6 October 2005
I have been trying to get in contact with a couple of friends whose parents were stationed at R.A.F. LAARBRUCH. We were all there between 1970 and 1973. The two girls were Karen Boston, whose farther was a Warrant Officer, and Vicki Russell, whose father was a chief tech on one of the squadrons

John Hobby

6 October 2005
Just fill a quiet afternoon at work trawling the Visitor book. Quite a few names ring a bell. I'm still in occasional contact with Walker Graham (B 79 ish) and Tony Parslow (H 77-80ish) I have spoken to Steve Jansen in recent
years. Sorry to hear about the passings of Haydn Jones & Peter Ball.
Did get to meet some of the staff while stationed in Dover with Customs & Excise -Great to see some of your old teachers sweat!!! Aaaah revenge is sweet (well no, I didn't seize anything off them, just let them sweat) Also bumped into 'Cosmo' in Dover station in 1982 and Nige Glazier in London when he was working in OurPrice records (I think)
I do wonder what happened to some people. Anyone remember Tandy Jackson, Lynn (StJ '80 ish. A-level bio with Mrs Grayson) What happen to Dave Riddle,
the Housemaster of Edinburgh and His Kids, Ceri & Anna
I have quite a few photos of the time but the names are fading rapidly

Cheers all

Dennis Reeves (E78-81)

7 October 2005
Good to see Ray Cresswell has found the site .. do you still follow Stoke City (you were the only one in the school who did I think). Have been in touch with Dinger and Kev Hopkins. Hi also to Jock Carroll, please send regards to wee Jock and maybe see you at the next reunion.

David McGurk (S75-79)

7 October 2005
Hi Pamela thank you for clarifying my enquiry about Mo Rankine and that opening photograph when you click on visitors book.
I too saw Mo at the Newbury reunion and still exchange Christmas cards with her and several other really dear friends from WBS/WGS from the 60's.
I was there from 62 until 68 ish and have very many fond memories of the people and things we all got up to.Newbury was brilliant and other reunions have not matched it.
Who are the other faces in the photo......is one of them Tessa Nolan?
I remember 1066 as I had a very minor role in it.......I might have been a tree or a soldier in the back ground.............anything to get into WGS for rehearsals. I remember being in the combined schools choir and even the hockey team for very similar reasons.

no name supplied. who are you? Perhaps Pamela can tell us ...DP

8 October 2004

Newsletter Competition

For those who have been wondering...the Windsor Society Newsletter has been long overdue. However the Society is offering a


for any articles that you send in and are published in the next Newsletter (No. 25) What are you waiting for? Get writing and please send your entries c/o Gill Walker either by email gill@kingsworthy.net or to her address :

2 Felmer Drive, Kingsworthy Winchester Hampshire SO23 7PY

11 October 2005
ref visitors book/pamela ross 7th october etc it is me wot replied

Ralph Bennett (M62-68ish)

13 October 2005
I was in Balmoral from 1968 to 1972 I was in a dorm with Rosie Grey would be great to hear from anyone

...and you are??.. DP

14 October 2005
Hi my name is Karon Dry I was in Sandringham house at Windsor girls school around 1977-79 I think! My maiden name was Karon Stafford. I have managed to find 2 friends from Windsor they are Dawn Shrives and Lorraine Tomlinson. Would be nice to find a few more.
Valerie ? , Bernadette ?, Denise ?, Anita ?. Sorry can't remember there last names.

Karen Dry nee Stafford (S77-79)

15 October 2005
I was a pupil from 1971 until 1973. My house was Sandringham Girls. I would really like to see any photos from this time so if anybody has any please post them

Theresa Gray (S71-73)

16 October 2005
Dear Doug

I think the person who has been clarified by my comments on the Visitors' Book photo is Ralph Bennett - anyway, the line up is as follows:

From left to right:

Mo Rankine; Phyllis Cousens; Tessa Nolan; Adele Evans; unknown boy; ?Anne? (possibly Hillsborough or Marlborough?); Pat Hemming; Dave Naylor.

Don't know the other boy's name as when I was at school I was incredibly shy with boys (and explains why I only know the girls when I go to reunions). This was a severe handicap, but I managed to lose it when I went to University! Phyllis and I used to do the stage lighting together; Mo, Tessa, Adele and I were in the same class - I lost touch with Tessa when she went back to England in 1966 after O levels. I saw Mo in London in the late 1960's, as well as meeting up with her again at the first Newbury reunion. I bumped into Adele in London in about 1969, haven't seen her since then. Pat Hemming was also in St James and in my sister's class I believe. The photo was one of several I took backstage during "1066 and All That", where I abandoned doing the lighting in favour of appearing as Queen Elizabeth I and spent a week with a head full of red hair powder - took me about 5 washes to get every last bit of it out at the end of the show.

Having been heavily involved in putting on shows at school (and not just as an excuse to meet boys!) I continued the trend when I went to University, eventually leaving that after two years to train as a stage manager at RADA.

On the subject of taking part in events to meet members of the other sex - I was in the chapel choir, which always involved sessions at the Boys' School at Christmas, to practice for the carol service in the Paulikirche - but also once took part once in the Languages Concert at the Boys' School - possibly the only year the girls took part? I was sorry to hear the news about Hayden Jones - I remember him singing "La Mer", some of us thought he only organised the concerts so he could have a reason for singing it - but he did it so very well!
Best wishes

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

19 October 2005
Having spent the night trawling through the visitor’s book, I came across the occasional name that jogged my memory. One in particular was FHX ‘Bugs’ Watson who shared the same dorm as myself. Another name that I remember was David ‘Jonah’ Jones. Unfortunately, although their faces remain in my memory of others in the dorm, the passage of time has erased their names. Of the teachers that come to mind was the Jolliffes. Dick who would try to teach me metalwork and technical drawing and only allow me to go swimming so long as I played rugby, and his wife Sheila, who endeavoured to teach me rudimentary maths. Fortunately, some of it stuck, as it allowed me to pursue a career in the RAF as propulsion technician until retirement. Mr Scofield was the housemaster when I joined Marlborough House, he being superseded I think by Mr Benfield (but I could be wrong). Reading tales of exploits of ‘going over the fence’ brought back memories of myself doing the same over the fence at the back of the maths block for a dare with no real idea of where to go once achieved. They were happy days. Summer holidays spent at RAF Geilenkirchen around the swimming pool was another fond memory.
Best wishes to those that can remember me.

Gerry Astbury (M 61-63)

21 October 2005
Firstly congratulations on a brilliant website.
I was lost for a few years but managed to find my way back, after taking the route of looking at senoir schools for my son that is ......it's amazing what triggers a nostalia trip.
I was a lapsed member, soon to be rectified.
I have seen only two names I recognise, namely 'Shippo' and 'Gus' but have not seen any other old names like David 'Brains' Barnes, Steven 'Gatesy' Gates ,Michael 'Villers' Viljay, Michael 'Paddy' O'Niell, Duncan 'Mac' McTavish.
Anyway must dash, will keep in touch.

Ian 'Jack' Ripley

25 October 2005
My name then was Michelle Hallam, and I ran away twice but was brought back - used to be a smoker so had to clear out the dorm before prep, then supper, then put it all back before bed. I can't actually remember the names of the girls I shared with but my room was next door to the house mistress' room. I'm not sure that I was ever so happy at Windsor but looking back through now grown up eyes, it wasn't so bad . . . I left in 1974, married in 1975, divorced and remarried in 1983 and now have 3 children, ages 21, 19 and 18, am married to a Belgian man and despite the headmistress at Windsor telling me I should aspire to be a hairdresser Iwhen I left in 1974, I graduated with a 1st class degree in English History from UEA (East Anglia)
If anyone is interested in getting in touch then I'd be happy to hear from them.

Michelle Hallam ( -74)