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1 Jun 2007

Hi Pam, Having lost your e-mail address this seems the only way to get into contact with you. Question is, will you be going to the reunion? It would sure put my mind at rest knowing that there would be at least one person there who I know !! Any way of finding our how many of the 60's will be attending? Look forward to hearing from you

Phyllis Cousens (B61-66)

1 Jun 2007

I've just renewed my membership after a couple of years. I played bass guitar with Group 66 with Ken Perres on guitar, Ian Palmer on drums. I'm in touch with George Squires who inturn is in touch with Ron Hunt. Does anybody know what happened to Dave Partridge? To John Bartlett, our fathers were in the same regiment and I've got some photos of them. If anyone remembers me then get in touch. I hope the reunion goes well.

Michael O'Hare (S61-68)

1 Jun 2007

Hi there, Phyllis! Yes, I have re-mortgaged the house in order to be there in Blackpool - not sure how many from the 60s will be there, but in the past I have found that even though we don't get a lot of representation on the web site, we seem to turn up in sufficient numbers for the reunion. See you there!

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

1 Jun 2007

Hi all. Anyone counting down to the reunion? I'm going for the first time (on my own) to a Windsor school reunion - I'm not sure how many people I will know or recognise there (what time do these reunions start?)but I'm looking forward to the event. See you there.

Ramona Sinton (Reid) (H75-77)

2 Jun 2007

hi bill unable to make the reunion this year would be obliged if you could pass on my regards to everyone i was there from 1976-1979 (best days of my life) and roomed with pascal quigley(sid) paul falcus (muscles) andy (big foot) richardson the housemaster then the dreaded mr riddle and his deputy the great mr marsden i remember grease all to well as i was crater face leader of the bad guys lol regards

Mike Ellis (76-79)

2 Jun 2007

Ramona (Reid) You must have been in Hillsborough when I was there. I remember the Johnston twins. I was Head of House 75-76 so a bit older! I am going to the reunion and know of a few other Hillsborough girls who are going to be there. See you there.

Loraine Holmes (McMIllan) (H74-76)

4 June 2007

To Michael O'Hare, Of course I remember you Mike, we were friends in several Army postings. Warminster, Plymouth and,if I remember rightly, Malaya as well. I am going to the reunion with my Brother Bill. It would have been nice if you could have made it. Please contact me, I live near Ipswich in Suffolk.

John Bartlett (S62-63)

4 June 2007

Only faint memories now, was it really 40 years ago?, m200 was my number, i was the one who did the whistles for the role calls! my claim to fame!!!, was in the church and school choir, and the CCF. hard to remember names from that long ago. always enjoyed the dances at the girls school, big hall, all the nervious lads sat down one side, girls on the other,,lol. me i was always up in a flash and dancing, there was a very tall girl, name escapes me, always made a bee line for her, love to hear from anyone who remembers me, cheers

Steve Good (M64-66)

5 June 2007

To John Bartlett. - Hi John good to hear from you. Yes you are right re the postings. I have lots of pictures that I can email you. How can I get in touch? I haven't received my members pack so I have no details. Bill can you please give John my email address. I can't make the reunion but maybe the next one. I hope Bill is well.

Michael O'Hare (S61-67)

5 June 2007

Hi Loraine (McMillan). Yes you are right, I was in Hillsborough House the same time as you. I seem to remember that sometimes when you went to the shops you would get things for me (especially over sized bags of salt & vinegar crisps - which don't quite taste the same these days!). Look forward to seeing you at the reunion.

Ramona (Reid) (H75-77)

5 June 2007

Been reading some of the messages,, lol,, remember the bennetts!!! who could forget them, mafia! lol, no only kidding, didn't you lot have a sister at the girls school? she was older than us lot, pictures evoked a few memories,, there was alistor pollack!!!! run as i could he always beat me at crosscountry runs. looking for dave and sue lawence, there same time as me, last known in liverpool, anyone got the record the school choir starred on,,sing out 66?. sad to see the pics of school as it is now. cheers to all going to blackpool

Steve Good (M64-66)

6 June 2007

Dear Ramona

I remember you at school and I am going to the reunion. I was reluctant to go but Loraine McMillan tricked me into it BUT!!!! now I am looking forward to it just to ask you 'HOW ON EARTH DID YOU MANAGE TO GET SOMETHING OUT OF LORAINE AT SCHOOL'!!!! ha ha ha. See you at Blackpool. Regards

Carol Gibson (Gibby) (H73-77)

6 June 2007

I see Michael O'Hare, (I don't know you)is in touch with someone who is in touch with Ron Hunt, could you tell me if Ron has a sister called Gloria? She was my 'best friend' at WGS. I last saw her in Berlin in Dec. 1973/jan 1974 (memory is hazy after all those years)I then lost my address book ..never did have a very good memory, but I seem to remember that although I never met him, Gloria had a brother called Ronald. If you can help with any info I'd be VERY grateful, and..Group 66 were FAB!!

Alison Yaxley (StJ64-66)

7 June 2007

Noticed on the tinternet site, not many faces from the seventies crew, rather disappointing show to be frank. My concern is that either they are all incaserated or unfortunately can not read. I may well of been stood up by my ex best mate, but i will still be making my way up north, complete with phrase book and injections. I look forward to seeing those old mates that may be up there.i hope to catch a tram from cambridgeshire and my wife has given me five pounds to spend, which i understand will be more than enough in Blackpool.

Tiny McDermot (M77-79)

7 June 2007

Hi, Nice to see some names I recognize at last, hi to Paddy Hawkins, would be fun to have a beer again sometime...are you going to the re-union? Hello to 'Smut', not sure if you remember me I went out with your brother -'Smutt' Our families once ended up on same campsite somewhere in South of France purely by accident, my Dad still thinks I'd arranged it!! Love to hear from you and hear how your brother is getting on? Still don't see many names from my era that I don't think I'll go to re-union- wish everyone else a good time though and once again where are all you lot from early 70s???

Angie Dunmall (S70-75)

7 June 2007

Hi I discovered your site by accident whilst plotting a route from the tunnel to Berlin, and I remembered my old school. It looks like it is derelict know - is that so or has it since been demolished, can you tell me?

I have looked at the aerial picture and I don't quite remember it like that. I was there for a year only 1956/7 and I was C89 and in class 1A. The school was mixed and the girls were in the first building (I think Caernarvon was on the 2nd floor) opposite the dining block as photographed, the boys were in the next building and the 3rd building housed a new school house which I can't remember both boys and girls, and sick bay.

There were always armed guards at the gate and I only got out once with matron (Frau Drabble) in all the time I was there. Were the guards to keep us in I wonder. I remember once we were fed pre-war corned beef and the sick bay became very overcrowded, but generally I thought the food very good and looked forward to break time freshly baked buns. As well as the timetabled lessons we had compulsory "activities" which was stressful for a first yearer. Can't remember what I did. I was not that happy at home but each term felt so homesick I couldn't eat. This usually caused me to faint in class, get taken to sickbay where a roast meal (with yorkshire puddings!) was placed in front of me with the orders to eat!

We were always being moved around in the dorms, which did not aid friendships especially as children arrived and left as there fathers were moved/posted elsewhere. The 1st term I was moved in with 2nd year girls (dorm 204?), as class 1A was the only 1st year class to have homework and I think lights-out was slightly later because of that. Once all the boys were allowed to go to watch some sport - it might have been boxing. So to compensate the girls got to watch Bill Haley's 'Rock around the Clock' . We all thought we had the better deal!

I don't remember any of the other children there but I do have an autograph book with some names in. i was surprised & thought it a mistake that I got put in 1A as my parents told me I was pretty stupid; we took the Murray House test which graded us and I can remember doing that in the Volkspark in Köln on a lovely sunny day and watching butterflies outside, daydreaming and still finishing the questions too soon. At Hamm I was even more surprised at the end of year exams to find i had come top in 4 lessons, german, maths, english and art. I supposed it was a mistake and continued still to daydream out of the window throughout my school career! When I got back to an English grammar school and was put down because it was assumed the education in Germany had been rubbish, I found in actual fact that I was way ahead in maths (especially the theorems) english and german; so the teaching must have been OK. I have since discovered a fellow stamp collector (Bryan Boddington) who taught english at the school when it was a boys school, but I have never met anyone else who has ever heard of the place.

I can't remember much else. I can't remember washing or bathing or who washed our clothes or who told us to change our socks - it's very odd. Just being shown how to do 'hospital corners' by matron when making my bed. I recall my mother grumbling about the uniform/clothes list and not bothering to include everything. I did a lot of knitting and stamp collecting there, and we sat on the rifle racks. And we really liked Bill Haley - we had so hated 'how much is that doggy in the window' stuff. But I don't think he became popular in the Uk till some years later.

best wishes, Carol (ex Court)

8 June 2007

Members lists have been updated on the web site today.
In addition I have inserted an extra column in each list showing married/current name (in addition to maiden name). The lists remain sorted in maiden name order.

Doug Pruden (S61-62)

8 June 2007

Hello to all who may remember me. Hope you all enjoy Blackpool. On the day of the re-union I will be travelling to Paderbourne on exercise for 2 weeks. I have fond memories of WBS and often recollect the good times spent there. I didn't leave with much in the way of qualifications, but I had a good time none the less. I am now living in Forest Town near Mansfield and am currently stationed in Nottingham. I check the site regularly to see who has posted messages and recognise many of the names from the late 70s. Best wishes to all.

Jim Alger(S77-80)

8 June 2007

Mike O'Hare, Many thanks for your speedy reply to my post! I have sent an e-mail and will have everything crossed in the hope that I trce aforementioned friend. Faded Rocker indeed!!!! Group 66 were THE best!

Alison Yaxley (St J64-66)

9 June 2007

Hi Ramona I remember you, I think you were in the year below me, but used to hang out in our 3rd year dorm (Gail Jackson, Sonia Brazier, Sharon Gurr and Julie (surname escapes me)). I think we all went through a phase of cutting each others hair. I apologise to 'Jill' I think it was, for my awful attempt at giving her a Pageboy cut! I will be at the reunion. Look forward to seeing you there.

C athy Shahrokni (Manion) (H74-77)

9 June 2007

Message for Terry Leahy: I noted that mentioned Sam Weller as a bass player??? Sam was my mate and fellow Edinburgh housemate. I remember teaching him bass lines on my guitar, and I do have a dim memory of him buying an electric bass before I left around 73-74. I was the singer in a band with Alan Grainger, I believe we were called Chapter II. My sport was football, and I believe you and I were teammates in the Intermediate age group.I'm also an ex-PRS pupil and we used to get hammered by WBS every tournament. It was great to join the school and finally become a member of that team. I also played for Westunnen. You would have known Malcolm Rocket? He left before I came to WBS, but I later lived across the road from him in Blandford Camp, Dorset. We formed a youth football team there which beat army units, and won the camp army Rugby 7s in 1974. Just chewing the fat and putting some stuff up there for you ex-pupils from my era. My girlfriend then was Lynn O'Leary (Edinburgh girls). We are both lapsed members, but I lapsed before she joined, and so never got a chance to get in touch with her again. I now live in Oz, (Brisbane) and will join the society again. I'm coming back on holiday in August/Sept, sadly too late for the reunion. Best of luck to you all, and stay safe.

Malc McGookin (E72-73)

9 June 2007

Just a postscript to my last post, Ron Hunt replied sraightaway Mike...unfortunately he's not Gloria's brother. Thanks so much for your help though. If anyone else has any info on the whereabouts of Gloria Hunt last seen in Spandau Berlin please let me know. She was at WGS until early 1966,I don't know her joining date,probably Sept.63. She was in St James House and that is really all I can remember!

Alison Yaxley (StJ64-66)

12 June 2007 - REUNION UPDATE

After some negotiation by our Chairman Bob Jordan, The Norbreck Hotel have agreed to to extend the deadline for bookings so if anyone who has not yet booked would like to go please get your form in to me as soon as possible.

Bill C

13 June 2007

Just a quick shout out to everyone who is thinking about going to the reunion but haven't made up their minds yet, made their hotel booking, paid for their ticket etc, etc - GET A MOVE ON!! Julie (my younger sister)and I have been to most of them now and they are well worth making the effort to attend (and every penny it costs is worthwhile too). The Committee have put loads of work into this, as ever, and it would be fantastic to get as many people as possible to Blackpool. Don't be shy, there is bound to be someone there from your era and even though lots of memories are starting to fade they are soon revived when we all get together. Looking forward to several large drinks in what will hopefully be a sunny Blackpool.

Kelly Roberts (E77-81)

14 June 2007

Hi Cathy Shahrokni and Carol Gibson. Good to hear from you both, I was beginning to think I wouldn't know many people at the reunion. Cathy the bit you wrote about cutting hair probably explains why my hair looked like it did in some of my school photos!!Look forward to seeing you at the reunion.

Ramona Sinton(Reid) (H75-77)

15 June 2007

Ramona (Reid) what a good memory you have, bags of crisps. You see Carol (Gibson) I really was a nice head of house not this ogre you keep telling me I was. However, I can be and Ramona the joke is on Carol as she is driving me up to Blackpool!! Angie (Dunmall) good to hear fro you. Do think again about coming. Cathy Manion I recognise your name and the ones you mentioned in your dorm. but can't fit faces to all of them. Looking forward to seeing you all at Blackpool.

Loraine Holmes (McMillan) (H73-76)

19 June 2007

Hi to anyone that remembers me. Sadly i cannot make the re-uinion in Blackpool but i sincerely hope that those who are going have a fantastic time.If John Lynch see,s this message apologies for not being able to get intouch, i have tried several ways to return your emails and letter but to no avail,hopefully we can get intouch via this site.Once again i wish everyone a real fab timeat the re-union and if circumstances change maybe i could just appear on the day.

Garry Maddran (Bruno) (C76-79)

19 June 2007

any one remember me? It seems a long time ago now!Alan Ron .....

Brian Crossley (H62-68)

19 June 2007

Hi Bob, well done for having got the page together, I was in Edinburgh from 63-65 (E20) engraved on my mind forever. I now live in Australia, near Noosa in Queensland, and have done since 1976. I work as a Lab Tech in a High School. I commend your efforts in the reunion area, they are very popular here as well. I have to say my days at Hamm were not the happiest of my life, I mainly recall bullying prefects, unwarranted lines and other punishments, plus a couple of scraps in the dorms. On a more positive note, the education was good, the swimming pool was good, and I remember the cross country runs as being a chance to take a few marks with you , pop into a shop, and buy some liqueurs. Eventually, in third year, when we got out, a trip to the heated pool was a pleasant changeAs I remember, Mr Cutler, housemaster, was a big help, as was Mr Horseman, despite his fearsome reputation with the slipper after lights out. Mr Kopke I also recall as being half decent when you were sent to him for some minor infringement. We also had a "younger" matron in those years, a more charitable woman as I recall, than the first one, and more the age of the older prefects, which kept them off us for a while! I became quite good at table tennis, something I still enjoy - although of course in OZ outdoor sports like sailing and fishing get more time. My sons have been to the UK now and of course the weather is a challenge after Queensland! I'm sure they are fed up with my "boarding school stories" most of which they don't believe possible . I will not be able to get to the reunion at such short notice, but if you have a notice board , please feel free to post this, Regards to all

Ken Eddy (E63-65)

20 June 2007

As the reunion date drawers ever closer, can someone confirm when the tickets may come out?. I am happy to gate crash the event and create merry hell but i thought it prudent to ask first. I agree with Miss Kelly Roberts regarding you lost souls who pop onto the site to see if you are mentioned anywhere, but you do need to get yourselves to this event. We all share a weird kindred spirit from our incaseration way back then, so if you can, get yourselves along. I look forward to letting you all buy me a drink.

Tiny McDermott (M77-79)

20 June 2007

Eddie Feast, Scott Innes, Al Savage great to see you still on the site. Have now got use of a putor 90% of the time now. Will be going to Blackpool in June, hope to catch up then. Have now moved to Lancs myself in the last month. Bill having probs getting the form printed off

Ian Mynott (M70-74)

I can fill out a form for anyone having problems - just email me the answers to the questions on it. - Bill C

Tickets for the event may be handed to you on arrival to avoid them getting lost in the post also the possible postal strike.

21 June 2007

huh gutted cant make the reunion this time round , work comitments and all that hope everyone has a great time and look forward to seeing the pics on here especially the 80"s crew at least ive got me birthday off 10th july if any wants to join the party in liverpool

Danny Main (H80-83)

21 June 2007

well i will probably be the nearest to the venue for the reunion, 1/2 mile, but i am driving the emergancy doctors around, none of you lot better fall sick!!!!. hope to be able to call in and catch a few of you on the saturday morning for a chat and coffee, sure everyone, 60/70/80's has stories to tell and memories, just harder for those there 50/60's to remember that far back. lol. sure everyone will enjoy the weekend. best wishes to all attending, and to those who can't make it this time. cheers steve M200

Steve Good (M64-66)

30th June 2007
Norbreck Hotel Queens Promenade North Sands Blackpool FY2 9AA
Telephone 01253 352341

As above

By car - drive along the promenade and go north (keeping the sea on your left-hand side). After approximately 4 miles you will see the Norbreck Castle Hotel on your right-hand side (parts of the hotel look like a castle – the clue’s in the name).

By public transport - If you arrive by public transport the trams are a short distance away on the promenade. Take the tram to the north keeping the sea on your left-hand side. The tram stops outside the hotel which is on your right-hand side. Tram costs approx £1.70 each way and runs every 10 minutes during the day.


Start time 13.00 hrs Windsor Room in conference area of hotel
Check in Inside entrance to Windsor room. You will receive a List of all
attendees and a final plan for the day and a badge which must be
worn at all times. Any person without a badge will be asked to pay
or leave the hotel.

Cold buffet 18.30 - 20.00 (in same room)

Disco Band 20.30 - 23.30

End 23.59

There will be a cash bar in the Windsor room. There is ample space outside the Windsor room for you to relax.

Sunday Breakfast 0.900 !!!

22 June 2007

Hi to everyone Not long now, really looking forward to the reunion, Myself and Chris Lancaster will be travelling up on the Friday morning and will be proping up the bar in the afternoon. A few of us are planning on hitting the Pleasure Beach on Friday evening, so if anyone fancies joining us, the more the merrier. Anyone who hasn't been on the Pepsi Max rollercoaster has got to try it, great view over Blackpool. See you all next Friday.

Chris Duxbury (B78-80)

22 June 2007

hiya nicky rolf i was soest from1971-1973 went round with amanda reed we were good friends hope to se you there jean

Jean Frost (B73-76)

22 June 2007

Looking forward to the reunion next week!! Has anyone got any idea when it starts on the Saturday night? I will be there on the Friday afternoon if anyone wants to meet up for a drink. See you all there

Alan Savage (C71-74)

23 June 2007

Hi, Nice to see the website still being kept updated, still haven't forgotten the time I was there, my house number was, B.S.76, as I was in 2 houses, first, Balmoral, then, Sandringham, and that was when Balmoral was used for the first years, I think it was an experiment, and only lasted for a year, it does take me back to the good old days, one of my house master's was a Mr Hodgson, (Bow Hodge) to those of use who remember, hehe, I have a few names for people to try and remember, does anyone remember 3 brother's called, David, Donald and Ian McRitchie, Ian was in the house and school athletics team at the time (1968- )or, a lad called, Paul Saxon, Nick Loats, the McMenemy brothers, Peter Kennion (sister Anne was head girl), the Balloffs brothers, there was loads of them for me to remember, anyway, just a bit of usless information there, many thanks for reading all this, makes you think, lol. Yours Ray

Ray Birrell (B67-71)

24 June 2007

jean frost!!! ta for the note!! if u r going to the reunion please bring some pictures of when u were in soest , as i know the name,but not the face !! hahaha!! amanda and I will be together,you won't be able to recognise us,so thank god ,for the name badges!! c u there then!! tara xxx

Nicky Rolfe (StJ71-75)

24 June 2007

Hi, Greetings to all that remember me - Julie Lind (S177) Whatever happened to you all? Vickie, Caroline, Theresa, Sheena, etc...

Julie McCarvil (S76-79)

25 June 2007

Not long now till we meet up!!!! Can’t wait now that its getting Closer!! See you all next weekend.

Dawn Benson(Johnson twin) (H75-80)

26 June 2007

We're looking forward to seeing every one at the reunion on Saturday, or even Friday night in the bar. Hi to Chris Lancaster and Chris Duxbury it's been a while girls and we're looking forward to catching up with you!! Angie (Barnard) won't be able to make it this year (sorry Tiny
I did try and persuade her but she wanted to go to Iceland on holiday instead!!).See you all on Friday

Maz Fletcher & Kim Barnard(B76-79)

27 June 2007

I seem to be having some trouble trying to post a message on the notice board can you do this for me? I understand that some of the members hesitate about the Norbreck prices and that I have a few rooms still available so can you perhaps post a quick note on the board. web page I am willing to give out a deal for people wishing to stay more than 1 night! thanks

Janice Simpson

27 June 2007

Nearly there now and I have been asked about dress code for the reunion - the usual look is smart casual.

For those concerned about the weather hopefully the worst will be over by friday - anyways I am definately going even if I need to charter a boat !!

Bill C (C62-65)

27 June 2007

Hello Julie, Good to hear from you again. Hope to see you at the week end, got so much to catch up on. OK can't wait, got to tell you now.........I'm a G***dparent.YEY!! Still having trouble with the actual name but Hey, I have a grandson, YEY!!

Caroline Ewers(S73-79)

27 June 2007

Hi to everyone who remembers me from Balmoral Hse. Just come back to the web site to discover there is a reunion this weekend, I can't believe I'm going to miss it. Hope everyone has a fantastic time and I'll be thinking of you all. Ann-Marie Frost, yes I do remember you, thank you for the mention. Also Hi to, Susan Massey, Sharon Dodds, Tracey Brannigan, Michelle Goodwin, Renata, Jo, Elke, Wendy, Jeanette Osman,Krissy Hearnden, Tracey Smith, Julie Tibbs actually the list could go on.
Anyway best be off, hope to hear from some one soon. Take care Annie

Annie Leighton (nee Bruce) (B77-80)

28 June 2007

I can't make the reunion this time due to a family wedding (close call though) but just wanted to wish everyone a great time. There are quite a few familiar names I've spotted & it would be great to catch up with a few old mates - maybe next time........

Neil Carrick (H72-75)

29 June 2007

Hello to everyone that remembers me as I recognise quite a few names. However I will not be able to make the reunion so have a great weekend. Message for Bobby Hoffman: If you're in or around London while you're in the UK and want to catch up do get in touch.

Suzanne Boyle (Gower) (C72-76)

30 June 2007

Well I am feeling a little sorry for myself as I am unable to attend the re union which sounds like it going to be a lot of fun. Hope all have a great time and maybe when the next re union is organised I might be able to come. Well take care from down under.

Carol Everett(nee Large)( H69-72)

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