1 January 2006
A Happy New Year to all

The Windsor Society Committee

2 January 2006
It’s 2006 already, just wanted to say Happy New Year to All.
Can’t believe it 3 years since the last Newbury do. Wondering when the next one will be?

Malcolm (Bruno) Brunsdon 62-64, 67-69

...current plans are for 2007 - watch this space ..DP

2 January 2006
Dear Sir/Madam,

I was a pupil at Windsor boys grammar school in Hamm from 1966 to 1969 and I was in Hillsborough house.

I have been searching for information and looking for pictures of my past school, and have never been able to find any, but I have now found a website which is excellent and hyperlinked to your e-mail address.

My name is Malcolm Malone, and I would very much appreciate it if you could tell me if any of my fellow classmates have got in touch with you, or if you have any information or more about the school so I can show my family how great it was!?
Malcolm Malone (H66-69)

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5 January 2006
Gerry Asbury. You posted a message on the board in October.

Can you contact me as I am in touch with John O'shea and Tich Wilson. We would love to here from you.

Also anyone else that knows us.

Frank Knight (M59- 62)

8 January 2006
Hello everyone. It's 3 years since I last posted a message....and not a sausage or should I say "brattie" from anyone. Surely I wasn't that anonymous.I was a day boy from Soest who spent 4 years in Hillsborough House between 1972 and 76. Names from that time...Gary Horder, Phil and Paul Bennet, Bob Casburn, Phil Rutherford, Byron Bartlett, Keith Humphries, John Sheratt and Caroline Taylor. Happy Days as a Backfield Wanderer because I wasn't good enough to play for the first 11. All the best

Dan Sheldon (H72-76)

10 January 2006
Hi Gerry ( Astbury ).

I am still in contact with Frank Knight, and John Oshea, If you would like to get in touch with them, you can contact me through Friends Reunited. I spoke to Frank the other day and he remembers you well.

Billy Wilson (M60/62)

15 January 2006
Hi Doug,

I am looking for some help in making contact with a Bill Mckenna who I believe moved from Havel to Windsor possibly somewhere around the 1980s. He was a PE teacher at Havel and, I think, deputy Head.

I am involved in organizing a surprise retirement party for an ex RAF friend who lived close to the McKennas while stationed in Dusseldorf in the 1970s and his wife would be delighted if they could be there as surprise guests. If you can offer any help or clues as to the whereabouts of the Mckennas, I would be most grateful.

With thanks,

Dick Doleman

any info please to doug_pruden@hotmail.com and I will pass it on

16 January 2006
Hi to anyone who remembers me?
Ronnie (Veronica) Smith Nee Davies

16 January 2006
Hi, NE1 remember me Mike Greenwood H108 (H69-72) Are they any former 1969 first year's out there who may have been in the same Hillsbrourgh Dorm next to Marsden's (Mr.) ground floor masonette before entering in to the second year. Were n't there some seemingly great times. Hi Eddy, can you remember, or do you even want to remember. Do you remember all those dares after lights out. Off all the dareies you were the champion . Wasn't it Bryn who had the most tuck so he could usually get the most dares out of the whole dorm. Hi Titch, well I never knew you by any other name. It seems I can only remember three out of eight names from the first year dorm so sorry if I missed you but why not get in touch at and let me know who you are.
List of known names from Hillsbrough first year dorm 1969:

Mike Greenwood H108
Eddy Edward Todd
Bryn Jones

Anyone remember our second year neighbours- weren't they just rascals, but the best rascals one could hope to meet. In truth they were like a hybrid St.Trinnians-gun powder plot. Had some one actually lite all the stashed fireworks stashed in various secret locations one night it would have sounded a bit like the fourth of July. I remembered those red paper packaged Chinese fire crackers one could buy in Hamm City Shops for two Deutsch Marks for a string of one thousand all on one fuse. Highly contraband but youth is youth. Hello to you second years of Hillsbrough 1969-70. Hi to Malc Granger, Eddy Lighthouse, Malc Rocket and any others forgotten. Do anyof yous remember any of those latenight raids, target: the maths block or the MT firing range? I just loved it

Mike Greenwood H108 (H69-72)

17 January 2006

could you please tell me if there will be a windsor reunion this year


Lynn Kenney

the next major reunion is planned for next year - watch this space .., DP