2 February 2006

Happy New Year. Hope all is well? We are now in Feb 2006. Has'nt that gone fast. Still searching for Christine Morgan who was in Hillsborough house in 70,71,72?
Carol Everett (Large Hills)

8 February 2006

Hiya to anyone who remembers me Penny (hobbs).I was in Edinburgh hse just for a short while but I remember so much from those days!! (1976-1978).
Best to all, Penny

Penny Hobbs (E76-78)

11 February 2006

Hi Doug or is it Bill now? I am in the process of writing up our trip to Hamm last year and will send a copy in to the society when complete for the newsletter.

Malcolm (Bruno) Brunsdon (S62-64, E67-69)

Thanks Bruno - looking forward to it.

It's still Doug for the time being until we sort out a technical problem, Will let you know when Bill takes over. ... DP

14 February 2006

hello my name is shaun cheetham, I went to windsor boys school for only two weeks but my brothers John kevin and Ian where there longer, before that I went to Hannover primary school with my two other brothers lee and carl. we where living in Germany from 1970-1980 as my dad was in the royal artillary "sgt John Cheetham". I would like to here from anyone who can remember us. We are now all living in Burnley lancashire, with our wives and children
Shaun, Lee & Carl Cheetham (?70-80)

17 February 2006

nicky rolfe st james daygirl 1971-1975
I am looking for the Edmunds twins jan and sue ??? has anyone any idea at all where they are ???

Nicky Rolfe (StJ71-75)

26 February 2006

noticed i did a message on 17 feb 2006 i posted that at least a year ago................................ i know wot happened my computer was playing up and we had to reset the password and all my old messages have jusst been sent hahahah v funny....................thought i was going mad like my dad {he has alzheimers)
cheers nicky rolfe xxx
Nicky Rolfe (StJ71-75)