9 September 2005
I was astonished to find this site, really astonished. I have been browsing through all the messages left in the visitors book and discovered many names that have brought back a few memories of my time at Windsor Boys School. I last visited the school in about 1992-93, to discover that it housed refugees from the former DDR and Poland. The maths block was not quite the same with all those bed-sits inside, and the St Boniface was surrounded with barbed wire. The tennis courts had been turned into a car park where people were buying/selling goods from vans.
I was a boarder there from 1972 till 1976 and my house was Edinburgh. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who could put me touch with Steven Dipper.

Geoffrey Pickles (E72-76)

15 September 2005
Dear Doug,

I was a teacher at Windsor Boys School between 1974 and 1980. I taught PE and some German and English, and I was in charge of the Senior Rugby Team. I was also captain of the joint Military/Civilian Hamm Casuals Rugby Club for a couple of years, and a Duty Master in Caernarvon House, under the leadership of George McKay.
I got early retirement from active PE teaching in 1994 (mainly due to deteriorating knee joints, after 23 years of punishing sporting participation.....there are several of my teeth dotted around BAOR rugby fields, as well!!!) but my wife, Barbara, and I moved into Boarding Education and have had some wonderful experiences looking after young people in the UK, Thailand, Germany and now in Malaysia. The youth of the Western World could learn a lot from the young people of South-East Asia!!!
Barbara (Morrison) was one of the school nurses in the Sick Bay at Windsor Girls School, and we met in Hamm in 1980. After my divorce we got married in 1983. We still have fond memories of the two schools in Hamm. Ken and Vicky Leighton are regular e-mail contacts for us, and Paul and Annette Gysin are still on our Christmas card list, as are John and Ann Wenn, Geoff and Gaynor Farrar ('Pop' Farrar) and John and Audrey Maxwell.

Hopefully I have managed to re-register with the society, by going on-line, but modern technology often defeats me, without my knowing why!!!

Please let us know about any forthcoming events, although we may not be able to attend in person, living so far away.
With kind regards,
P.S. Where is 'Geezer' Butler?
Peter Ellis (74-80)

Geezer is alive and well and is a member of the Windsor Society. His details (like all other members) appear on the Society's Register which is sent to all members.

19 September 2005

Membership Packs

These have finally emerged from the printers and are on the way to all new members. Thank you all for your patience. If yours hasn't arrived in the next week or 2 please send me an email.


19 September 2005
I was a pupil in the 60's - Balmoral House Miss J Elliott was housemistress

Name : Annette Tinkler
Would love to look at photos and catch up with others there at the time.
Annette Tinkler (B 60's)
23 September 2005
Hi There
havent had internet very long my name is Brian Bosher i attended Hillsborough house from 1966 to1968 better known as their champion runner ..from what?... DP
Brian Bosher (H66-68)
25 September 2005
Doug....I'm sure I'm not alone in expressing my sadness at the news about Hayden Jones (or Hade as he was universally known). Looking back I think his dry humour was wasted on us pupils but I certainly remember the regular haircut inspection fun & games as well as his uncanny knack of catching us coming in late at night however quietly we tried to creep back from the pub!
Like most youngsters I've probably only appreciated the positive effect Hade had as I've grown older - he certainly instilled some good solid values for which I'll always be grateful even though we all thought he was a right so & so at the time!!
My sincere condolencies & good wishes to the family.
Best regards
Neil Carrick (H72-75)
28 September 2005
I was in Balmoral House from Jan 77 to June 78, had a great time and can't believe that it is nearly 30 years since I left.
Looking for any information on a couple of sisters who were in Hillsborough House from 78-79 until about 81. They are Kay & Sian Williams and lived in Osnabruck, I lost contact with them about 1980-81 and would appreciate any information.

Dave McQueen (B 77-78)

30 September 2005

ExWindsorHobbits Hamm and Berlin Trip, Only three weeks away. Any late bookers will need to make there own arrangements, look on EWB site for Itinerary.

Bruno Brunsdon

Father Hobbit (E67-69)