3rd April 2006

For the first time I was browsing the Windsor site and low and behold I saw a message dated 23.12.06 from John(Titch)Hamilton whose dorm I was in with my twin brother Keith from 1961-63. Titch how's your table tennis? Never could beat you but there was never a more successful
intermediate team than ours in the history of the school was there? We won every cup going during our time at the school. I often wondered what became of you and the others, Ian Gibson and Robert Ritchie. Getting in touch would answer another mystery for me.It would be amazing to hear from you
after 43 yrs and if anyone else recognises me please also get in touch. Kind regards and fond memories,

Alan Graham
Sandringham 61-63

3rd April 2006

For anyone wishing to join the society the "How to Join" page is now working again.

If your subs have lapsed you are welcome to send them in using the form available here -


just click on it then print, there is no rejoining fee.


6 Apr 2006

Hi Sue Clark
Have just read your message and I'm glad the info I sent you on the Society has helped you to find your way to the message boards.


Steve Greenwood

10 Apr 2006

Hi Frank Knight and Billy Wilson. Sorry for the delay in replying to your entries in the Visitor’s Book, but my computer is ‘down’ and awaiting repair this coupled with my e mail address having developed a ‘glitch’. I have to rely on the computer at work for the moment whilst working nights. I’ve applied for a ‘Joining Pack’ so hopefully will be easily contactable in the future even if I have to use my long suffering wife’s e mail address. Best wishes to you all.

Gerry Astbury (M 61-63).

15 Apr 2006

Can anyone please help my memory. Back in 1974 the Autumn Term 1st & 2nd Year Social featured the School Group. I think they were called Blood Orange and comprised of the Brindley Brothers on Guitar & Bass and either Will or Greg Oxford on Drums.
If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of this guys or clarify the details I would very much appreciate it. If any of Blood Orange are reading this, take a look at www.predatur.com to see what you partly inspired me to do.

Mick 'Plug' Hughes C74-77


16 Apr 2006

Hi, My Name is Wayne Taylor.
I was in WBS Balmoral house from 1975 to 1978 (i think).
My brother Colin was also there from 73 to 78 and my sister Michele was at WGS 72 to 77.
The only things i can remember from those days are that i was in the CCF as was Colin and three of the teachers. Mr Lewis (music) Mr Kitchen (French) and Mr Donavan house master. I was also in the school choir and church choir. I cannot remember much else except we went from there to Gloucester School Honne after that. The site is good and i hope it will help fill in a few blanks.

Wayne Taylor (B 75-78)

17 April 2006
I would be delighted to hear from anyone who knew Charlie Craddock Number H54, during the period 1953 to1959. Maybe Jimmy Quinn/Colin Rose/ Karen Haley/ Mike Stocks Angela Woodhead or the House and School cricket team ??

Karl Craddock H 53-59

18 Apr 2006

Hi, Frank Knight asking Gerry Astbury (M 61-63) to make sure he keeps in touch. Billy Wilson and I are wanting a meet. We are also in touch with John O'Shea.

It would be great to see you again. Good luck. I am also on Friends Reunited.

Frank Knight (M 58-62 )

20 Apr 2006

I attended windsor boys school from august 73 to June 77. I was in Hillsborough house. I started in 1st year and left in my 5th year.

I have very fond memories from my windsor days as I look upon it as a very fortunate experience and privilege.

GA Gray (H73-77)

22 Apr 2006

My sister & I were both students her name is Patricia known as Trishy

I would love to get in touch with anyone in my dormitory from these

Vicky Bailey ( Now Allan) (S57-60)

23 Apr 2006

Hi everybody, just så the web page today, very good. Live in Denmark ,
Seen a lot of familure names, and would like to hear from everybody. I am also from the early 70s

Best regards to everyone

Ian Fudge (C72-75)

 April 24th 2006

Hi GA Gray(H73-77) I just thought I woud say hi as by the time you were arriving in Hillsbrough I was just leaving but at the same age of 11. I was probably in the same dorm three yeays earlier so some of the friends I left behind would probably be known to you but by then they would have just entered in to their fourth year. Buy you second year some wd have been house prefects. Can you remember any, can you remember Bennet, Green, Bates, or any others. What did you get up to after lights out? As I said I never met you but I may have shared the same dorms as you progressed through the house and years. Just to say hi.

Greenwood M J (H69-72)

26 April 2006

I like the new layout, hope it prompts a few more to post

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)


27 April 2006

Yes, I have to agree with Sean, this is a much better format. It's
more eye catching and easier to read. Well done and keep up the good
work, I'm sure all the members appreciate what you're doing.

Pat Innes (nee Aris) (E74-76)

thanks Sean & Pat, will do my best to keep it up to date - Bill