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1 Aug 2008

Here is a topic that will generate some comments i am sure, FOOD, we were forever eating it seems, i remember some form of meat loaf that was served, strangely enough i enjoyed it but god knows what was in it, gaffers pie or what ever it was called. buns and cocoa before bed, butter submerged in water and a strange primordeal brew called tea? or was it coffee? or maybe toffee because it was the same regardless of which urn it came from, vivid memories as a 1st year being at the end of the table, food started up the top with prefects etc and what was left is what you got,bastards! does any one remember the introduction of the cafeteria system? must have been about 1966, the cloak room on our floor was converted to a servery, heaven !!! i think i actually began to put on weight, to prefects Mike Hogg etc. i did not suffer any drain bramage due to malnutrition and thank god for tuck parcels from home.

Ian Pulford (B64-66)

1 Aug 2008

I seem to recall that the delicacy referred to by Ian Pulford was in
fact affectionately known as 'Gaffers Brick'. I personally enjoyed it
and have, for many years, engaged in an almost Holy Grailesque pursuit
to discover the recipe. So, if there's anyone out there who knows what
ingredients went into the 'Brick' please let me know.

Rick Licence (C64-66)

2 Aug 2008

Like to hear from Dave Bagwell and Joe Ajuice last known to be living
back in Malta

Mitch Ellis (H66-67)

2 Aug 2008

Food? Is that what it was called? The only time we saw Food was on a sunday for breakfast. If you went to chapel, (or more likely as not, hid from prowling prefects), you could claim a delicious brekky of real eggs, buttered rolls, cornflakes, sausages etc. Otherwise it was that most nutritious of gloop, porridge. Every bloody day. Jungle juice and 'jam on bread' for tea. 2 slices. Stale. Finest WD margarine circa 1943. Cheese straws for mid morning break. Mmmm, I can taste them now. No really, I can still taste them! Best of all was the supper cake and cocoa. The cake was dry, (read cream cracker dry) and the cocoa was really one of Baldricks concoctions, liquified mud with dandruff for sugar. Happy meals..........Unfortunately, not MacDonalds. And, more often than not, we would have to wait for our cordon bleu til that nuclear warning siren was finished shattering eardrums and making passing old ladies dive for cover and tots to wet themselves uncontrollably. The thing I do remember with some fondness is stealing the bread out of the dining halls and putting them on the radiator alongside pre-heated cans of beans or spagetti, and having a midnight snack. Always a good way to make money too....Oh yes, I nearly forgot. Packed lunches. Hahahahaha

Nige Hoar (S71-74)

3 Aug 2008

Great to read Tony Fox`s comments and see Dr. Carey`s name mentioned. I remember him well as I was one who suffered "Hamm Air" when I first got there and I`m sure he administered a series of injections to reduce my "Hay-Fever-Like" syptoms!

Rae Mitchell (nee Clevelry) (M77-81)

5 Aug 2008

I was ex Plon and was only at WBS for just over a year and then went
to Kings at Sundern. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Richard Cox (M59-60)

7 Aug 2008

Been a while since I logged on ,so, was sorry to read of Mr. Thompsons passing . Was a privilige to jam with him back in the day ,and he taught me a lot about music,and life . Good to see Mr. Hern so active on the site,and want to thank you for your belief that I could get my O level in Maths ...finally did on 3rd try ...For you RHYNERN Yanks -I have a dvd of the 1000 year anniversary of our fine ole town...had it a few years, but was just this year I got it transferred from Euro format to something a US player could make sense of . Would be glad to dub and mail any of you a copy should you want to see it. Sylvia - saw your message finally - The abyss was strangely quiet for a while,but recently swallowed a pickup truck and a 4-wheeler ...luckily all climbed out alive.

Bruce Kolesar (C67-71)

9 Aug 2008

Hello to all former students of windsor, This is my first time on this site. My name at school was Lorraine Winder, so if anyone remembers me and wants to catch up, that would be great. Looking forward to it.

Lorraine Mitchell (Winder) (E74-76)

9 Aug 2008

Well, I was surprised to read Nigel's comments about food at WBS in the 1970's. Maybe we were luckier at the Girls' School - better cooks? Anyway, I remember the food as being mainly very good, other than "rice and jelly mould", when we all pretended to have notes from our mothers/doctors stating we didn't need to eat the rice. As for Farmer's Breakfast - we had a different type than the boys, apparently, and even better was French toast and beans. Fish and chips on a Friday, great - and cream buns on Visiting weekends, to make up for those of us not going out with parents. When I recall my days at Hamm, it was non-stop eating from breakfast, via mid-morning bun and cocoa, lunch, tea-time, supper and buns before bedtime. No wonder I'm the size I am today! Best wishes Pam

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

13 Aug 2008

I have just found this web site (after some prompting by a former WBS student who got in touch with me) and it's really great to read messages from some of the people that I remember from way back. Bruce Kolesar, if you still have a spare copy of that Rhynern DVD, I would gladly reimburse you for a copy! Mr. Fox, I don't know if you remember me, but I still recall your 1AEF classes with great fondness to this day (and it's somewhat depressing when I figure out exactly how many years ago that I am reaching back for those memories!). I am still surfing through the various postings, but I was also a piano pupil of Mr. Thompson (much to his chagrin, he might have added) and I was sad to hear of his demise. I would love to get back in touch with anyone whom I knew back then. I will dig around for some old photos that I am sure that my parents must have squirreled away somewhere over the years and see about posting some of them. Cheers!

Wil Oxford (C71-77)

14 Aug 2008

Farmer's Breakfast, absolutely yummy. And as for French Toast and Beans, thats made me want to rustle up some tonight. I do remember when I reached lower 6th I could have a kettle in my dorm with an emersion thing to put in it. Used to boil eggs in there at night after lights out. Only problem was the smell of eggs used to waft all the way down the corridor. Happy Days.

Jean Cavanagh (Cooke) (B65-68)

16 Aug 2008

I have just heard of the sad death of Patrick (Paddy) Bourke (Sandringham House c64-68). Pat died on the 30/07/08 but I have no other details. Pat was well liked and had many friends at Windsor. He still has a page open on Friends Reunited so some of you may wish to go there to leave your messages of respect. Paddy and I got into a few scrapes together and I have fond memories of a cheerful young man with the world ahead of him. As with many forces friends it is easy to loose touch as did Pat and I but for a brief contact in 2006. I believe Pat was involved in the Falklands and first Gulf War, perhaps someone can enlighten us.

John Fisher (H65-68)

18 Aug 2008

Dear Wil, Great to hear from you after all these years!Yes,I remember you - teachers tend to remember the best and the worst of their pupils and you were one of the former, one of the best! I'm glad to learn that you have fond memories of 1 Absolutely Fantastic and it's true your particular group were memorably friendly, responsive and able. I still have some photographs of us up in the attic room opposite the Catholic Chapel. I'm retired from the chalk face,of course,but have developed my interest in wine. I give talks,tastings and write a regular wine column for a regional newspaper.What are you doing? It would be lovely to hear from you. Do get in touch. Every good wish, Tony.

Tony Fox (E67-81)

19 Aug 2008

I remember farmers Breakfast,it was great.As was French toast,which my kids also loved but called it eggy bread.Still would love to get in contact with Linda Creighton (Cracky).If anyone knows or is in contact with her please let me know.

Jane Helps (StJ67-70)

21 Aug 2008

Hi;i remember this school very well though it was just about 1 and a half years in all.The memories of this school never seem to fade;my father was in the RAF at the time and i even remember the train journey from Goch to Dusseldorf and then on to Hamm what a trip that was.The day i left was a sad one saying goodbye to many friends but i was going back to the UK to work.Now i am going to look to find some of the pupils or teachers that were there when i was,and how much fun it all was.

John Beeby (S77-78)

21 Aug 2008

For those of you who would like the recipe for Gaffers Pie also known
as Farmers Breakfast or auf Deutch BauernFruhstuck
take a look at this link.

Enjoy it is simple to make.

Malcolm Brunsdon (E67-69)

23 Aug 2008

Hi to all who remember me...I have posted on here a few times but not for a while. I was known as Lofty at school, though it pains me to mention that word, how i hated it and still do to this day...i wanted to comment on the food at school. At the time i was there the Chef was Mr Dunn, a cheery larger than life character that provided us girls with the most delicious food i have ever known at any school. We had a cafeteria bar, wimpy bar, curry nar, roast bar and salad bar and that was just lunch....and i have had the good fortune to have a Master Chef as a Husband and have continued to enjoy good food to this day, so i raise my glass to Mr Dunn and his crew for the provision of execellent nosh!! Cheers Christine

Christine Harrison (B76-80)

23 Aug 2008

Hiya Lorraine Winder!!!!

I wonder if you remember me???? We were really good friends at WGS and I have so many fond memories. Some not so fond memories too!! I have been trying like crazy for nearly two years to find you for a catch up. (32 years worth). I hope you get in touch. Would love to hear from you. Hope you remember me. x

Pat Innes (nee Aris) (E74-76)

25 Aug 2008

Hi to all who remember me. To answer Christine's question, I remember the Windsor Girls food very well, how we did'nt pile on the weight I will never know. Chris, I will be in touch soon. My other half Kev and I have moved up North now, been here for 3 days and still unpacking but it's still nice to be in a new home. I've missed all the moving about and different postings but forgot what a headache the packing and cleaning could be. Would like to see a few more messages from the late seventies group, where have you all gone? Signing off for now, things to do.

Christine Duxbury (B78-80)

26 Aug 2008

Will Oxford how is your family? I remember your brother Greg. You guys
hung with my brothers and I. My husband and I live in Knoxville Tn
and have had 4 sons. The last one just left for College.

Madlyn McPartland Mottern (S69-73)

26 Aug 2008

On the subject of food the girls were lucky to have a good chef Mr Dunn we were always well fed especially all those lovely cakes at tea time. Hello to Chris Lancaster and Chris Duxbury and anyone else who knows me.

Steph Southall (B78-80)

27 Aug 2008

Hi Madlyn and Will. I recall you both. I think Madlyn and my sister Sheena were good friends. Well done on 4 children. That is a large family nowadays! Regarding Will, I also recall Greg as well. The Amerrican crew really made a postive impact on Windsor. Everything was so exciting and novel. The clothes you wore, and the quality of your 'gear' was great. I did hear some bad news re Bo O'barr sister, who was the best died at a very young age of 21.! The yanks really did add inspirational spice to our collective lives!!!

Graham Keil (B71-76)

27 Aug 2008

great to see all the comments about the food! Seem to think that Mr Dunn was the catering Manager and not actually the chef chaps! We should all be enourmous and have massive BMI's with all the food we ate, happy days! shame Mr Dunn didn't do the catering at the Norbreck Castle in Blackpool, as i seem to remember, this was a topic for disscusion when we were all eating!!! Never mind, we all made up for it with the alcohol we washed the food down with! Yes the alcohol was so much better! Where are all the late 70's early 80's people?

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

27 Aug 2008

I wonder if there is any-one that remembers me from those times. I spent a lot of time doing musical things ie. in the Senior and Chapel Choirs and I ran the House Shop. Miss Keene was our housemistress and Mr. Evans my form teacher.

Nicola Bullen (StJ66-67)

28 Aug 2008

Just come across the web site. Spotted a few names I remember from my days in Edinburgh house, in the days of Mr Riddle. Paul Falcus and old Quigley stand out. Keep up the work. Cheers

Nigel Tanner (E76-80)

28 Aug 2008

Hi all hope alls good i'm in touch with most of my friends and still looking for a few,does
anyone know or heard from Senga Boyd i think she was in Balmoral. we were really good pals from we were about 8 up untill when i left W.G.S would be nice to get in touch :) Celia xx

Cecelia Begley (S74-77)

30 Aug 2008

Peter Austin Hines (see Jul 2008) - I don't think you were in my class. I think you were a year ahead of me. However, I remember your name in connection with boxing. Tony Flower was our coach. You may remember John Shepard, Jimmy Quinn, Tony Greegan and a trip we did to Hannover (I think) to box against a German school. Regards,

Bob Stocks. (H54 - 57)

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