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6 Jan 2008

Message to Kev Brown, drop me an email or call me. My details are on my charity fund raising page. Thanks for sponsoring me.

I'd like to take this opportunity thank everybody who has sponsored me, we are well on our way to acheiving out goal of £50,000 for breast cancer patient care. It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that my wife, Mandy lost her fight against breast cancer on November 21st 2007. She never gave up the fight, never asked "why me?" and smiled to the end.

Information about the charity, what we are doing and why was published on this forum last year, but is for anybody else who wants to donate. Nic

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

9 Jan 2008

Nic, here's to remembering all the good memories you have of Mandy.

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

10 Jan 2008

Ella Fielding has sent in some pics of the very first and short notice Sydney Reunion, a great time was had by a very small but enthusiastic group of ex-windsorite. Maybe some of us will travel to the next one, who knows ..... Click here for the pics

Bill C

16 Jan 2008

This is a big HELLO to anyone who remembers me and my big brother (ROB). I would love to hear from any ex dorm mates who shared the year and a half I was there. Reminds me of Tom Browns Schooldays. A few names have come up during my research on the site. Dirk Burton. Brent Manuel. Dave Dilly. Some of the older boys in my brothers age group. Bob McCormack. John Gay. Steve Pegram. Steve Arnott.(used to pick on me). And not least of all yes you - Sean Cockcroft. Apologise for not replying back in Sep 07, I have only just got to grips with this sight and registered. Please feel free to either contact me over this site or direct to my Email Address supplied.

Hywel George (Now known as Clive George) (H74-76)

27 Jan 2008

Sean Cockroft, have managed to get to another comp that is all wired up to the tinternet. Any chance of meeting up with Grog, Bruno Sallyanne Phill and some others for a drink (or two) in London in the near future? Would be great to catch up with everyone again, seeing as I last saw you all in Germany. Cheers

Ian Mynott (M71-74)

27 Jan 2008

I was at windsor girls school and one year when it became a mixed school.

Bettina Nicholson (C78-82)

28 Jan 2008

Interested in meeting online old friends from 1966-1968. I was house captain of Hillsborough 1967-68

Julian Gatt (H66-68)

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