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1 Feb 2008

Looking for Katie Streeton - my best mate!

Trudy McCaffery (E65-68)

3 Feb 2008

Ian marra, a few of us (Grog, Steve Mayne and Steve Dipper) had a meet up in Richmond before Xmas, pity you were'nt online sooner, we touted the idea of another Hamm recce later in the year. will keep you posted mate.

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

4 Feb 2008

Sean & Co, Never mind about the last drink, will look forward to the next one. Let me know in plenty of time as I now live in Lancs. Could always give a ring (Steve Maine has the number). Will be byself as my drinking partner (Pete Lambert) is in Canada at the moment Cheers

Ian Mynott (M71-74)

4 Feb 2008

To Julian Gatt. Julian, I remember you along with Julian Wells. I shared a dorm with your sister Suzanne and Jenny Wells, we all used to travel together on the train from Berlin. Would it be possible for you to put me in touch with Suzanne, I'd love to catch up with her. By the way does she still like Mick Jagger?... Regards

Lynda Leslie (Barber) (E66-68)

8 Feb 2008

Babs Lloyd, saw your message (Sep 07). If you still have my email address then please get in touch again. Are you still in US. Is Jackie still in London. It would be nice to meet up with her the next time I visit. Anyone know the whereabouts of Kathy Field, Linda Little, Dianne Bullock, ???? Griffiths (senility setting in)from Berlin early 70s. Also Harridence sisters?
Drop me line anyone who remembers me.

Les Caffrey (E69-72)

13 Feb 2008

Not posted a message for a while,gez gilmer lost your email address

William Henry (H71-74)

13 Feb 2008

Hi to everyone just like to wish everyone a great Valentines day. Remember we used to buy our cards from that little shop down the cellar of the boys block. I think it was the only time of year the post man had lots of mail to deliver!!!!!!!!Us girls used to sit in the common room after roll call to see who got Valentine cards and try to work out who they where from !!!!!!!!! Hello to Richard S glad to see your still around,also to all the Edinburgh gang. If anyone comes to Mallorca on hoilday and wants to go for a coffee and talk about the good times just let me know,ill meet up with you,or passing my village"Colonia San Pedro", north of Mallorca Bye for now Tracy

Tracy Tudball (E79-82)

13 Feb 2008

willie henry nice of you to join us again, i had loads of email addresses for you but last computer crashed and burned so have no way of retreiving, if ever you decide to head south mum and dad would love to see you again, and i`m sure we could supply free drinks for the duration, have a great time on the 25th and enjoy the haggis,

Gez Gilmer (M73-77)

14 Feb 2008

hallo leute,bin in deutschland geblieben. wer kennt mich noch

(Hello people, I stayed in Germany. Anyone still know me?)

Stuart Hooper (M74-76)

15 Feb 2008

hi willie remember me dougie's bro how are you im still living in livi

William Whitefield (M71-74)

15 Feb 2008

hiya Gez Gilmer,not seen your folks since the eighties, hope they are both well. are they still in colchester or have they retired to the emerald isle, please pass on my best wishes.

Willie Henry (H71-74)

16 Feb 2008

hello to anyone who was in marlborough house from 1961-63
my name was sandra hernon i am now a smith.i now live in scotland (fife)

Sandra Smith (M61-63)

21 Feb 2008

only a snotty 11yr old at the time but very fond memories of time spent before returning to uk.

Norman Killeen (H58-59)

21 Feb 2008

Hi Tina Kirby, thanks for the message via Friends Reunited. Yes, I'm a grandma - how strange it feels. Oddly enough, it's quite invigorating to be a grandparent as opposed to making me feel old. His name is Harry and he was born on 12 January weighing in at 7lbs 15oz and I was lucky enough (not sure if that's right as it's quite a traumatic experience) to be with Samantha and Ashley when he was born, and of course he is the most beautiful baby on the planet!! I will pop a couple of photos on my FR profile so you can have a look at him. Hello to anyone else out there who remembers me - hope all are well.

Kelly Roberts (E77-81)

22 Feb 2008

Hello Willie Whitefield,its been a long time, how are you and what have you been up to for the last 33 years, I am living in Ayr at the moment working at HMP Kilmarnock, moving to the new prison at Addiewell when it opens in December.Whats Dougie doing these days? Just been trawling through old messages and I am even more confused now than the last time I looked. Hiya Scott Innes Hows life and what are you up to these days? whats become of people like Elana and Carol Buchanan? and their brother who"s name escapes me, Paddy and Kevin Keegan, Steve Pegram,any idea? Do you come to Edinburgh at all? would be a hoot to catch up

Willie Henry (H71-74)

24 Feb 2008

Hi Will Henry, how are you now a days? Not heard from you for some time! Hi to everyone else. I've just been for a visit to Janice (Lewis)and this young lady(50 this year I believe, isnt it Janice?), is going back into her younger days and going to see (of all people) The Osmands. Janice just remember a lady of your age should not under any circumtances be throwing underwear at band members. Have fun though and see you soon

Alan Savage (C71-74)

24 Feb 2008

just been switch on to internet for first time. still trying to work things out.whould b interested t c if anyone remembers me nd my brothers.james,victorand scott.go on give me email.

Willie Donaldson (S74-77)

25 Feb 2008

Hello, I was a 1st year back in 1979.Same year as Sharon King and Tracy Cooper who both left messages on this site years ago.Would love to get in touch with anyone who remembers me. Met Carol Fletcher and Julie Mullen back in 1993 but have lost contact. If Karen Newton ,daughter of Mr. Newton (my old maths teacher ever logs on) please get in touch.

Stephanie O'Kelly(Fear) (B79-81)

26 Feb 2008

Haven't renewed my membership for a couple of years. Was in the 6th form 72 - 74. (Chris Smith) Still trying to find Lynette Noble who was my best mate and I think she was in Hillsborough. We got caught in a pub by Mike Sarney, fag in one hand and beer in the other. Both got demoted as prefects ... not much has changed since! What's Nick Pedley up to these days? Last time I saw him he had hundreds of kids. Smutt where are you. Geezer? Linda I shared a dorm with you, but can't remember your last name. Would love to hear how everyone is getting on, now that we are in our 50's ....

Chris Westwood-Smith (B72-74)

Chris, would you please email me with your email address as it was cut off.

Would you please make sure that your email address is correct when using this book also if you would like to join us. I have had a number of requests for info which I cannot reply to. Long email addresses can get cut off so please add them to the message text.

Thanks BillC

27 Feb 2008

Willie Donaldson, how are you? god knows how long its been, is James still in Germany, where are you now? Alan Savage, Blackpool was the last time, missed the last reunion but going to make an effort for the next one, when might that be? anyone know.

Willie Henry (H71-74)

28 Feb 2008

Hi willie all doing fine.james still in germany must b 30years hes been there.iam living outside edin,place called gorebridge,victor in falkirk,scott living in roslin outside edin.what about yous.just got in touch with m.stillie remember him.cheers for replying.

Willie Donaldson (S74-77)


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