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3 Nov 2008

Notice to all new members awaiting Membership Packs

Please accept our apologies for not sending you the Windsor Society membership pack containing all the Newsletters to date and the Membership Register before now.

Our printers have had severe technical problems (not least the loss of the electronic versions of the Newsletters) that we thought would have been solved long before now and hence the reason for not sending the packs.

I am happy to say that we are now in possession of some of the Newsletters (No’s 15 – 26 inc) and they are being sent to you this week together with the Register of Names & Addresses and the Windsor Society Magazine. I hope you have a good time browsing through these in the hope you find someone you know and to rekindle some memories of Windsor School.

As soon as the remaining Newsletters are printed, we will send them to you.

Doug Pruden (S61-63)

3 Nov 2008

I know there was a reunion in Blackpool in 2007, but as we approach 2009 (33 years since I left WBS!) is there any plans on the horizon to hold another?

Also, has anybody got any contact details for A.J Wheeler, Karen Smith or either of the Dinger Bell's???

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

4 Nov 2008

Calling Ian Pulford...can you send your new email address please, sent a message and it bounced - need to talk about the reunion in Sydney Australia next year ...Thanks

Pam Fielding (Cann) (C62-64)

4 Nov 2008

Hi Nic nice to see u back on the message board pal n hope ur doing well x Aye i was @ reunion last year and if its 4 yrs again its a bit eh a bummer eh. me n all the girls have been talking about hooking up so miby we could all arange to do a wee reunion. I was with Senga a couple of weeks ago and we had a good laugh (that was our first meeting in 30 yrs ! ) was brilliant and just seemed like yesterday we were last in Osnabruck .we can have a wee think about it and see how it goes take care xxx

Cecelia Begley (S74-77)

6 Nov 2008

I attended a couple of reunions in London in the mid sixties, then i moved to australia. I have been backto the uk some twenty times since 1968, and was back just a month ago. I have often wondered about Windsor and people that i met whilst i was there, Pete Leggett, Kevin Goad, Nick Goad, jeramy Loccatelli, and house master Mr White, and of course Frau Giesafeld, to name some of them. My house No was m18, the other thing was that then Windsor was a co-ed school and had yet to be split.

Brian Still (M56-59)

9 Nov 2008

Looking for Dawn Bradley, Julie Reynolds , or anyone who remembers me would love to hear from Dawn so if any one can help i'd be grateful.

Christine Wilson (C74-77)

9 Nov 2008

Hi to all the 60's students, good to see we have all woken up again after a short lull (maybe all having nana nap's). All going well here down under in Perth. I seem to remember Christopher Hill as my number was B11..., can't remember the rest. If anyone is travelling down to this part of the world please let me know as a few coldies would be quite appropriate. I'm sure my email address is gettable from this site. To John Fielding (Rev), it would be good to see you down here also if you ever decide to travel this far.

Kim Taylor (B63-64)

9 Nov 2008

I attended the school from B67/69. I remember the Balmoral house master at the time who had a bad habit of grabbing what little bit side burn we had at that tender age and twisting it so you were standing on your toes, all the while talking very slowly and asking why you had been up to no good. I also remember him making the whole house stand in the day room all day long for a misdemeanour some lad had done but never owned up to. One lad that I remember is Glen Pickering, one minute we were getting on the next we'd be at each other's throat's. Wonder what's happened to him?? My form teacher was Mr Griffiths. I'm afraid with the passage of time I've forgotten most of the boys in my house. I remember a science teacher who had a habit of sucking mints and holding his chin when explaining something to the class. Also, the music teacher, a young guy who had a beard. In both cases though their names elude me

Tom Murphy (B67-69)

10 Nov 2008

Great memories, anyone remember me ?

Marilyn Wakeman (S65-67)

13 Nov 2008

Any Windsorites riding motorcycles in South Wales?
A few rideouts might be in order! Bill C you still got your BMW?

John Fisher (H65-68)

Hi John, Suzuki DL650 Vstrom & Moto-Morini 31/2 in my garage at the moment. - BillC

14 Nov 2008

Hello to Chris Hill, Paul Roper, Kym Taylor and Tom Murphy, good to see some sixties boys back on the board, my house number was B118 so we were not far apart, who could forget Dick Jolliffe, he was a bit of a tyrant, as far as the teacher that Tom Murphy referred to i think his name was Syd Lowe, he used to grab you by the ear and say "what's going on here" and really liked to whip out the trusty Dunlop Volley and give you a good spanking for any reason leaving one to drown in your own tears in your bed, for some reason being out of bed after lights out was a heinous crime, oh well, we did survive, i have a group photo taken in June 1966 and onother from 1964 which clearly shows Matron Frau Kellermann and the staff at that time, hard times but good times with friends i will never forget. keep posting, i managed to track down Doug Presant who is now resident in Brampton Ontario, thank the lord for Google!

Ian Pulford (B64-66)

14 Nov 2008

hi stumbled across this site nice set up was @ caernarvon house september 80 to september 82 can only remember gary roebuck and richard trotman but if anyone else can remember hi was one of the 2 people out of two dorms that did'nt get the cane for leaning out the window after lights out banging on the next dorm window with a broom handle and one of the mates teddy bear on the end of the broom o memorys eh

Philip Hendry (C80-82)

18 Nov 2008

Hi Cecelia, good to hear from you too! I couldnt make the reunion in Blackpool for personal reasons, but will make the next one. If you want to put a mini reunion together in Edinburgh or near I'm up for that. Lorraine McAinsh lives near Edinburgh, as does Jock Carroll and wee stilly! I'm sure we could drum some others up and have a 70's mini bash! You up for that, plus anybody else.........???????

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

19 Nov 2008

Hi, Steven Turner. Can't say I remember your name. Always was bad with names. But the names Brent Manuel, David Dilly I do remember as they were there when I was and shared a dorm. A few other names that spring to mind were Mark Gill, John Gay, Bob Mccormick, Steve Pegram, Steve Arnott. Me and my big brother both stayed for a couple of years.

Clive George (Dubba) Bob George (H74-76)

22 Nov 2008

It has certainly been a while since I last visited this site, and unfortunately have lost touch again with those that I had previously made contact with. Anyway hello to all, and hopefully we can get back in touch. Also wanted to say hello to Rob Gooch, your sister Karen and I used to hang out together in Berlin. Also to Ged Bottomley, not sure if you remember the Fletchers, but we lived on the same street and we used to hang out with your sister Susan in Chester (our Mum's were friends, please say hello to your family from us). Nice to be remembered by Sammy Cleland, I certainly remember you, always happy and full of life. Jeannie

Jeannie Godfrey (Fletcher) (M75-78)

23 Nov 2008

Hallo to anyone who may remember me. Some of you will be aware that last year, I lost both my parents, Peter and Margaret Kitchen. Peter was housemaster of Marlborough House from 1962 until we left Hamm in 1981. Mum had suffered from Alzheimers for 15 years before finally passing away last February. Dad had been her prime carer for all of that time, visiting her every day when she finally had to go into a nursing home. He very suddenly and totally unexpectedly, collapsed and died last August. In their memory, I decided to raise some money for Alzheimers by taking part in next year's London Marathon. I need to raise $2000 for my charity place so if anyone would like to make a donation to this fantastic charity, I would be extremely grateful. You can see my picture and make a donation by visiting It would be great to reach this amount and give a bit back to the fantastic people who were such a help to us all during Mum's illness. Here's hoping you can help-thanks in anticipation!

Virginia Street(Kitchen) (M71-79)

23 Nov 2008

Nic, glad to see you back mate, a mini reunion in Edinburgh sounds good, my missus is an Anglicised sweaty and she recently went back there to scatter her dad jocks' ashes oer bonnie Scotland. Hi to Clive George (what happened to Hywell?) get your big bruv Rob on here would love to meet up with him again. Jeannie, there you are, was beginning to think i'd lost ya, good to see you back as well, a few of us went back to Berlin a couple of years ago and John Gay and i visited the army quarters in Kladow where we lived, hasn't changed a bit, have also become friends with your sister Carol on Facebook.

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

23 Nov 2008

Hi Folks, especially; Glyn Johnson, John Nightingale, Rose Hill, Ralph (Green Shield) Bennett and big sis Chris. Dave Hodgson, Christina Smith Fred Rogers and Margaret Hardman.....a blast from the past? Nice to see you are all still able to speak coherantly...age you know does funny things. Anyone who I have forgotten I apologise to in advance..age again! Hope to attend a reunion or two.

Iain (Sandy) Sanderson (E65-68)


29 Nov 2008

many happy memories, many lost friends. would like to contact a few.

Sue Leitch (StJ69-72)


29 Nov 2008

hi virginia just made my donation to such a good cause . your dad was my house master while at windsor boys school. i always found him to be fair while strict god bless you

Billy Whitefield (M72-74)


29 Nov 2008

hi to all who remembers me just read virginia streets request for sponsers to such a good cause . so com on everyone lets make sure she reaches her target . iwas at winsor boys school for two great yrs if anyone remembers me please get in touch 72 -74

Billy Whitefield (M72-74)


30 Nov 2008

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me - maiden name Sandra Ann White. I have a photo of me and two other girls Alison ? and Pamela Brown.

Sandra Rummery (B65-69)

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