2 November 2005
Rereading through the various messages read from Alan Pearce.July 05.looking for Tom O'Barr.. Am intersted in catching up with his brother Bow O'Barr.. Any info.. would be appreciated.. Many Thanks.

Sheena Keil

6 November 2005
Hi Gerry ( Astbury )

I remember you also . I always thought you'dgo in the RAF .
In our dorm sept 61 - jul62 were Josh O'shea , Bryn "Jonah" Jones , Brian Unwin , Frank Knight , you , me , Brian "Rusty" Rye , & some chap from Shape in Paris ( Stevens?)
Inspite of rising in the ranks of the CCF ( sergeant when I left Hamm in 64 ) I didn't join the Army as was expected of me . Art College instead . Did a lot of things ending up as a Tour Director for the last 28 years travelling allover with particular emphisis on Eastern Europe & Russia. working with an Amercian company. Been past Hamm several times over the years . Peter Kitchen became House Master after Mr Scoffield , & there was Brian Cadby , Geoff Hern & Mr Robertson as well. regards

Harry (Bugs ) Watson ( 61-64)
19 November 2005
Hello everyone,
John Mullen here, I was a member of Hillsborough House
from 1973 to 1975. Made many good friends there but
like a lot of us, didn't keep in touch with anybody. I
recognise a lot of names from the past ( staff and
pupils ) having spent the best part of 4 hours
browsing the visitors book!
It would be nice to hear from Dave Dilly, Andy Reid,
Andy Hoskins, Hywell George, James McKenzie to name a few.
I was sorry to read about Hayden Jones recently, my
condolences to his family.
I remember Peter Ellis ( P.E. teacher ), Doug
Farrer,Terry Lake and Mr Greedy mainly from the good
old rugby, football and volleyball playing days.

John Mullen (H73-75)

26 November 2005
My name is William Guy,I attended Windsor Boys in 70/71.I was in Balmoral,room113,in the dorm were Greg Warman,Peter Phillips,David Brynolf,Chris Davies,John Walker? and a lad called Ashy?Gaffer Morgan was house master,Matrons Dilla and De Silva were in charge.

William Guy (B70-71)