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1 Aug 2006

Hi,ex W.B.S.'s just wanted to be first msg in August.Have a day off today an i'm a bit bored so thought i'd say hello to a few of the 63-69 marlbro boys..we used to kick some ass on the sports field,if my mem. serves me well.Any one still got photos of any of the teams or sports events,i would like to see them from 63-69.Is there a site with photos on it,if not there should wishes to you all

"Benny" Bennett (M63-69)

Lots of pics on this site - Bill

1 Aug 2006

TO Messrs Savage, Carrick and Oxford:
Alan - please tell Dave I said hello.

Neil - please tell Jimmy Nichols I said hello. What reunion were we all at - 2000?

Greg - how is your drumming? - my piano playing is continually regressing

I've lost touch with the Brindleys, and what happened to all the WGS students from out era (Suzanne, Lorraine?)

Robert Hoffman (E69-75)

3 Aug 2006

Hey Bill! Love what you've done on here. I will have to start checking in more regularly! Hi to everyone, especially those crazy people I met at Blackpool and the Lakes. Special hi to Claire & Julie Morgan in Oz (where've you been lately?) and hi to John Lynch, Steve Beechie, Liz Guthrie, Brent & Darren Warren. People I remember-Shaz Gascoigne and the rest of 307 & 312 (Jo Lees, Lesley woodward, Pauline Hardy, Deb Rymer, Sabina Moffatt, Liz Prior, Janet McKenna, Lyn padbury and many more.) Has anyone seen Phill Lowrie lately? I lost in touch a few years back. If you read this Phill, give me a call to catch up. Hoping to see everyone sooner rather than later..

.Ali Lindley (E159) 77 - 79

Thanks Ali and nice to see you back here. - Bill

ps I will be offline a few days but will post all messages when I return.....

3 Aug 2006

An abbreviated single year complicated by anorexia. Time has mellowed some overall unhappy memories & I do recall some decent sorts I'd like to contact.

John Presant (B66-67)


6 Aug 2006

I would like to hear from anyone who was in Balmoral House WGS at same time as me, especially Nanette Harriss, Ann Bruce, Jane Leadbetter, Julie Beaumont. I can be contacted through friends reunited as well. Am in contact with Pauline Forrester. Hope to hear from someone soon.

Ann Marie Frost (B76-79)

8 Aug 2006

A distinct absence of messages from the girls school! Has there been a take over by WBS?

Rae Mitchell (nee Cleverly) (M77-81)

10 Aug 2006

greetings news on next years reunion????

Andie Crawford (H77-81)

The next official re-union will be 30th June 2007 in Blackpool - Bill

10 Aug 2006


Nice to see some familiar names. I was a member of the 'Soccer Team' that won the football festival on home soil along with messrs Carrick, Hollis, Brindleys, Black, Dyche, Weller, Leahy, Ian Mynott etc. I also remember Bobby Hoffman and Greg Oxford. I think my Brother-in Law Steve Pegram played Basketball with the Needhams but was probably too young to have played with Bobby.

Nic, Sorry we never sorted our 70's reunion. Events in my work life took over and I kind of lost the plot for a while.

Scot Innes (M73-76)

11 Aug 2006

Hi i was at the school when it closed down, my friends were sue melville, sandra guppy, michelle wright and many others. I do remember Jeff Greenall - serious crush, but i am married now so no more crushes - so unfair............

Dawn Perry (B82-83)

15 Aug 2006

If anyone out there remembers me - please email me. I'm currently living in the US - but can make it to a reunion if you plan on another.

Sandra Wilton (S75-78)

15 Aug 2006

Just been looking for some things in the attic and came across some old Concordia mags from the 70's. This reminded me of this site which I have not looked at for about 4 years. Good to see some of the old names like Alan Savage and Chris scriven from Wulfen where I used to live. Might even get around to joining the soc this time and see about the reunion.

Kevin Rawson (C71-76)

15 Aug 2006

Hi to any who knows me I was a day boy from werl my brother Jenner was at the school to so if do know drop me a line .

Kevin Hilton (E74-78)

19 Aug 2006

Hello to anyone who might remember me. Susan Pepper, I just read your message - I remember you. I live in California. I've written a couple of messages over the years but haven't had any responses. I was in 1066 and All That as Anne of Cleves "When he first met me, he gave a stare and thought I looked like a Flanders mare" - maybe I did:) What a great time that was! Anyone know the whereabouts of Jenny Fairman or Jenny Wells? How about the twins Angela and Shelagh - all from Edinborough House?

Lynne Adams (E63-66)

19 Aug 2006

I was a student in Windsor boys school Hamm from 1974-1981. My father was stationed in Soest 1974. In this year I was a day boy. In 1975 my father was stationed in Osnabrück. From then onwards I became a boarder.
My name is Daniel Arnephy and boarded in Caernavon House. Our housemaster was Mr. McKay.
In September 1981 we were stationed in Wetter/Ruhr. I left this school and went to Cornwall School in Dortmund.
I am now still living in Germany,. If you would like to contact me, please send me an email.

It`s great to know that Windsor boys school has a society and I would really like to see pictures from Caernavon House at the time I was there. I would like to get in contact with the pupils who were with me at the time I was there. Thank you very much. I`ll keep in touch.

Daniel Arnephy (C74-81)

20 August 2006

I went to WGS until my 5th year - My father got stationed back to England and I was pulled out in October 1978. Not before I managed to get mixed up with the wrong crowd. (Unfortunately after all of these years, my memory has taken on other information - but here goes). Sandringham House.

We (me and a few others from WGS) managed to slip by our houses mistresses (mine was Miss Lilly Devine) hop over the fence and nip to the boys school for whatever the reasons were back then - mine were just the rush of doing something we shouldn't be. Anyway, we were eventually caught because we were loud coming back in and Lilly Devine caught us. After a while we were got our privileges back and were allowed out......when we decided it would be cool to get drunk on some Cheap Wine....which we did and were sent over to sick bay - however some poor girl had gotten the chicken pox so we were sent back to Sandringham where Miss Devine posted herself outside of our dorm all night. The finale was we were put on report, so some smart alec decided that we should run away. At tea-time the girls packed us food and supplies, that night we ran away - meeting up with Noddy and friends.....and wouldn't you know it - it rained so we snuck into a barn; low and behold the farmer found us the next day and called the police. Our headmistress (don't remember her name) and Mr. Sarney and the boys headmaster suspended us....can you believe it?

I am interested in finding people that would remember me - I checked your site to find 2 girls that I remember (Sara Marshall and Lesley Fryer), unfortunately they are on the lapsed are the chances of them being in touch with someone else on the site.

In the mean time, I am interested in any information that you could give me - that isn't posted on the site before joining.


Sandy Wilton (S??-78)

20 Aug 2006

Hi All, good job on the site Bill. Glad to see some familiar names on here again...bin a while. Nick and I are planning to be at the reunion next year hope to see all those that were at Newbury in 2000. Does anyone know if fisjohn plans on being there?

Still searching for Linda Creighton...any clues? Nick and Sylvia

For those that dont know...Nick was at WBS E/B from 1968-1970

Sylvia Welford ne Robertson (M68-71)

Thanks Sylvia and welcome back.... - Bill

21 Aug 2006

Hi, Its great to see so many names on the board from early to mid 70's. Scott Innes, do you remember Dave Maxwell, I think he was in Edinburgh - I bumped in to him this year via a mutual friend. Also nice to see the basketball aces of Caernarvon checking in!

Kevin Morgan (C73-76)

21 Aug 2006

hapnin folks its wee cecelia begley here......aye i ken its bn a while but noticed im no the only one ha ha wots gone down wi u all. tina,lesley,nic,n jock get in touch as im def up 4 the next reunion , hp alls well? im sound as a pound,hp 2 hear from u all soon.take care loadsa lv celia xxxxxxx

cecelia begley (S75-78)

23 Aug 2006

A warm hello to you all. I see a number of names that I remember from my 4 years at WBS but a great many more are missing. Those straight off the top of my head that I instantly recall for one reason or another are : Jack Worrall, Mr Kitchen, Geoff Hern, Mr Carey, Mr Bingham, Mr Chater, was the economics teacher really called Mr Piggy or was that a nickname? And what on earth was the name of the rural studies teacher who used to make you jump off a chair whilst holding your sideburns? Students I remember : Roy Bird, John Needham, Steven Hodby, Andy Messer, Graham Simpson, Peter Hudson, Nigel Blandford, Edward Foley, Alan Savage, Alan Tait, Geoff and Alan Gravener, Steven Stevenson.... to name but a few.

They were good times indeed, Best wishes

Steve Miles (M69-73)

24 Aug 2006

Hi Lesley Annable, yes I do remember you and Wendy. Wendy and I roomed together for a while - lost touch with her in the late 60s, she lived in NZ then. Sorry 4 not acknowledging your message before now but have been travelling for the last 2 months to remote parts of Nth Queensland and getting up close and personal with Humpback Whales. Have tried 3 times now to become a member - not having much luck. Would love to catch up with both of you on 40 plus years. Cheers

Ellen Brandon (B59-62)

26 Aug 2006

Hi there,

If anyone remembers me, then get in contact, its always good to catch up on the old days, i had a sister called Sharon, she was a year older then me,i was at the school whn it closed, a very sad day. love angie

Angie Spencer (Donkin) (H81-84)

26 Aug 2006

Hi again, was just scanning through the messages - and noticed that Sheena Morrison may or may not know the whereabouts/contact information for Sarah Marshall - please post a message if you do. I have just joined so hopefully will be able to contact you. Also, noticed in 2001 that Theresa Richardson (Tree) had posted a message mentioning my name....hopefully you still surf the site. Anyone out there have contact with Mike Ismay, Karin Makin, Karin McCall, or Lesley Fryer? My dad was stationed in Osnabruck, next door neighbours were Baldwin (2 boys) - possibly went to WBS - if so post. Thanks - and greetings to all from California!! (Weather rocks!!!!)

Sandy Wilton (S??-78)

29 Aug 2006

Well Hi once again, I am still looking for some familiar names but not having any luck. I guess that just shows how popular one was. Any way if any body can remember Christine Morgan from Hillsborough then let us know. The re union sounds great. Well it bye for now from down under.

Carol Everett (nee Large) (H69-72)

30 Aug 2006

Hello Carol Fletcher, and anyone else who remembers me... Glad to see you are around and kicking Carol, please tell your sisters to get in touch, have changed my email address, and have lost yours so would love to get back in touch.

Andy youngs, you were looking for my brother, he is fine, he is living in coldchester with Maz. They are fine, and well... He would love to hear from you I am sure..

Carol are you and yours sisters going to go to the reunion next year? I have had a couple of phone calls asking me to go... Come on lets all meet up could be good fun.

And Tony reilly congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary... You still have some catching up to do with some of us though....

Carol and Scott Fergerson, are you going to go to the reunion?

Hi to anyone who remembers me....

Denise Meyers (Fletcher) (H72-78)

31 Aug 2006

Andy Youngs, Kim Fletcher is around, he was at the last reunion in Newbury. His sister Denise is also around, look at the names list once you have joined the Windsor Society for contact details, it's a right den of enequity!

Scott, we were crap with the 70's reunion, but hopefully we can put it right by all attending the next reunion in Blackpool next June! We all need to drum up support from the 70's brigade!

Sites starting to loom busy again Bill, keep up the good work!


glad your up for the next reunion in Blackpool,look forward to catching up! I've a photo taken in a disco in Belm with you, Paddy Ferris, Lorraine McCainsh and me that will make you laugh! Those shirts... I will try and wake up Jock Carroll, he's gone a bit quite the last couple of months. Managed to get him to the last reunion, will do my best again!

Take care!

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

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