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1 May 2007

Michelle Jennings, I shared a dorm with Sue and have many embarrassing photos of her and others such as Lindy Kirby, Carol Hughes & Jacqui Foskett (who I'm sure she will remember) with an assortment of boyfriends of the time.

Joy McCourt (Stephen) (S73-76)

1 May 2007

Hmmm...interesting reading!! first post and I can't even fill it in I just can't remember the details! I know I started off in Caernarvon - but was apparently just far too well behaved to stay there and was shifted to the top floor of the block with Ms Barnett in charge??? Heeelp! Can't remember exactly when I was there either - think it was between '76 & '79. Hennyways - does any remember Debbie Robinson? If you're around, I'd love to hear what you've been doing all this time

Tina C. (nee Vickers) (C76-79)

2 May 2007

hi cecelia...first time on the site for 3 years! haven't decided yet about reunion....great to see your message....hope we'll catch up soon..tina.

Tina Redford (kirby) (S73-79)

2 May 2007

Hello Mich Jennings, Silly me forgot to put my name at the end of the last message.... Hope you can make it to the school reunion maybe you can get Sue to come to. My brother Kim and Maz are going, and as you can see from the site lots of other people. Glad that your have surfaced, maybe now you can give me Sue's email address. Kind regards

Denise Fletcher (Meyers) (H72-78)

2 May 2007

AAH Sam Connop,Your name rings a bell i tnik we were in the same english class in the 4th year and then im sure you lived down the road from me in bulford when I had joined the army also your sister Lisa too was thier remeber bumping intoher in Salisbury town centre on saturday. I hopefully will be coming too as will be back in country then and will stay at a mates hopefully that weekend. See all you 80s crowd their.

Rob Wickings (S80-83)

3 May 2007

Hi Tina
what a surprise!!!. i was so pleased to find you at long last, i tried friends reunited and any one i knew to try and find you, even sent your sister an e-mail but i take it she's no longer a member on f-reunited i've got a couple of photos of us on my page (remember from when we were dancers in the play dido n anais ha ha )theres actually a good one of me you and Michelle Kewley. Do you still hear from Lesley? I lost touch with Sandy a long time ago but i am still in contact with a few old friends. I hope you can go to the reunion that would be great and there are allot of "70 going this year.Hope lifes been good for you ?!! I'm fine and look forward to catching up "can you believe it 30 yrs" ...owch scary eh ha ha ha !take care. celia xxx

Cecelia Begley (S74-77)

3 May 2007

Hi Joy, More names and people I can remember.... Lindy and jacqui aswell. I dont have any pictures from my time at Windsor so please consider posting the ones you have on the site?!

Tony Reilly (M73-76)

3 May 2007

Where are all the lads rom Balmoral ie.P.Rowsell (Rastas)
Paul & Ted LivingsBrian & Danny Bethel? Pollack and all those i cant remember

Roy Robertson (B63-67)

4 May 2007

A quick message for Mick Hughes, Frank ,myself and my two brothers- in-law (Billy & Dougie Whitefield) will be attending the re-union...dorm 2 is looking good at the moment!I wonder if any of my old dorm inmates will be there? Scott Ferguson, Michael Lamb, Steven Forrester,Anthony Knight, Kurt Graves, James mackenzie, all spring to mind. Although I've serched I've found little or no mention of any of them...WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?Later!

Tom Mc Carthy (Paddy) (C71-76)

4 May 2007

Hi to all who may remember me. I shared a dorm with Mike Kincin and remember Kingy. My sister went to the girls school. She was called Helen. Sorry to Bobby Galagher as I cant make reunion due to going to Bulgaria. Wish everyone all the best and hope to catch up one day

Paddy Docherty (M74-78)

5 May 2007

Great to see that the 70's crowd are being more active and many going to the reunion.Mike Kinchin - Will be great to see you at reunion - is John going also ? My sister Sharon is in the process to becoming a member so both her and my brother David will be going to the reunion. See you in June Noddy

Mark Holder (M73-78)

Hi there I am Janice Simpson I used to attend Windsor Girls School in Hamm Marlborough hse , I am writing to ask you if you could possibly put my website address down on the blackpool reunion page for an alternative b/b for people wishing not to pay the Norbeck prices, have a good stocked bar and is open very late , will do special offers for the ex windsor address:

6 May 2007

The Members List page has been updated today. Please use your Id number when booking for this years' reunion. Bye for now...

Doug Pruden (S61-62)

6 May 2007

just joined the society. Roy "robbo"robertson remember you well from our days. can you forward email address to talk about the old days

Ray Wilson (B63-68)

I have forwarded your email address Ray.

6 May 2007

I have been persuaded to attend the reunion this year. Is Avril Hoy and kerry Shipton going? Also Su Henderson from Hillsborough House are you around and going? See everyone there. By the way Denise Fletcher and Loraine McMillan you are both rotters as your ploy to get me to go worked!!!! Loraine I will now be a pain in your side driving up with you so don't think you have got off lightly!!!

Carol Gibson (H73-77)

7 May 2007

Dear Carol (Gibson) To late to back out now. All booked and ready to go. I will just pull the old head of house voice if there is any nonsense! Looking forward to it.

Loraine McMillan (H143) (H74-76)

7 May 2007

Hello Gibby and Lorry, (Well done Lorry our plan worked, great team work) Gibby this time round will be good fun. Avril Hoy is thinking about coming have sent her all the details. Kerry Shipton has other plans this year. And Sue Henderson have not heard from her, has anyone? Caroline Ambridge is coming, so is Chris Ost and Jane Keith so a few people we know. Right! Gibby won't say another word about the reunion apart from Gotcha!!!!!! And Lorry keep her under control Regards

Denise Fletcher(Meyers) (H72-78)

7 May 2007

I am Martin Pulford and was a student at Windsor Boy's School in Hillsborough between 1966 & 1969. Thoroughlly enjoyed my time whist at WBS and made many friends who I am afraid to say have never met since. This website has brought back some excellent memories especially the photographs. My father was in the RAF and was based in RAF Laarbruch. In response to another old Hillsborough student, Malcolm Malone, who has left a message on this site, long time no see. Hope this is the Malcolm I remember.

Martin Pulford (H66-69)

8 May 2007

Occasionally I browse the visitor's book and noticed a posting from Terry Leahy. Wondered what your are doing with yourself these days Terry and if you have any contact with the other Caernarvon Heavies. I did go to 2 or 3 reunions with Geezer, Sue Waite (Mooney) and a few others but have sort of let things drop a bit. I also occasionally see Angie Dunmall's name appear who I remember well.

Brian (Paddy) Hawkins (C71-73)

10 May 2007

Hi all - is anyone in contact with: Karin Makin (Edin Hse), Lesley Fryer (Sand Hse), Sarah Marshall (Sand Hse), Jeanette Simms (Bal or Hil Hse), Theresa Richardson (Sand Hse) would love to know if they are going to be attending the reunion. Hi to anyone who may remember in contact with: Cec Begley, Derek Webster, Janet Stubbs, Michelle Bradford, Mike Ismay and Phil McGregor - am looking forward to seeing you all next month. Does anyone remember me?

Sandra Wilton (S75-78)

Reunion Update

Bookings for the reunion are going really well with representation from all years. A brochure and booking form has just been posted to all members, including those who have already booked up (no need to email me!) Bob Jordan our Chairman, advises all past pupils and staff wishing to attend the reunion to book(and pay) now. The closing date for bookings is the 1st June. This is a date set by the hotel. Be there, book now.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

10 May 2007

Hi to all,great looking into the site again.Mark Baldwin if I had known before i would have visited,Ive just got back from Sunderland(Premiere here we come).Im still in Germany but would really love to move back home,getting old and tired.Have to dissapoint a few(sorry Chris)wont be able to make it for the reunion,but I do hope you all have a great fling,Hi and hi again to all who remember and know me.

Paul Falcus (E77-80)

11 May 2007

post on the site at annual intervals in the vain hope that i begin to remember anybody. The bromide in the cocoa ,itnr and exeats are all that remain in the back of my 40 something brain along with the names of various windsor reprebates all of which are probaly in prison and whom certainly wouldnt be able to operate a computer. The reunion is it open to none members? as im sure my sister juile would like to come.

Andy Tibbs (H76-80)

Andy, The reunion is open to anyone who went to Windsor Schools and also their non-windsorite guests so if your sister wants to go thats ok

14 May 2007

Paul Clough If memory serves me right you were a fanatical West Ham supporter in Osnabruck..? If thats still the case congratulations on staying up....!

Rod Whitworth (B80-80)

15 May 2007

Just a message to say hello and hope to see afew people I know at the re-union, can't wait! I saw Andy Tibbs message, I hope Julie come to the re-union it would be nice to see her again.

Steph Southall (B78-80)

15 May 2007

Hi again,

This message is mainly for Paul Falcus, really sorry to hear that you can't make the reunion, I was really looking forward to seeing you and catching up on the last 26+ years. Are John and Debbie still living in Basingstoke? it's only a 40 minute drive from me hear in Aldershot, maybe next time you are over from Germany they can let me know and we can get together for a coffee and a catch-up. Whats with the I'm feeling old and tired bit? some of us are grannies, now that really makes you feel old and tired. I have asked Bill Craswell to pass on my email address and Mob phone number, please get in touch, I can't work now due to a back injury so I get pretty feb up and its great to get in touch with old friends. I'm in touch with Christine Lancaster (Lofty although we're not allowed to call her that now) quite often, we chat on the phone for ages. I've also joined Friends Reunited and been in touch with Dave Edmondson. I'm sorry you won't be at the reunion but I hope you will get in touch once Bill has sent you my email and phone number. To everyone else, I hope to see you in Blackpool at the end of June. Take Care.

Chris Duxbury (B78 - 80)

I have passed on your message Christine.

15 May 2007

Hi to everyone, my wife and myself will be arriving on the Friday at about 3pm and look forward to seeing everyone there. Anyone wishing to meet up for some company on the Friday, please feel free to leave a message on here for me and we can make arrangements.

Alan Savage (C71-74)

16 May 2007

hi rodney remember the time at fantasia land mate still got a photo of you dressed as a captain in the us calvary it annoyed r kid if your going the reunion ill bring it

Danny ?????? (H80-83)

17 May 2007

hello scott innes yes i did learn guitar at school and ithink i taught u my sweet lord. i remember jock dempster stayed at ur place one week end hey many bridges look fwd to hearing fm u best wishes ed. loads of names i seem to remember hi to u all best wishes eddy.

Eddy Feast (M71-73)

17 May 2007

Hi all. Any one remember me? I was in Hillsborough House between 75 and 77 in my first and second year. I can remember sharing a dorm with Dawn and Debbie Johnson.

Ramona Sinton (Reid) (H75-77)

20 May 2007

Thank you for your patience all those new members awaiting their membership packs of Newsletters and Membership Register. Demand has been high recently plus there has been a delay getting fresh packs from the printers, but I am pleased to say I am expecting a delivery in the next few days so they will be on their way to you soon.

Doug Pruden (S61-62)

21 May 2007

Hi Tina Kirby, Yes me and Mich Hall (Henderson) are going to Blackpool and really looking forward to it. Sorry if i insulted you last re union but you probably asked for it. We are going on the friday are you?See you in Blackpool. Wendy x

Wendy Duncan (S77-80)

22 May 2007

Greetings All, I have often had Nightmares about my Internment at WBS, but as life is I still live and Work only 30 Km away from the place. I found the website by chance and have decided to see if a few old mates are still out there.....Roy Bird....Henry Dienn....Erhard Vandale... Steve West..... Steve Cronan...Biffo Grifiths...Titch Summerville.... Steve Hull.... Steve Hollis....Monty Belch....Danny lovejoy...Ian Craigmyle...Jill Green....Linda Dawson....Linda Gant...Sue Sommerville. well if you would like to get in contact Bill (Admin) has got my email have a nice Life.

Anthony "Smut" Smith (B69-74)

22 May 2007

Hi to anyone out there who knows me. I'm sorry to say that I will not be able to make this years reunion, but I just want to pass on a very big thank you to everyone involved with putting the reunion together for us and hope all those attending have a brilliant time up there in Blackpool. Unfortunately work commitments once again have taken over. I hope to be at the next one though. Very best wishes to everyone.

Dale Harding (B76-78)

23 May 2007

For those of you who know my sister Christine who was in Balmoral house well she is a proud grandmother as of 17th May 2007.She has a Grandson by her daughter Debbie and his name is Finn Lewis CAVERS.

Ralph Bennett (M62-68)

23 May 2007

Danny..! I would like to thank you for sharing that memory with the world wide web..? Thankfully I cannot remember the trip to fantasia Land, Im hoping you meant the photograph and NOT the outfit to the reunion ha! ha!A certain person whose name begins with "S" if your reading this please pick yourself back up from the floor and stop laughing. On a different note not quite sure which brother you are refering to..? I have met Ian a few times in the last couple of years in a work capacity up in Yorkshire.Danny look forward to seeing you.
All the very best

Rod Whitworth (B80-82)

24 May 2007

Thank you, Ralph, for sharing your sister Chris' good news with us! Well done! I became a grandmother about 18 months ago (my other children are being sadly negligent, only one grandchild so far) - I was lucky enough to be there at the birth, straight after my Open University exam in Evolution - the main test of "survival of the fittest" is that your offspring reproduce, so it was a particularly apt event! I am sure Chris will enjoy being a grandmother, although it's particularly difficult to imagine that in my mind's eye, where she is still a teenager!

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

27 May 2007

Hi Allan and every one. Am also coming to the reunnion, ariving on friday, by plane¨from Denmark, and looking forward to meeting every one, Am getting ready for several good days

Ian Gordon Fudge (C72-75)

27 May 2007

Thanks for the mail have recieved all info I need and will be in contact asp.Hi to all who know and remember me and have a great time at Blackpool.

Paul Falcus (E77-80)

28 May 2007

WOW!! What a fantastic read. It made me get out my old photo album!!So many names I remember. Back then I was Julie Mitchell, I was in Hillsborough house firstly as a border. Then my Dad got posted from Osnabruck (Kline Moscow), to Korbecke near Soest so I became a day pupil in my 5th year. It was the best time especially the 3rd year (more kids in the dorm) I shared with Sue Hammond, Fiona Hutchinson, Sharon Donkin, Amanda Hunter and Marty Samuel, god we got into soooo much trouble! Have been in contact with Sue and also Oli Jones, George Wood, Andrea Barnes and Odette Smee. Have a great time in Blackpool xxxxx Best wishes to all xxxxxx Jules

Julie Mitchell (H80-83)

28 May 2007

FAO Tom McCarthy, I spoke with "The Big Yin" (Mike Price) yesterday so tell Frank we will see him in Blackpool along with your good self. Can it be true? The outstanding winners of Caernarvon "Boggy Dorm" 1976/77 will once again be reunited! Shuggy are you going? Come on Caernarvon lads, yes even you Cormac Hawkins! Aufstehen! Aufstehen!

Mick Hughes (C74-77)

30 May 2007

Message for Mark Holder - Noddy, just seen your message, 5th May, unfortunately my brother John can't make it this time he is away sailing. I'll fill you in on what who has been up to at the reunion, look forward to meeting you again.

Message for Paddy Docherty - Paddy, I remember you, blimey, I have often wondered when my old dorm mates would surface and blow me you, Paul and Kingy all show up at the same time. Red hair & freckles as I recall, pity you can't make the reunion hope you are well and hope to see you at future school events. All the very best

Mike Kinchin (M74-78)

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