2 March 2006
just realised why I havn't had any newsletters. Changed my adress and forgot to post the letter. Can I do it through this e-mail?

Eddie Benham id# 84. (B54-59)

Yes of course you can Eddie The latest Newsletter is on its way...Doug

8 March 2006
Hi Brian Bosher i remember you, now lets see oh yes you were sunderlands only supporter back then (i wonder if they have any more than that now) if your not sure if you remember me i was the one at the back on the runs with Alex Bainbridge (some one had to be there ).

and DP how come we can't join online these days ??

Dave(Billy) Bunting (H66-69)

Gremlins (!) sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. We are hoping to sort it out when the site gets its overhaul.

In the meantime if anyone experiences problems with the online registration request please send Gill an email to gill@kingsworthy.net or use this Visitors Book message facility...Doug

13 March 2006
Hi I was sue MEECH when I went to Windsor,1980 I left.was there a year.AND that year MADE me what I am today! BEST school I ever went to.And I went to loads! I was in St James house.

Sue J Sturgeon (nee Meech) (StJ 80-81)

17 March 2006
I have just read the visitors book and it looks like there might be another reunion. As I live in Western Australia it would be great to hear when the next reunion is likely to be, as organising a trip may take some planning

Carol Everett (nee Large (H69-72)

Yes! current plans are for 2007 details will appear on this site soon ...Doug

20 March 2006


My name is Ian Morrison, my dad was an Australian exchange officer serving with 23 Base Wksp at Wetter, I attended Windsor Boys from about mid 1960 to around the end of ’61, think I was in Edinburgh House, I was the only Aussie in the school at the time, felt a bit lonely at times but enjoyed the weekend visits to town and a couple of mates whose names I cannot remember.

Hope someone can remember me.

Ian Morrison (E60-61)

Well Ian, Congratulations - yours is the first letter to be copied to here by me - Bill

23 March 2006

Jane & Mandy Cleary as was we were based in Verden in the early 70's and were both in Caernarvon house 70-73. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers us. Don't know if Sue and Lesley Ball were the same age as us.I was very shy but my Sister Mandy was the youngest in the year and had to cut a cake at some party or other with the youngest boy in Caernarvon House.I remember having a stint in dorm no 212 middle corridor and recreating Peg Legs legacy for some of the younger ones.

Would love to hear from anyone from Verden or Caernarvon House.

Jane Howorth (nee Cleary) (C70-73)

Thu, 30 Mar 2006

Were having our 25th wedding anniversary party on the 5th August and wanted to invite those from my era that would like to attend.

Added the invite if you can manage to somehow attach a link to it that would be great?

Tony Reilly (M73-76)

Hope its a great day for you both Tony - click on 25th wedding.... and here is the Legion Site address -: