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3 July 2006

Alan Savage....sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Steve Ford died in the late 70's early 80's, think it was a car accident of some sort?

Have a great memory of him playing football with the back field wanderers..a great time!

Tony Reilly (M73-76)

3 July 2006

Hello, my name is Sam Hartley (Mrs), My husband( Major Tony Hartley) was stationed in Hamm 1980-83. During this time Miss Estelle Gerrett was a teacher at the Primary School. Today she telephoned me from New Zealand - first time since 1983!! - she will be in the UK during August and is anxious to contact Cheryl Lafferty who was a teacher at the girls school - if my memory serves me correctly I think it was sport of some kind. She lived in the officers' Mess in Ostenallee for a while. It would be appreciated if anyone could could help. Thank you. Incidently, we were in Hamm last year - it was so depressing seeing the schools in such a state of disrepair, rubbish and dirt, broken windows etc. Hamm was a special place.
Regards Sam Hartley.

Can anyone help with this? - Bill

6 July 2006

Hi Tony, i haven't looked to see if i typed in the wrong name but the person i was asking about was a Steven Forward of Caernarvon House. Although i am not sure that i knew Steven Ford also.

I almost certainly remember you by name.

Alan Savage (C71-74)

6 July 2006

Just found the site again after a few years. It looks good! I was at Windsor from approx. 76-77. My two sisters also went there, Pauline and Jeannie. I would like to say hi to some old friends - Hi to Denise Fletcher, Carol Hughes, Steve Twigg, Nigel Murray and Tony Reilly to name a few. Tony - I am back in Toronto after 10 years in the U.S. Will get in touch.

Carole Fletcher (M76-77)

8 July 2006

anyone remember me ?

Carol-Ann Tucker (S67-69)

9 July 2006

hi does anybody remember me i was at wgs 72-74,my older brothers roy dave and alan savage went to wbs(c)i remember miss waldren (wally) very well.

Linda Weir (Nee Savage)(M72-74)

9 July 2006

Hey Girl,

Good to see you getting my emails??

Tony Reilly (M73-76)

12 July 2006

Hi, my name is Kim Taylor and I was at Windsor Boys School, Balmoral House(B11?)in 1963/64. My father was in the RAF at SHAPE in Paris.I am an Australian, so maybe someone will remember me, if so please send me an email. I am now back in Ausralia(Perth), and have been since 1967.

Kim Taylor (B63-64)

14 July 2006

Hi to everyone who remembers me, especially, Jackie Blackmore, Julie Tibbs, Angie Barnard, Linda Austin, Nicky Leggatt, Sharon Wilson, Chris Lancaster, and all I have not named but haven't forgotten.

Loved my time at WGS, best days of my life, great fun, it will be nice to hear from you again

Steph Southall (B78-80)

15 July 2006

This is Kim Taylor again, I have a few things that have come to mind about my time at WBS. I do remember the Padre falling out of his pulpit. I remember ringing the bells at church because I wasn't very religious and didn't want to sit in church. I don't remember many names, but I do remember someone we called 'Prof' and talking like Donald Duck. I distinctly remember the 'Pegleg' story and scaring new students at night.

Kim Taylor (B63-64)

15 July 2006

Having just read Kim Taylors message whos name does not ring a bell,reminds me of the Padre falling from his pulpit I was there and I had to bite my lip hard.Who remembers gaffers omelette the bulling prefects always got the lions share.I can remember a few names Pat Cotton who I used to send letters and crush pins to,Titch Slater,the Bethell bros,Shaun Healy,Chris Emmet who was fond of apples,to name but a few I am looking forward to joining the society so I can contact a few lost friends.

Paul Roper B112 (B63-64)

18 July 2006

Hi Bill, haven't been on the site for months due to the previous technical issues, but the new format is great. Must send my new subsciption...!

Noticed a reference to a reunion on a previous page, possibly in Blackpool. Is this a repeat of the reunion previously held in Newbury? If so, when will details start to flow?

Have to say (and include myself) the 70's generation are letting themself down, not only did we fail to put together a mini 70's reunion, the postings on the message board are poor! As all my school reports said, "must do better....!"

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

Good to see you back Nic. The next official re-union will be 30th June 2007 in Blackpool - Bill

19 July 2006

Hi Andy Youngs here, i was in edinburgh house and lived in Berlin, Ive just spent all afternoon at work reading all the messages, hasnt half brought back some memories and faces from the past, I actually bottled out of going to the big reunion at newbury for some reason.Chris Duxbury can i say sorry now after 27 years for the way we split up .If anyone remembers me id love to catch up on all the good times, Is kim Fletcher still around or does anybody know what hes doing.The last people i saw from windsor was pete leach and john duncan in a bar in hohne in 1982, where are they now.

Andy Youngs (E76-78)

28 July 2006

I was a "yank" at Windsor Boys School in the 70's. Was friends with Steve Hollis, Terry Leahy, Simon & Martin Brindley and all the Americans. Wondering where everyone is now.

Dr. Gregory E. Oxford (C70-75)

29 July 2006

I was a day boy, from Werl. My days at WBS were good ones and left me with many fond memories, both with staff and fellow pupils. Remember quite a few names and would love to catch up with a few after 25 years!

Keith Moralee (M77-81)

29 July 2006

Hi Greg Oxford - I was a year younger but remember you as one of the very successful Windsor basketball team who used to give visiting UK teams a good thrashing! I take it from your Dr tag that you've done equally well in your career - well done!

I well remember Messrs Hollis, Leahy & of course, the Brindley boys. We were all in the football (sorry - soccer) team which won the inter schools trophy - in 1974/5 i think.

I still keep in touch with a few ex Windsors - Neil Cassidy, Jim Nicholls & Geraldine Gammon & have managed to get to a couple of the reunions. Would be great to hear from anyone else out there who might remember our times at WBS / WGS.

Neil Carrick (H72-75)

29 July 2006

Greetings and all good wishes to former staff and pupils! I see in this month's (July) messages references made by Kim Taylor (B63-64) and Paul Roper (B63-64) to that memorable 'padre falling out of the pulpit' incident. Well in case, over the years, you have been thinking that it might have had injurious effects, not so! I have just celebrated my 77th birthday and am in fine fettle. Tell you what - if the Editor accepts it, I'll write a brief account of the incident for the Newsletter. I am looking forward very much to the next Reunion. Last month on a trip to Scotland I met again with Marianne Walker (widow of Johnny - Science) and one of their daughters - Lisanne. Then a few days later, another reunion (the first in 35 years) with JANET CAMPBELL as she was known in the 60s, who was Sister i/c School Sick Bay! So, if you read this Beryl and Angie (former teachers) and Joan Wylie (widow of that most memorable of Headmasters - the late Michael )and any others who might wish to get in touch again with Janet, do contact me. The website has been a source of interest and much pleasure. Many thanks to the past and present 'boffins' who manage it. Let's hear from more of you 'out there'! Blessings.

Revd.John Fielding ( B61-69)

Well Revd JJ this "boffin" remembers the pulpit incident vividly and would love to hear your side of it ! - Bill

30 July 2006

Hi Again to one and all. Dr Oxford i presume ( Well it had to be said dont you think )I remember yourself and Steve Hollis, his dad was in the same regiment as my dad. I also remember Terri Leahy. Greg, you may remember my two brothers who were also in Caernarvon House, Roy and David. Roy being the eldest of the three of us.

Neil Carrick, i also remeber yourself and how are you nowadays?

Bill C, I was a full member sometime ago and am interested in rejoing. Do i have to pay the joing fee again? I do have a good reason why i ended up on the lapsed member list but shant go into that on here.

Take care everyone and lets hear your storys

Alan Savage (C71-74)

Alan, the reunions page has a form for renewal - as you don't need the new joiner pack there is no need to pay the fee.

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