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1 Sept 2006

Hi all Great site, been sometime since i last posted a message.

I remember most of the names i've seen on the site, Bob Mynott, Alan Gravener, Steve Hollis, Gerry Bird {no relation}, Steven Stevenson to name but a few. I lived in osnabruck at the time. Balmoral was my house, not the best for sport if i can remember, but i did play football, rugby and cricket for the school. Talking of football we had a team playing for a local german club and did very well, winning the local cup in 74. haven't been able to make any of the reunions so far, but will make an effort to make the next one.

Roy Bird (B68-74)

2 Sept 2006

Dawn Perry, did you have a brother Nick? I shared a dorm Nick and Pete Saville, Graham Aldridge, Paul Capon,Fluff Gardner and a few others who's names escape me. It was dorm 113 - Balmoral hse the 13 at the end of 113 was the relevant bit `cos this was the dorm "peg leg" haunted - as his plane demolished the dorm etc etc

Went to the reunion in Newbury ages ago (2000?)it was good to see Mike Snook and Sandra Guppy plus a few of our era - but not enough 80's stuff!!

Paul Valentine (B80-83)

4 Sept 2006

Can anyone tell me specific details of the school band that comprised of Greg Oxford and the Brindley Brothers (Simon and Martin?). I recall Greg played drums. What was the name of the band and how can I contact any of them?

Mick Hughes (C74-77)

5 Sept 2006

Hi Ellen

Lovely to hear from you. I hope you manage to become a member and then we will be able to exchange e-mail address. Wendy is still living in New Zealand. Wendy was over here in May and we were chatting about old times and you were mentioned.

Love to be able to catch up with you. Also hoping to go to Australia in the next year or two, will be my fourth visit. Do you also remember Mike Ridley.

Lesley Annable (B60-63)

5 Sept 2006

Hi, anybody who remembers Graeme Clark from Berlin/Military Train etc, would like to hear from you.

Graeme Clark (H74-79)


6 Sept 2006

My name is Robert Hobbs and like many others arrived at WBS via KAS.My memory for names is appalling but I do remember being in Marlborough House. I played football for the school team and also played basketball and rugby.Having just found this site I would like to make contact with anyone to share memories of both schools. Regards

Robert (Bob) Hobbs (M59-60)

7 Sept 2006

He Denise...thanks for the congrats on our 25th!

Also just about to become a Grandad!

Tony Reilly (M73-76)

8 Sept 2006

Hey Tony......Congratulations on soon becoming a Grandad, became one meself on July 31st, blooming marvelous it is ;-)

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

9 Sept 2006

Hi Lesley, good to hear from you again. I have now had a response to my attempts at becoming a member. It would be good to exchange emails. I am in the final stages of organising my 60TH birthday celebration which will be in Adelaide next month (I live on the Gold Coast now, retired here 13 years ago). I am a mother of one, a gorgeous and stunningly beautiful daughter and a grandmother of 3 - Samantha almost 5 and twin boys 2 and a half. Haven't seen the children for 5 months am in desperate need of a baby fix. No sorry I dont remember Mike Ridley. The only boy I remember is from Windsor School, a chap by the name of Mike Farrell who I had the biggest crush on - I was all of 11!!!! Don't recall having much to do with the boys school apart from house socials. Please give my regards to Wendy - it will be nice to catch up with her too. We must make a point of getting together when you next come over.

Ellen Brandon (B59-??)

9 Sept 2006

One of the "Yanks" that invaded Windsor in the 60's and 70's. Member of the basketball team, and part of that totally awesome band "Bad Grass" (Where did they come up with that name??) that played at some of the socials in the early 70's. Now residing in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia.

Mike Kolesar (C67-73)

9 Sept 2006

Beggsy - I remember you well! What are you up to?

John Garnett (H77-79)

10 Sept 2006

I was a pupil for two years,cant remember to much other pupils were mike vilday, mark bell, stephen sutherland, stephen gates, keith shipton. my housemaster was Mr Ramsdale

Duncan McTavish (S71-73)

10 Sept 2006

hi to anyone who remembers me deneise fletcher carol gibson the johnstone twins jane pykett liz and rose smith andy tibbs you were in the same reg 16/5th queens royal lancers in wolfenbuettel derek and rob webster you lived next door to me please get in touch it would be great to here from you does anyone know where julie bartle went she shared a dorm with debbie linda hughes liz dodd where are you

Carol Mclaren nee Gurr (H75-77)

11 Sept 2006

wondering through the site in a dull moment at work, came across the site still going strong. Would love to hear from other bored ex windsors, where are you all, surely you all can't be in prison, looking forward to the next reunion, still in regular contact with Mike Ore, but that doe'nt make me a bad person.

Paul McDermott (M76-79)

12 Sept 2006

To Mike Kolesar: "Bad Grass" was my sister Heidi's idea. Seemed cool and subversive at the time.

To several inquiries I've seen about Tom O'Barr, he's an Interal Medicine doc in Georgia. Try using the search engine "Google" on Thomas O'Barr MD.

Glad to see the article in the last news letter from Geoff Hern. I remember many hours pouring over Log tables. Anyone know what happened to Mr Clarke the Physics instructor? And who was the Chemistry teacher always warning us before those experiments that "this is gonna be a bit niffy lads" before asphyxiating us with various sulphides of hydrogen?

Paul Nicholasen (H67-73)

12 Sept 2006

Haven't been on the site for a while and would like to congratulate Bill on a great job. Also, noticed a few familiar names Ali Lindley (sorry I haven't emailed in a while), Paul McDermott (you still owe me a beer), Andy King (congrats on becoming a dad again). Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, unless I owe you money. Probably won't be able to get to the reunion unless Paul sends me the plane tickets he promised (I'll even forget about the beer you owe me). Lastly does anyone have any info on Steve Whittaker or Caroline "Cherry" Pile.

John Lynch (C77-80)

12 Sept 2006

Just stumbled across the site again. I have read back through a number of the postings. Tony and Sean congratualations on becoming grandparents!.

I noticed there is to be another reunion in June 2007 and hope to go, the last one I went to in 2003 was great, even my other half enjoyed himself amongst complete strangers!

Not many people submitting to the bulletin board that I recognise.

Dawn Clampin (Nee Bradley) (C72-77)

13 Sept 2006

Hallo John Garnett, pleased to see that somebody still recalls Beggsy! I am still living in Germany now working for the German Division of Fujitsu Services (UK) as a Consultant currently in working for a Dataware House in Hannover. I moved from Berlin to Münster in 1999, but there is not very much of a British presence anymore. I originally started working for the British Forces in Berlin as a civvy Programmer for the RAOC (who later became the RLC). Unfortunately the wall came down, which made me unemployed for exactly 2 years (no German Firm wanted a programmer without IBM Mainframe experience). Luckily for me the year 2000 popped and there was a massive demand Mainframe programmers hardware experience was no hindrence so I started work for a Canadian Consultancy Firm called DMR. A few weeks later I suddenly had a new Employer (Amdahl), an American Mainframe supplier. So from 5/97 till 9/99 I spent my time adapting Cobol & PL/1 programms for the year 2000 in a IBM environment, living in Berlin and comuting weekly by airplane to Cologne (Köln). After that I was sent to various Customers throughout Germany, and being fed up of commuting I moved to Münster because I was involved in what seemed to be a long term Project. Well that went bust, so I have been commuting (once again) between Münster and Hannover since 4/2003. Now this work I'm doing in annover is also nearing the end so I guess my next port of call will be Hamburg, but thats consultants destiny!

I have been reading through the posts and see a lot of names I remember, but where are the Beliners from 74-79?

give me a brief on what you've been doing

Graeme Clark (H74-79)

14 Sept 2006

Hiya celia, long time no hear hen ,,, i,m back up in Scotland now , time to settle down i think ( no danger eh , the worlds to big) if you let me know where abouts you are we could have a coffee or something !!.

Have you heard where Willie Donaldson is or wee Jake Stillie ?. try and get in touch , and a great big thanks to Nic Cuthbertson, thanks for your help at the last reunion, it s not forgotten mate,,

Big hello to Kim and Denise ( fletcher ) hope to see you at the next one again, theres so many to mention,,,,,

Marg Wright , the last time we spoke i think i was in Liverpool on a cold winters night it,ll be great to hear from ouyhen,, hope all is ok , anyway if i have missed any out i,ll get you all a drink in Blackpool,

Anyone heard where Mr Ramsdale may be hiding , he wasnt really a bad bloke.?

Ian Carroll (S72-76)

15 Sept 2006

Hi Ellen Brandon,

Had a message from Lesley saying that she had seen your message on this site. Tried to post a message beginning of the week but the reply I received was could not find the site, so here goes again.

Thanks to Lesley I have also met up with Marica Saunders and Di Cann on my trips to England to visit our two sons who live in England. The trip in May was to see our first grandchild a darling litte girl called Isabelle. Di Cann still has her autograph book. I have this photo of Balmoral Girls Christmas 1961. Oh! the fun we had trying to put names to faces. Its great to remember the times we all spent at Windsor Girls

Wendy Crampton (nee Holbrey) (B60-62)

15 Sept 2006


John(titch)Hamilton here,just noticed a note from Alan Graham while browsing the site. Great to hear from you, always wonder dont you?. Need to try and get in contact. How is your brother are you both well? if you see this drop another mail.Cant trace Robert or Ian anywhere but will keep trying Cheers

John Hamilton (S60-63)


15 Sept 2006

Hello everyone,

Tony Reilly, congratulations on being a Granddad, what a pleasure, you will have lots of fun.....Nick and I have two grandsons, one who will be four in November, and one about ten months old, both however living in South Africa.

Carol McLaren, hello, where do you live these days... And how the devil are you?

Dawn Clampin, hello, are you going to the reunion in Blackpool, will probably see you there and have a chat... Are you still doing any sport?

Ian Carroll, hello friend, so nice to hear from you again... I trust that you are going to the next reunion, if so will see you there and chat to you.... You must give me your email address....

And to my friend Carol Martin... Hey friend, see lots of people lookig for you too... I think you better start saying hello... lol

Hope you all have a great weekend...

Denise Meyers (H72-78)

16 Sept 2006

hi there jock and nic it was good to hear from u i was realy chuffed and am well looking forward to the reunion... was i actually smiling in the picture uv got nic cos ma face was always trippin me ha ha ! jock wullie donaldsons still in edinburgh his mam n mine fone each other .. me,wullie,victor n wee stillie got 2gether a few years ago at stillies dads funeral n got steamin it was a laf(wullie is bald as a coot)he got well slaged fur that ha ha hes a bus driver in edinburgh. Anyway alls well wi me n i live in newcastle now n still living life 2 the max!(sum 1 has 2 do it).has any u 2 heard fae tina or lesley? they wer at the last reunion eh.mind keep in up 2 scotland loads so wel hook up jock n we cld arrange 2go to the next reunion 2gether celia xxxxx

Cecelia Begley (S74-78)

17 Sept 2006

Does anyone have contact details for Robin Anderson who was in Balmoral at the same time as I was. Turns out he is my wife's (Vicki) cousin and we'd like to get in touch with him.

And another thing, what ever happened to everyone else of my vintage. I was there for the 5th to upper 6th forms but nobody from that era ever seems to appear on this site

Larry Bawden (B61-64)

18 Sept 2006

Hi Wendy Holbrey, what a lovely surprise, always think of you when rabbits are mentioned! Isn't it just great being a grandparent, so, so special. I would have to move to england or buy shares in an airline if my baby girl lived there. Just as well adelaide is only a 2 hr plain ride or 22 hr car ride away. I remember the name D Cann but cant put a face to it, Marica Saunders - I am sure I have a photo of her.12 months ago ( before I found this site) I had a cleanout of photos which included so many from the windsor days, but, not sure why, I did keep about 6 or so, one with Marica. Not sure how long it takes to become a member but looking forward to communicating by email. Cheers,

Ellen Brandon - Warnaby (B59-62)

19 Sept 2006

Hi everyone

writing sadly to advise those of you that knew Donna Wright from Soest who sadly passed away last week suddenly.

She will be missed by everyone who knew her

Condolances to the family.............. jakki x x

Jakki Manners (C79-85)

21 Sept 2006

Hello 70's people - Met up with Al Copley the other day - first time we have seen each in 30 years. Really enjoyed catching up and reminiscing, brought back a lot of memories, mostly great ones but also some Iwould rather forget. Itold Al about the site and he is going to have a look. If there any of you who still remember us or are in touch with any of our old mates I would like to hear how they are doing. Names that spring to mind are Jock Dempster, Shuffs, Nigel James, Al Sommerville, Ali Barber, Neil Barnes, Geoff Gravener, John Henry and of course Shippo, Paddy Hawkins, Ian Mynott and Pete Lambert who were at the last reunion and will hopefully be at the next?

Scot Innes (M73-76)

21 Sept 2006

Now a Grandad to Jack Thomas. 4kg. born on the 19th Sept at 1715hrs.

Feel old and a deep desire to buy a flat cap and driving gloves...wierd feeling!

Tony Reilly (M73-76)

22 Sept 2006

So sorry to hear that Donna Wright has passed away. Marj, thoughts are with you, keep your chin up. If you need anything, please call me.

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

22 Sept 2006

Just reading some of the messages from the 70s,saw "Bad Grass"mentioned,that was obviously "THE" band that played at all the school socials.Does anybody remember "JACKS UNION" they were the band when i was at W.B.S.63-69.They made our socials worth going to.(Even though it was always girls on one side of the hall and boys on the other,and when you did get a dance it was arms length apart,those were the days,what)I was wondering if any of the group made it in the real world..hope they did!!

I also rem. a sprinter called Ian Green (think that was his name)did he become a British competitor or what he was well fast.

"Benny" Bennett (M63-68)

23 Sept 2006

After 39 years it's surprising how memories return after reading this visitors book! Hello to all those who may remember me starting with dorm 102- 1960 "titch" Wilson , "goofy", Holmes (still owes me 5 DM),Alan Warne,Gould bros. I have some pictures!. Later buddies that I can instantly remember are Frank Forman, David Brede,"Huch" Huchinson,Paul Mc Crory, Bob Nicol (Ive got your birthday cake with candles picture),Gerry Mills, Ralph Bennett,the list could go on if I scratch my 57 year old head a bit... Also Greetings to all those Teachers that attempted to give me an education (but I was too thick). I still Live in Germany near Bremen and work as a school photographer.

With "Freundlichen Grüssen" from

Ronnie "brassneck" "willie" Williams (M60-67)

23 Sept 2006

There doesn't seem to be many pics from my time time there. My time there seemed to be getting caned or slippered for getting caught smoking, drinking and the odd foray outside of school in the middle of the night

Alun Baxter (62-65)

24 Sept 2006


Went to WGS, Sandringham House, someone posted a message in November 2001 looking for me and Tina Latham (the message was from Theresa Richardson). If anyone has contact information, please let me know. Also am looking for: Lesley Fryer, Sara Jane Marshall, Jeanette Simms, Karen McCall and Karen Makin (our dads were stationed in Osnabruck and we did our 1st year there then transferred to WGS) in approximately 1975 (if memory serves me). Also Cecelia, am curious if you remember me. Am looking for Mike Ismay too he was a 5th or 6th year student in Sept/Oct 78. Oh incase I forget, I'm also in contact with Derek Webster and Janet Stubbs. Happy September to all!!!!

Sandy Wilton (S75-78)

24 Sept 2006

At last some one i can remember from WBS...Ronnie(Brassneck)Williams.Now let me were a fantastic table tennis player,tall,slim,had reddish hair and punched me on the head at the dinner table one day.You probably wo'nt remember but you were head of the table and we had a little disagreement about who will dish out the chips....i think.......then whack......and you gave out the chips.Those were the days.No hard feelings though,I was a cheeky so and so and it did not affect my hearing for very long.Hope you are well and look forward to seeing more names from the 60's on the site.Cheers Ronnie

Ralph Bennett (M62-68)

26 Sept 2006

hi i am also looking for linda creighton or cracky as we use to call her.I last saw her in Lincoln on her wedding day.Would love to know what she doing now.

Jane Helps (StJ66-69)


27 Sept 2006

Great to hear from Ian Carroll back on the website! Back in Scotland eh Jock!? Hopefully you've still got my number, so give me a call, your old number doesnt seem to work. Marg says give her a call as well. Scott, we were rubbish at the reunion thing, so best we let this lot do it and meet up again in Blackpool next June! What we can do is ensure we pass the word and make sure that as many 70's generation as possible go!

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77

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