6 May 2005
ian cheetham edinburgh house 1980 with 2 brothers john and kevin.

Ian Cheetham (E80)
7 May 2005
i attended windsor during 1980 -1983, wish I was back their now even though at the time I wished I was not. Good to here some names .(MIike Lucas-Carter, That was some walk home back to Osnabruck,when we done a runner.) Hello to Smurf, O,Brian twins, Andrea Barnes, two Sams, Dean Colledge, Sean Sanderson, Jim Stewart, James watkins and any body else who may remember me.
Would love to here from anybody

Danny MAIN (H80-83

12 May 2005
Visitor's book editor,
Where are you, are you ok? Been looking for April and May pages with no success, or is it just because no-one has anything to say!
Hope all is well,

Christine Robinson (Macgregor) (StJ66-68)

Hello Christine - where indeed!!? many thanks for your concern (& others). I've only just managed to get things up & running again after a few weeks without access to the internet or your messages. Hopefully BT have rectified the problem permanently (fingers crossed). I hope it has not been to be too much inconvenience for anyone .... Doug

12 May 2005
hi, my name is ian cutts, i was in marlborough house from 77-79. if there is any one who vaguley remembers me, then please contact. names i can remember are potter, king, brown, lowrie, tiny mcdermott, moody bros, mkelvie, lyndsey kitchen, douglas crap, greedy, law sisters (twins?) who were in rheindahlen st davids school as well as wgs. would be interested to know how they have all turned out.
many thanks

Ian James Cutts (M 77-79)

13 May 2005
Hi I am looking to get in touch with anyone I know. i.e. Jenny Yearwood, Lorraine Smith, Jeanette Pritchard, Donna Muldoon, Maria Whitticker, Alison Ball, or anyone else I might know or not from 77 to80 in Edingburgh House or any of the other houses if you remember me. talk to you soon, cheers

Debbie Berger ( nee Barnett) (E77-80)

14 May 2005
I remember you, I`m Phil Griffiths, Peter being my older brother (both of us were better known as `Biffo.`
We left WBS in 1972 to live in Singapore.
Are both now living in Worcestershire.
Send me your e-mail address and I will send a House Photograph that you (and we) are in.
Phil Griffiths (69-72
14 May 2005
Would love to know if another reunion is planned, especially for the those who attend WGS in 69,70,71.72.
Still looking for Christine Morgan, Kathy McKenzie from HIllsborough house..
Carol Everett (Large ) (H69-72
16 May 2005
In reply to the message from Andrew MacKenzie (Revd) 13th April:
The School is now a refugee centre and there is little chance of gaining access to it. The school closed at some time in 1983. hope this helps

Malcolm Brunsdon (S62-64
) & (E 67-69)

18 May 2005
HI Nicky Rolfe
Great to hear from you and that Sussie did remember me, I in the middle of changing my Job fed up of working in the office!! Enjoying Life to the full, now the children are grown up, going Sking on Sunday for a week Yes!!! Live for my Holidays!!!! And great being Single!!!!! What about you!!! Do you keep in touch with Amanda Reed!!! And any Day Bug from Soest. I see that Wendy Gregory has left a message!! Say hi to your Sister Sussie.

Jean Frost (nee Soars) Daygirl (71-74)

Border (B74-76)

22 May 2005
Hi Dave,
So we are all spread out, I live in the north west of the uk in a small village called Lydiate, about 6 miles from Southport. I joined the society and have had all the paperwork. When you get around to parting with your money you should be able to contact me direct via my e-mail. I am now in touch with Joe Agius in Malta and we had a good chat over the phone and e-mails abound between myself and Nigel corke. Catch you again.

Charlie Bull ( H 66-70 )

Ps; commitee, any decision on when the next reunion will be please?.