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4 Sep 2007

Hi Angie Dunmall, Saw your msg from earlier this year, only found the site today. I was scanning for early 70's and couldn't believe you were there. Went to a couple of reunions in the late 90's hoping to see you. Remember me?? Anyone else out there remember our years? Anyone from Gatow/Berlin, would love to hear from you, especially anyone who remembers the train!

Babs Lloyd (S70-73)

5 Sep 2007

Anybody remember the meningitis and TB scare? I was so scared. Whats every doing nowadays? would love a reunion.

Jill Bredder (B??-??)

6 Sep 2007

Hi Nina, I have tried to send you emails but it keeps coming back saying it has not been sent, hopefully we will be able to get in touch again before the next reunion. Hoping to meet up with Sue and Michelle Jennings before the next one. I look forward to hearing from you again.... How are the bees !!! Take care Love Christine

Christine Ost (M77-78)

7 Sep 2007

I attended Windsor School in the early sixties between 62/64. I have just come across the Windsor website by chance and it has jogged a few memories. My name then was Beverley Patricia Cadman. Our dorm building was the one on left as you came in through main entrance. The only name that I can remember is Melissa Butler and a prefect with same name as myself Beverley. I will join the membership but will have to do so through my daughter in UK as I now live in West Cork, Eire .Thank you for bringing back some unforgettable memories. Kind Regards

Bev Coates (Cadman)(?62-66)

10 Sept 2007

Did everyone survive the meningitis scare? Anyone remember 'Saffie' and Fiona and "FLAPS"!!!

Jill Bredders (C??-??)

13 Sept 2007

My sister Sue Clark attended WGS in 1975-79, my sister Audrey attended 76-80 and I attended 77-81(all of us in Hilsborough House).Do you remember any of us? Our brother Graeme (Begsy) attended WBS from 1974-78.

Jackie Clark (H75-79)

13 Sept 2007

Wow. Passed through Hamm the other day on a unforeseen detour en-route to work,which inevitably brought on a mass of good memories from the "old days". Googled it,found this site and ....gobsmacked..what can i say.? Recognised some old faces and names that brought smiles to my face.Rodney Whitworth,Richard Slaughter(i know where you are Rich,ill give you a bell ;)),Mike Milne and many others. I'm now working as a Logistics & Customs Clearance Advisor for a Firm in Germany, to be honest less than 20-25kms from Hamm.I have two kids, a wonderful sexy german wife with an extraordinary sense of warped British Humour and a Dog which thinks it a cat. In a way we will always stay young!!!

John Doherty (E78-82)

17 Sept 2007

My sister, Isobel, and I had a wonderful, if short (like most) time at WGS and WBS in the mid '60's. She was in Hilsborough House, me in Sandringham. Would love to re-connect with those we had great times with but cannot remember! Oh the '60's " If you can remember it, you weren't there" (C - Mick Jagger).. Sister Isobel was/is great fun and was very sensible (still is - but likes red wine), and had lots of cute friends, and has been to reunions, even - and knew people..! We all went to Hamm for the reunion some 10 years ago, with Matron Kowler (?) and the delightful Matron Shidloff (?)and the wonderful Mr and Mrs Wylie, and the society boff's - who really do support the memory of the school, and make things happen.. Anyway, should any of the Sandringham mob of that vintage still have any faculities left - leave a message and say 'hello'. Me, I wish I could reel off the names like many of the posters on the site - it is very disconcerting that you all can..! Most of us, I believe, lead what is called a CRAFTY existence - Can't Remember A F******* Thing... However, WBS and those years in Germany were outstanding.

Charles McCutcheon (S65-67)

18 Sept 2007

John, Hello hope life is treating you well out there in Germany. I havnt seen or heard from you for over two decades, I was posted to Germany for a few years first up north in Celle and lastly in Sennelager/Paderborn and returned to the UK in October 2004. Im still married (19 years-you get less for life) I have two daughters 18 & 14 and two dogs (border terrier & British Bulldog - who thinks hes a whippet, this has cost me an absolute fortune in vet bills). Im still in the forces posted in southern England (Dorset) but the family are up North in our own property, so its a bit of a hike commuting every two weeks or so. My mum is still in contact with Pete & Mary infact they went across to Manchester a couple of years ago, unfortunatley my Dad passed away last October , but mum is coping well as my brother lives near by with his girlfriend and young daughter. Not sure how you are able to get hold of my email on this site? would be great to catch up, my job takes me to Germany quite frequently. All the very best.

Rod Whitworth (B80-82)

18 Sept 2007

Hi Rod. Great to hear from you ,its been along time. I spoke with your mum (Boy,has she got a strong Irish accent!)in March this year,after the death of my younger sister, Lorraine.Hard times. She cheered me up a lot and of course we also spoke of you and Glen.I.m sorry about your Dad, my old man mentioned it.Hes still gutted. I take it you are heading for the big 22yrs service!!! Not long to go,eh. Myself. I left after "Op Granby 1991" after getting injured (pretty funny actually) bumbed into an imbecile of a Depot WO2 in Germany, proofed him wrong ,on several occasions and of course my marks started to slide downhill. I left after 9yrs. I'm in the process of putting my WS membership in.I take it that is when we can confer per email, mate.

John Doherty (E78-82)

20 Sept 2007

Hi Tommy Grany Stephenson, I was in Sanfdringham the same time you were, don't know if you remember me, Ray Birrell, was a friend og Don McRitchie, Ian McRitchie and Dave McRitchie, and also Pete Kenyon, Ann Kenyon's brother, they should bring back a few memorys for you, long time eh, no doubt some of the teacher's remember them as well, expecaly Ian, he was in the school athletics team, Pete Kenyon and I used to go to Coufeller's in the town alot, some "shipping" orders to fill out, hehe, I don't have any pictures of us at that time, but I do remember them quite well, mind, so dose the whole school, well, at the time they did, anyway Tommy, hope to hear from you soon mate, ok

Ray Birrell (S67-71)

20 Sept 2007

I know and understand why personal email addresses are removed from the web site, but would ask if the following 2 email addresses (websites) could be an exception. or

Mandy, my wife of 25 years has battled breast cancer for the past 14 months, but it has now spread to her liver. She now has a few weeks to live. 10 of us are walking the Inca Trail in Peru to raise £50K for breast cancer care. If you can make an exception, and let people see the page, and maybe sponsor me a few pounds for this worthwhile cause, I would be eternally grateful.

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

21 Sept 2007

Nic mate, I am so sorry to hear this tragic news, It must have been torture writing that message. I am almost in tears myself, I reckon I would go crazy if this were to happen to my wife. So I hope you can be strong for her and yourself. Good luck on the walk mate and as soon as I've checked the website details the money is in the post marra.

Sean Cockcraft (H74-76)

21 sept 2007

Nic, I am so sorry mate. I cannot imagine the pain you are going through. Denise and I will be thinking of you both every day. Good luck with the walk. We will go on website over the weekend. Take Care. Denise and Scot

Scot Innes (M73-76)

21 Sept 2007

Phyllis Cousens....... are you there? Wondered if you had gone awol? ....... Pam (ella) in Sydney

Pamela Fielding (Cann)(C62-64)

22 Sept 2007

F.A.O Pamela Fielding Hi did you have a brother called Ian?

Paul Roper (B63-64)

22 Sept 2007

dear nic/mandy thinking of you through these difficult times, donation on the way regards

Gez Gilmer (M73-77)

23 Sept 2007

Message for Nic Cuthbertson, Nic, your message really touched a nerve. Your sister Jill and I were close friends at WGS. I was very fortunate to have survived cancer of the womb last year and can only imagine what you and your family are going through. I will sponsor you without hesitation and know you will find great strength and comfort from those around you. All the best and please pass on my best wishes to Jill.

Pat Innes (nee Aris) E74-76

24 Sept 2007

Hello Nic and family, Nick and I will sponsor you, we will do it later on tonight, we will be thinking of you and your wife and your two daughters, keep strong and good luck on your walk, you will manage without the beers, but I am sure along the way you will find some local brew. All our love Nick and Denise Meyers.

Denise Meyers (H72-78)

24 Sept 2007

Hi Everyone... its the Allerheiligan kirmes time again in Soest shortly....Is anyone else going apart from melinda Berry, Linda Markham.. Graham Maners ..Rob wright...... you guys all know who you are).. Are you going Keith Askew and your brother???? Does anyone know the whereabouts of Petra Savage?? Debbie Clarkson from Werl????

Jakki Manners (C75-81)

26 Sept 2007

I would love to see some photos of the school, dorms, Rear playing field with the old range bullet collector/Butts. Also whatever happened to the Year photos for Hillsborough that used to line the house corridor walls?. I would dearly love to have a copy of one with me and my brother in them. If this could be arranged I would be over the moon.

Hywel Clive George (H71-73)

26 Sept 2007

Nic, Mandy and girls - followed the web links and let the plastic flex a bit (hopefully enough people will do the same to help you achieve the top of your fund). Wish it could do more. Our thoughts are with you all.

Kelly and Julie Roberts (E77 - 81)

27 Sept 2007

Hi Hywel, are you the same Hywel George who is the brother of Rob George? If so, I was in contact with Rob a while back when I first joined the Society, but soon lost contact. Is there any chance of getting him back on here? PS I have a Hillsborough house photo from 1975/6 with both you and Rob featured so your dates of attendance are somewhat out i reckon ;-)

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

29 Sept 2007

Just to say hello to anybody who remembers me, and to Pat Aris oops Innes. We keep in distant touch ha ha. thanx to all who have responded to my brother and his promise of no beer for 8 weeks, go Nic x. who knows, maybe next reunion will be for me, x

Jill McKechnie nee Cuthbertson (E73-76)

29 Sept 2007

looking for my class mates in particular carol dalton (day girl ) and sandra wilton who was in same dorm i see she is member here. i live in london and i am now an eye surgeon would love to hear from you.

Theresa Richardson (S75-77)

30 Sept 2007

I was a student at WBS during 1970 to 1973. I was in Canaervon House, and I believe Mr. McKay was out House-Master. I have fond recollections of WBS, and would be interested in catching up on any past students of that same era. I recall some students :- Ivan King was a good friend, and there were the Cottee brothers (Americans) who, if memory serves me right, their father worked for the Dupont factory. I think the older brother played in a band that played at school dances. Others I can only recall nicknames; Blockhead, Jock....Music was Led Zep, Cream, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, David Bowie. I played goalie for the school football team that was combined with a local German boys team - Westunnen (sic?). There were night raids to local orchards - scrumping, and days exeats spent getting beers in some Hamm "pub". There was the tuck shop across the stret from the entrance. The memories start to flood back, but would be interested to hook up to others of the same period. Kind regards

Ian Turner (C70-73)

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