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1 Oct 2007

Hi all, Glyn Johnson here (E148). It's been a few years since I checked this site and I've just applied to become a member. I now live in Tasmania (the small island at the bottom of stop The Antarctic) I've seen a couple of references about SHAPE and the TEE. (Kin Taylor B63-64 & John Bartlett S62-63) I also used to travel from Paris on the TEE so we must have been traveling companions...the seats folded down to make a very comfortable 'platform' As I've been reading the visitors book, things are starting to come back. Playing in the hockey team, trying to get an old VW Beetle to go, learning to sail on the Mohne Dam, being in the choir and going on those yearly (I think) trips to Stratford On Avon. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Does anyone have the street address for WBS. Trying to find it on Google Earth, or maybe someone has the exact co-ordinates

Glyn Johnson (E62-68)

2 Oct 2007

Hi Paul Roper (B63-64) Sorry, no brother by that name
Cheers and good luck - Pam (ella)

Pamela Fielding (Cann) (C62-64)

3 Oct 2007

Hi Glyn Johnson(E148)...sorry don't know you, but good news to discover another Winsdor School person in the Antipodes. There are a few of us but I dont think there has been any kind of getting together, logistics are a factor ...Tasmania is a fabulous place...have been there twice! I recently went to the Blackpool reunion... eventually I met someone I had known, so it was worth the journey ! Cheers Pam (ella) in Sydney

Pamela Fielding (Cann) (C62-64)

3 Oct 2007

Coordinates for Windsor Girls':
Latitude: 51°41'25.43"N - Longitude: 7°51'34.65"E
(takes you roughly to the swimming pool)

Windsor Boys':
Latitude: 51°40'43.84"N - Longitude: 7°51'14.98"E

Enjoy! It was great fun looking for them, also almost every quarter we have lived in (those that I have addresses for)
Best wishes Pam

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

4 Oct 2007

would like to hear from any one in the good old dorm coca cola sales team John Rankin smudger Keith jenkins or Dick Jolliff our house master or any who knew me

Tony Strickland (B62-65)

4 Oct 2007

Glyn Johnson I played in the school hockey team on the right wing, do you or anyone else have any pictures of the team. I travelled on the train from Berlin my dad was stationed at Gatow

Ray Wilson (B63-68)

5 Oct 2007

Thanks for the co-ordinates for the schools...I found them, it was great to zoom in and remember what I was doing in each building. I tried to have a look for WBS and remembered a canal but I picked the large one not the smaller one that I used to walk my girlfriend along (name unknown) I remember having Wednesday afternoons off...must have been a seniors thing. It would be great to know where we've all ended up. Is there a chart or anything that shows how many of us are in each country. I guess an Antipodean reunion would be very hard to get going, although even Perth to Tassie is less distance than going to the UK. I wonder how many of us there are 'down under' including the Kiwis. I'm coming up to Sydney for a few days early November and it would be really good to meet up with someone. Just remembered, looking at the canteen building brought back memories of bromide and porridge.

Glyn Johnson (E62-68)

6 Oct 2007

Hi, just been browsing through the site and found Helen and Paddy Docherty, I knew them both from school and Vehrte near Osnabruch. I would love to hear from you both.I'm also trying to contact Shirley Morrison or her younger sister Monica. It would be lovely to hear from you all.

Christine McKay (Austen)(M76-80)

6 Oct 2007

Good to see some of the 60's students on here. Also good to hear that there are a few of us 'down under' and it would be great to be able to catch up with a few of you one day. I have come across a couple of Windsor Boys here in Perth, one form the 50's and one from the 70's. I will try to search for a few names on white pages. One name that I remember has appeared and that is Dick Jolliff. Does anyone remember my sister, Jenny Taylor from WGS in St James, she now lives in Gloucester (now Jenny Benbow).

Kim Taylor (B63-64)

7 Oct 2007

Found the site by accident but has brought back a few laughs and nightmares.

Barbara Richmond (S65-67)

7 Oct 2007

Hi Jakki Manners. Is Linda Markham the same Linda who was captain of the school netball team?

Ramona Sinton (Reid) (H75-77)

7 Oct 2007

Hi there, Kim - I have a feeling of deja vue - I'm sure I have answered this query before! Yes, I remember your sister Jenny, we shared a dorm. I hope she is well. In fact, there are some pictures of her on my website :-) Perhaps she may come to one of the reunions some time? Best wishes

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

12 Oct 2007

Hi all anybody remember me. Caernarvon if memory serves between 75-77.lived in Berlin.Nickname Fido.Real name Robert Gooch (Goochie). Remember a few names but memory not so good.Sister Karen Gooch at Wgs cant remember which house though.Time at WBS was great ,just found site and spent Hrs going through all the messages. Even with my memory i can remember a few of the names that were posted in the messages.

Robert Gooch (C75-77)

14 Oct 2007

FAO Robert 'fido' Gooch. Mike Price, Frank McCarthy and I were only just talking about you at the Windsor Reunion last June and wondering if you would eventually show up. In fact, I am just going to phone him as soon as I have typed this. You used to sit on our table in the dining
hall I recall.

Mick Hughes(C74-77)

16 Oct 2007

John, Im planning a trip to Germany in late November/early December will most likely be staying around the Sennelager/Paderborn area for the duration of my visit. Would be good to catch up and go for a pint or two, I will confirm nearer the time what dates I will be in Germany.

Rod Whitworth (B80-82)

17 Oct 2007

trying to get intouch with John Lynch. John if you see this message apologies for not being intouch i,ve a bit of a nightmare this year (be glad to see the back of 2007).Hope your family are ok. If you do see this message contact the society to ask them to send you my personal information i.e email address and phone number. last but not least hello to any old school mates out there that remember me

Garry Maddran (C77-80)

17 Oct 2007

Hi Glyn, wonder if you and anyone else might like to meet somewhere in Sydney in November when you come up - would be interesting to see if we might have a mini Windsor Fest...seriously though, I would certainly
make the effort to arrange a meeting point...keep in touch

Pam(ella) Fielding(Cann) (C62-64)

18 Oct 2007

Hi Christine McKay (Austen), wow was thinking aboutyou a few weeks back. dont know if Kelly Roberts will be able to give you my email address. i hope they do it would be nice to catch up

Helen Lunny (Docherty) (E77-??)

20 Oct 2007

Hi Pam. I'll be in Sydney from the 5th Nov to the 12th, would be good to arrange something. I won't have a car but will be staying in the CBD, probably at a place next to the Capitol theatre, just off George St in the Haymarket. I'll have my mobile with me but can't put the number here.

Glyn Johnson (E62-68)

22 Oct 2007

Jeannie Fletcher, where are you? as George McCrae said, It's been so long ;-)

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

22 Oct 2007

Hi i was a pupil at wbs from '79-'81 i was in marlborough house with my 2 other brothers i was wandering if there is a house photo from 1980 availaible, thanking u kindly

Lee Hamlet (M79-81)

Anyone in the Sydney (Australia) area who is interested in a short notice mini reunion between the 5th and 12th of November this year please contact me using the visitors book and I will put you in contact with the organiser - BillC

22 Oct 2007

I've just seen a name i knew well Mike Hogg, we were in same dorm ,ccf same form. how you doin bud. Remember when we were on a ccf camp trip,with a handcart full of gear,we had the local press going when we told them were touring germany from england with the cart.Like to hear from you and others in our gang

Tony Strickland (B61-65)

22 Oct 2007

Nice to see a few more 60's posting - Tony you have brought back memories of those CCF mini camping trips, one particular that I went on with 2 others ended with us trying to build a raft to float sedately back to school - naturally it sank as soon as one of us tried to board it. And what about those field days at Sennelager I clearly recall talking some squaddies into taking us into the attack atop a massive tank then eating those lovely tins of meat and veg....

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

23 Oct 2007

I met Mike Hogg in Berlin in the eighties. He was an RMP if I remember rightly.

Larry Bawden (B62-64)

25 Oct 2007

Chris Duxbury - I'm not ignoring your message, I'm just not signed up to Friends Reunited - maybe you could contact me through one of the front pages on this site. I know it can be done but just can't remember how (cyber biff!!). Chris Lancaster - I had your email address from the reunion but can't find it and would love to keep in touch. Rob Overd
- I answered your email but it either didn't get through, you thought twice about replying or you have dropped off the planet?!

Kelly Roberts (77-81)

Kelly, have passed on your email and can do for any other member - Bill

30 Oct 2007

Hi Mick Hughes, How you doing. Sorry about late reply but been away for a while. Been looking on the other site at pictures an all that of the re-union, looks like I missed alot of fun up there have to make the next one.If Mike and Frank read this hi to you both. Silly question Mick have you got any photos off anybody I might know around that time(or any off me) as memories shot to pieces and photos better than my memory.Seen some pics on the other site off people I do remember and its nice to see. Work tomorrow speak to you later.PS dates changed when I was at WBS thanks to Sean Cockcroft these dates are Kosher.They are 1976 to
Late 1977.

Robert Gooch (C76-77)

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