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4 Nov 2006

hi keith askew
i hope you have a good time at alerheilagan kirmes this year we are all going next year so sorry but we wont see you there!
have a drink in the festhalle for me!

Jakki Manners (C78-82)

Some problems with the post form again so I have made it email for now - please remember to put your name and house/years details.


4 Nov 2006

Sent this at the beginning of the month - that's the second time that I've caused the system to break down.

Now that Gill and her daughter have given a complete answer to my little maths problem an extension to it screams at us. All the triples so far have started with an odd number so the natural extension must be "Is there a set of triples which start with an even number?" I await your answers. Has anyone out there heard of Euler? Do you realise that it will be his 300th birthday in April next year?

Tiny, or should I call you Paul now?,- thanks for volunteering for the committee - you have probably heard from Bob by now. Still no word from Scot or any of the other members itching to help. I repeat that it is not onerous . If I can do it then ....

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

6 Nov 2006

To Geoff Hern

Were you the maths teacher who tried to charge me for burning my maths book whilst in the dorm? A dorm mate (Morris I think his name was) and I left a candle on it trying to stay up all night! Burnt the curtains and we had to apologise to the whole Sandringham House.

PS I've been in the fire service 28 years 8 months!

Ian Murison (S71-72)

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7 Nov 2006

A big hi to Andy Youngs, I suppose I can forgive you if you promise not to bottle out of next years reunion in Blackpool on 30th June, afterall like you said it has been 27 years. (god that makes me feel old). I'm living in Aldershot at the moment, my eldest son has just made me a granny and I can't seem to get rid of my youngest lad. Off to Thailand for a month in Jan so that'l give me a break. You will have to join the Society so that I can get a contact address or email address as they don't give them out on the notice board but as I don't work at the moment you could always give me a date and time to meet you at the station here in Aldershot n we can meet for a coffee and a chat, that is if you don't have far to travel.

A big hello to Angie Barnard, Chris Lancaster, Julie Tibbs, Sharon Southall, and anyone else who remembers me, hope you are all going to be at the reunion in Blackpool next year, I will not miss this one and its a good excuse to see mum and dad as thats where they live. It would be nice if Paul Falcus could be at this one, I've noticed a couple of messages from him on the site. Are you back in the UK or still living in Germany? Your brother is only a few miles down the M3 from me.

Well got to go, hope to hear from some of you, if not I hope to see you at the reunion next year.

Take care xx

Chris Duxbury (B 78-80)

9 Nov 2006

To Benny Bennett - Re your September message about Jacks Union. I can remember a band during 66-68 - the name Jacks Union seems to ring a bell - played fabulous music and I agree, made it worth while going to the socials. I can remember one member was Ken Caley, (only because I was a bit soft on him!). Do you remember at the end of the evening when you were trying to dance as close as possible to your partner and the teachers used to
go around and separate you? Oh those were the days don't you think.

Lynda Leslie (Barber) (E66-68)

9 Nov 2006

Lynn Adams, Your name is familiar, but you left the year I arrived. I was in Edinburgh House 66-68 and shared a dorm with Jenny Wells, Sue Gatt and a couple of others. I was also in 1066 and All That, I played the part of a soldier (beard an' all) along side of Nikki Dodkins "but where is my satisfaction". Lost touch with Jenny many years ago after I moved to Australia. I notice that there is a reunion coming up next June, I am hoping to do a trip back to the UK next year so will have to try and organise it around the same time.

Lynda Leslie (Barber) (E66-68)

10 Nov 2006

Hi to Ian Lister
Seen you posted a message in October looking for the hardcore 69-73 mob in Hillsborough House ( The Real Rugby Players) It's good to hear from you. Can you remember being my room mate in the 5th year, the room always smelt of smoke I guess we were too close to the boiler house.Also do you remember the night we all ran away with a loaf of brown bread and it was raining, never got far did we Soest road I think.Was in contact with Mike Sleeman a few years ago he lives in Cornwall (selling ice cream I think) It would be great to get in touch with you I guess I will have to pay my subs again (keep forgetting) I was planning on going to next years reunion what do you say. Look forward to hearing from you.

PS Remember the summer jobs we had in Osnabruck.

John Semple (H69-73)

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11 Nov 2006

No Ian I do not think that it was me - although it could have been the sort of thing that we went in for - fancy using a maths book as a candle holder.

Still no word from Scot Innes I must have frightened him off and the site still seems to be suffering from my contributions to it.

So two things for everybody out there just to make an old man happy - volunteer for the committee and somebody please find some triples which start with an even number.

Geoff Hern M 60-80

24 Nov 2006

The problem with the .cgi post form for the visitors book and joining has now been fixed.


26 Nov 2006

AJ - are you still in Bracknell? I will be staying there on 12th

John Garnett (H77-79)

27 Nov 2006

At last, more 70's names to remember. Hav'nt checked in since last year, oops. Duncan McTavish, you still writing with rubber pencils? And Scot Innes, still wearing dark purple bovva boots? Hope you guys are well and look forward to seeing you in the future. (Yes scot, you might have thought they were brown but they were dark purple:) .....I have the memory of an elephant.) Still looking to hear from anyone who remembers Sue Carlile from St.James house.

Wishing everyone a happy Xmas.

Nigel Hoar (S71-74)

28 Nov 2006

Dave Savage - Just saw your message of 26 Oct 2006 - I have not kept in touch with any ex-Windsorites lately - I think the last reunion I went to was in 2000. Back then I was in touch with the Brindleys, Jimmy Nichols, Suzanne Gower, Neil Carrick, and a few others. Maybe I will make an effort and attend the 2007 reunion. Let me know if you hear from any others from the early 70s.

Robert Hoffman (E69-75)

29 Nov 2006

Hello John Garnett, I tried to email you the other day, but I think I have an old email address... Are you going to the reunion? If so see you there.... Should be fun, lots of people I know are going...Get in touch!

Denise Meyers (Fletcher) (H72-78)

30 Nov 2006

Hi Denise, how are you keeping?I haven't changed my email address but I did delete a load or emails when I got back from holiday recently. You might have got caught up in that. Email me again and I'll talk to you about the reunion.

John Garnett (H77-79)

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