria SE Australia, we are advised that there are 400 (no typo, 400 langauges spoken). Croation and Serbs,Jews and Arabs, Afghans and Americans all seem to co exist effectively well. That is the multi cultural theme works in Australia, although there is deep shame attached to the handling of Aborigines. It is in that context that I operate. Frankston is the court house in which I sit. The juridiction is limited to 5 years jail(same time as I spent at WBS). Although Australia is suffering a little re world downturn, it is sustained by a resources boom in Western Australia. So my juridiction is Frankston. It is a veryAnglo world with a lot of upset who have not 'made' it. Prob' the capital of stabbing incidents. Most if not all are alcohol fuelled. 1616 road fatalities in Aus last year. For every one death there are 10 who are permanently maimed (whether that be brain damage or not). Having to deal with that case load I do appreciate the tools provided to me by Mr Fox and Carey and I did appreciate the cosmopolitan approaches to life that WBS offered. Literally I must now move to the Bench and deal with more crime.Anyway I have the reasonance of 'Concordia' to assist. Thanks agian. Or as they say in Oz...Good on you!!

Graham Keil (B71-76)

5 Sep 2008

I can't believe it Geoff Gravener after all these years? We knocked around together for a couple of years in Marlborough and back in Osnabruck, then I met Denise, who is now my wife. I calmed down a bit and you went on to become slightly more wild than I ever was. Hope you have settled now mate and life is good for you?

Scot Innes (M73-76)

6 Sep 2008

Food, Anyone else in the sixth form remember doing your level best to stay at the Girls school for lunch? And stockpiling bread for the toaster back at the dorm

Dennis Reeves (E78-81)

9 Sep 2008

Hello Rod, thought I would reply to your note as it was only posted a few days go. Haven't posted any thing on here for quite a while. Not many of the 80's crew seem to post messages, perhaps they just read them. Perhaps you could email me, I would love to catch up on what you have been up to. On another note I remember the food like it was yesterday the hot chocolate and cakes, and the saturday & sunday breakfast in bed, we would race to breakfast pick up bacon in a roll and race back to the dorm and bed.

Andrea Kean nee Barnes (B80-82)

13 Sep 2008

HI i was in caernarvon house from 74-77 my three brothers were in balmoral Mike Paul and Rob. I am looking for Sharon Bellchambers Janette Sims/carlin and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Christine Wilson (C74-77)

16 Sep 2008

hello scott remember well. ime doing ok now living in spain building swimming pools,but took a while to settle down. i cant believe i was told not to come back to school. never looked back.

Geoff Gravener (M71-74)

19 Sep 2008

Cathy Adams and I have just spent a few days catching up after sporadic contact since leaving school. It had been 28 years since we had seen each other and ver two days owhat giggles and memories hdid we share along with a racous phone call with Dave Edmondson very late in the evening after one sherbet too many! So to all of you out there that post messages or send the odd text message but but get jittery about meeiting up with old friends; DON'T. If you are only a short (or maybe long) journey away from each other, sieze the bull by the horns and meet up. It's wonderful, reliving old memories is great but so is getting to know each other as adults, and trust me you won't regret it......

Kelly Roberts (E77-81)

20 Sep 2008

Hi every one. I do not come on the site very often, but I am trying to contact anyone from 1974 to 1977. It's Chris Epps here, I was in Balmoral from the dates mentioned and I just wanted to say hello & catch up really. Nic Cuthbertson, I have lost your details I'm afraid but was saddened to hear about your loss. Hope you and the girls are keeping ok. I know some 30 years have now past but memories of the old school and RAF Laarbruch still come flooding back on occasion. They were really 3 of the best years of my life. Anyway before I gabble on, hope to hear from someone who may remember little old me.

Chris Epps (B74-77)

21 Sep 2008

Can't believe Kelly Roberts posted a message with so many spelling mistooks!!!! Up until recently Kelly was a P.A. to a chief executive(with a fairly good brain,her, not him!!!) Unfortunately, Kelly had a rather long spell in hospital with an illness called Viral Encephalitis, not to be recommended! Her short term memory is shot to ****, but her long term memory is fab, so beware! With true windsor style, the patient in the next bed to her was a windorsite,(not sure what house, but could remember CONCORDIA words) how bizarre, but was really good for both of them! So for future reference, doesn't matter where you are or where you go,there's always someone from Windsor not far from you!!! If anyone has a moment to spare please have a look at the encephalitis website P.S Kelly is catching up on her typing skills! Still suprised at the lack of messages from late 70's early 80's people

Jilie Preston(nee Roberts) (E77-81)

23 Sep 2008

I went to windsor girls in, I think it was 79' to 81. My brother was Bruno Maddran and sister is Gina Maddran, as you may guess, my name is Patty Maddran

Patty Maddran (?79-81)

24 Sep 2008

Hello everyone, I have returned to this site after a long absence. I was moving offices and came across my old Windsor material and enjoyed a long coffee break reading those old Concordia magazines. I have the Edinburgh House year photo for 71 (or 72?) on my notice board and often reflect on what everyone else is now doing?

Steve Pleasance (E71-74)

26 Sep 2008

Hi, If anybody out there remembers me, drop me a line.

Ray Ovenden (M69-74)

28 Sep 2008

Hi Kelly, And thanks Julie for keeping us updated, sorry to hear you have been unwell....hope recovery goes well. I am very aware of the condition, worked with several people in my time with same diagnosis. So you met up with Cathy, you will have to send me her number and yours by way, have been to York many times, usually every couple of ill pop in and see you, drive you mad,might even bring some choccies and flowers...i'll think about it lol but until then, get well soon and hopefully i will see u soon. Hello to Chris D, Steph S, Angie and Maz B, Sheryl B. Much love to all Chrisxx

Christine Harrison (B77-80)

27 Sep 2008

Thanks Chris, You may recall me, but I certainly remember you. The name rang a little bell however when you said little 'ol me, that secured it. Thirty years is a long time!! Hopefully they have been good to you and that the best are still to come.

Graham Keil (B71-76)

29 Sep 2008

Just been having a look at the messages, sorry to hear of your illness Kelly I hope your recovery goes well. Hope you are well also Julie and thanks for letting us know. Hello to everyone one else who might remember me especially Chris Lancaster, Angie & Maz Barnard, Julie Tibbs, Jackie & Sheryl Blackmore, Chris Duxbury and anyone I might have missed.

Steph Southall (B78-80)

29 Sep 2008

Message to Kelly Roberts, sorry to hear that you have been so ill, hope you are now well on the road to recovery. My other half and I have moved up to the West coast of Lancashire now so I will hopefully be able to pop over and visit you sometime in the near future, I lived in York for a couple of years before dad was posted to Germany so should hopefully be able to find my way, if not I'll let the old Traffic Master do it for me. I will get in touch as soon as I'm properly settled, take care of yourself. Also a big hello to Chris L, Angie and Maz B, Steph S, Julie R and anyone else that I may have forgot. Hope to see you all at the next Reunion.

Chris Duxbury (B78 - 80)

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