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1 June 2006

Cheers Phil, A tempting offer but i need them for the police service so i had better not. I dont remember you from school but do you remember a bloke called Andy Dempster?.

Willie Henry (H71-75)

5 June 2006

For Ian Fudge.- Hi Ian, Kev Morgan here. Good to see you are still alive and kicking and back in your homeland.

For Willie Henry - I remember Andy 'Jock' Dempster well. He's still alive and kicking from what I have heard.

Kevin Morgan (C73-76)

15 June 2006

Hello, Andy King here or as Mr Ball used to call me "Kingo you spoonbender." I was in Sandringham House (S196). I remember my first night in a dorm in January 78 with Hammy and others. I then later shared with Paul Gale, Billy Blair (who I have been in touch with). I was good mates with John Lynch through Laarbruch - have also been in touch with him.

Formative experiences were the "monkey test" in Maths, going out with girls for less than a week, organised snowball battles on the playing fields, drinking sweet white wine down by the canal and having to go to sickbay to get my head bandaged when high jinks went wrong (still got the scar). Mr Scott doing bratwursts in the corridor, doing weight-training with Mr Bruce in some dingy cellar. Going swimming the ffff-freezing swimming pool, which gave you an ice-cream headache if you put your head under. I do have a photo of Sandringham boys from 79/80 - and we all were rebelling with largest windsor knots you've ever seen - kids are doing it again now! Also shared with Tony Massey - who I recall being a talented artist - his work is still in my Concordias somewhere
round the house. Post a message if you recall me.

Andy King (S78-80)

16 June 2006

I started at windsor school, balmoral house then a term in plön and back to hamm to the new girls school. Have great memories from my time at windsor, have never come across anyone who went to windsor only Prince Rupert and King Alfred. Was blown away when i found this site. Great reading. Have lived in australia for almost 40 years.

Recognise some names, not too many from my time.

Ellen Warnaby (nee Brandon) (B58-62)

23 June 2006

I see we are going North for next years re-union. I hope we can get a good rate at the Norbeck Castle. Looking forward to seeing people there. means i'll have to travel north again.

Bruno Brunsdon (S62-64 and E67-69)

26 June 2006

Hi Ellen, I have just read your message dated 16th June, not too sure if you remember me or not. I remember you well. I'm also in contact with Wendy Holbrey.

Lesley Annable (B60-63)

27 June 2006

Meanwhile, as you already know Bruno, A small SOUTHERN mini-bash is on the cards at Ringwood Hants, on Saturday 22 July 06. The plan is to meet up initially in the Original White Hart in the Market place, Ringwood at around about midday and from there a leisurely pub crawl might be in order. If any ex-inmates of Windsor or staff are in the area why not pop along and join us for an ale or two.

Willie, you need degrees for the police now dont you? Andy Dempster eh, (always wondered what Jocks first name was) remember him well, at one time we shared a dorm along with Graham Brookfield, Ian Fudge and Northcott (cant recall his first name), I Remember Jock as ardent Celtic and closet bay city rollers fan, what he lacked in size he made up for in enthusiasm, last I heard he was driving trucks for the Army, but that was many moons ago.

Phil McGregor (Grog) (C73-76)

27 June 2006

To Willie Henry, Andy (jock) Dempster was living in Dedridge Livingston 4 or 5 years ago (DURWARD RISE)next door to my brother Frank. His parents lived in Craigshill at the time (Don Drive I think), but he seems to have dissapeared to pastures new again!I see your mother regularly as she lives a couple of doors up from one of my ex foster kids....small world eh? Also noted posts by a couple of ex Caernarvon inmates, Phil Mc Gregor, Kevin Morgan and Ian Fudge all from my era, hope you guys are all well, its been a while so I dont know if any of you remember me or my brother frank who is a year younger? We are hoping to make it to the next re-union... whenever that is!

Tom Mc Carthy a.k.a Paddy (C71-76)

The next re-union will be 30th June 2007 in Blackpool, I will be posting more info soon - Bill

28 June 2006

Hi to one and all. It's been some time since i visited the site and even longer since i posted. Just wanted to say hi to a few of the names that i have spotted today. Nice to see you are still about Bill, Will Henry, Kev Morgan, Phil McGregor and Paddy. There are a few other names that sort of ring a bell but the grey matter is deteriating somewhat. Will Henry, how the hell are you doing? You seemed to disapear for some time after the last reunion in Blackpool. Hope things are good with you!I have one picture that has Will Henry, Kearon MacDonald and Andy Dempster on it.

Bill, where abouts in Blackpool is this reunion going to be? Who is organising it? And last but not least are there any names already down for going?

Anyone remember Mike Melia, Steven Forward or Dave Bremner from Caernarvon house from the around the same years as me? More to the point does anyone know the whereabouts of any of them? I do know that Mike Melia's dad left the Army and last i heard Mike was still living in Germany about 1980.

Alan Savage (C71-74)

Alan, nice to hear from you. The re-union will be an official windsor society bash - will post more details shortly in a special page - Bill

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