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2 May 2006

First visit for some time like the new layout and very sorry to hear of Haydn Jones passing away last year hope his family are well.The years are ticking by and its inevitable these things will happen anyway both me and my sister julie are fine and please get in touch if you remember us.

Andy Tibbs (H76-80)

7 May 2006

Hello to anyone who remembers me or my two brothers John and Alan Henry.Not posted for a while, would love to know whats become of some of the people I remember, Angus McPherson,Ian Parkinson, Martin Sedgwick, Nick Low ect ect.

William Henry(H71-75)

8 May 2006

Can anyone who was in my house from these years get in touch. I would love to hear from you. My sister Patricia was in the same house at the same time.

Vicky Bailey (S58-60)

9 May 2006

Paul Roper, B112 From 1963 /64 ish it would be good to hear from anyone who remembers me after all these years.

Paul Roper (B63/64 - )

9 May 2006

To whom it may concern,

What a mind jogger this web site is,have not posted anything for years,it was a totally different layout before.Any Marlbros out there remember us "Bennys",Ralph-James-Peter&David..We were all at W.B.S.for a few years.All good memories for us.I would like to here from any old boys from my era,what are you all up to now?I'm a site manager for a building firm in Essex.Married with two boys,well men now 26 & 24....they will not leave the nest.Any tips on how to get rid........please help!!ho ho.

Hope to hear from someone in the near

Jim(Benny)Bennett (M63 - 68)

12 May 2006

I remember you James.Hopeless at lessons but good at sport if I recall.How the devil are you?

See you tomorrow we can watch West Ham thrash those northern boys then on Sunday I can whoop you and Peter at golf again.

Ralph Bennett (M62 - 68)

12 May 2006

I was a pupil at Windsor School 1958/59.
My house was Balmoral, and my house number B99.
I would be very interested to receive any relevant information from that period.I have happy memories of that time, and recall especially the wonderful meals provided.I also recall seeing the latest films in the school hall. Recall of lessons not so good, so obviously I enjoyed the leisure times more! Thank you in anticipation.

Kathleen Collins (nee Murray Chisholm) (B58 - 59)

13 May 2006

Yes it was ralph bennett inquiring about mo and tessa, both were ex's of his i think !!! He wants to rekindle his relationships (Maybe) I don't know.......

Only JOKING Ralph......bruv James (Benny)

Jim Bennett (M63-68)

14 May 2006

Sorry, I thought this was the site for a school I went to, seems to have been taken over by the fabulous Bennet boys.James, Ralph, how are you? Do you remember me?, Where's Chris?

Mick Powditch (B64-69)

17 May 2006

PEGLEG yes I was one of them gullable first years. I was in Balmoral House(still got the tie) Shared a dorm with Steve Kelly,Kevin HOGGER.... Only names I can remember for now. Ended up in King Richards School (KRS) Cyprus,Where Mr Telling turned up.I remember Kim Fletcher DD Donavan of course Mr Newton (felt his chalk on several occasions)

Ian Poole (B78-80)

17 May 2006

Just seen Ian Pooles Message, Dorm 126 in 3rd year was Me, Steve Valentine, Ian, Kevin Hogger, Steve Kelly and Paul Houston

Mike Snook (B79-82)

18 May 2006

greetings to all,hope everyone is ok.....? love and light to mr jones family,our thoughts r with you one that is still around give us a kwick shout....take care all l8rs...andie...aka

andie crawford (H76-81)

20 May 2006

just found the site! i was wondering if the school was still operational? I've found the answer on this site.Cannot remember most of the names of my friends.I recognised some of the names on the members list, but all were in years above me.The only name i saw whom i related to was Marcus Ball. I remember him being a 'Day Boy' and also his father teaching me. I have just noticed another name 'Mike Ore',we both played football together. On the subject of football, i would like to mention that i played for the school team for each year i was a student.I was also a member of the group of boys that played 'a sponsered 24hr 5 a side football.This was to raise funds for a 'football and basketball tour to Doncaster'. On the tour we all went to Leeds Utd's ground.Had a great time. Anyone else remember? please let me know. I would like any other info that may be of interest for the time i was a student in Sandringham hse. I will be 42yrs old this year. What about a great housemaster 'Mr Ramsdale'

Michael Roddy (S75-78)

21 May 2006

hi mick,yes i think i remember you........the bennett boys are all well and live in colchester.i live in royston herts whilst Christine married a scot and lives up there. i am still in Christmas cards...with mo rankine,pia ayres,mags and patsy cotton, nikki wilson,paul clay,gerry mills, paul sayers,Peter Kitchen housemaster of Marlboro' loved my time at WBS and have fond memories of the place and people.may be see you at a re union.

Ralph Bennett (M62-68)

23 May 2006

Message for James Bennett - M63-68

Hi James, I remember you in Marlborough, we both played in the house and school junior football teams together. I remember you were a great dribbler and would never pass the ball!! I eventually joined the RAF and had a full career. I am now retired and living in France.

Be great to here from you again.

Stuart Baines (M64-66)

23 May 2006

Hello to everyone.

I am trying to obtain copies of exam certificates from thirty years hence, anyone got an idea of where to begin.


William Henry (H71-75)

24 May 2006

About old exam certificates - at the Girls' School, it was the London board - this now falls under Edexcel (Edexel?) - they should be able to reissue old certificates. Information on the QCA website, I believe. Good luck! I can't believe you don't have your certificates in an old envelope gathering dust at the bottom of the cupboard, like I do ~

I wonder what happened with the boards we used to have up in the Assembly Hall foyer, with all the names of the pupils, and the O and A levels they had achieved?

Best wishes Pam

(who remembers Chris Bennett - she was in the chapel choir with me at
one time - please send her my best wishes, bro's Ralph and Jimmy)

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

25 May 2006

Goo'Day Ian Morrison, My Pa was at 23 Base Wkshps, REME , Jul 61 - Jul 64 . Col was "dad" Faulkner . Lt Col was ? Cryer . Frank Ironmonger - Major.Where was your home Wetter or Volmerstein ? There was always an exchange "Aussie"there.Hope you survived the ordeal. regards

Harry Watson ( M61-64)


26 May 2006

Hi Willie. It appears edexcel don’t re-issue actual certificates anymore but will give you a certifying statement for the small cost of £30. You can get the form on their website.

I’ve still got my CSE & GCE certificates from ’75, do you know any good forgers?

Phil McGregor (Grog) (C73-76)

28 May 2006

Hello to Ralph and James Bennett. How could we ever forget you!! On your message you mentioned a name I have often wondered about - Paul Clay! I have not heard or seen him since 1969! I live north of Boston in the US. Last summer Paul Sayers and Bob Young visited me. We talked about "the good old days"! How is Gerry Mills and whatever happened to Mike Waters? I hope one day to attend a reunion.

Michael Downey (M65-68)

30 May 2006

Hello Michael Downey,I met Paul Sayers at a re union and he told me of your success in the USA as a tennis coach,is that right? I vaguely remember you could swing a racket.Well done mate.

Paul Clay lives near Peterboro'......he worked for Umbro for years and is now semi retired working only when the mood takes him selling expensive country wear like wellie boots.The rest of the time he plays golf with a handicap of 2.Gerry Mills is a painter decorator,self employed in Hadleigh Essex whilst Mike Waters joined the Met Police in about 1968/9..I met him once in London with Gerry but have not heard from him since.I think he got thrown out for selling hooky cigarettes..something he picked up from George Squires ?

I hope you are well and if you do come to a re union I will see you there.

Ralph Bennett (M62-68)

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