2 March 2005
Hi Dave,

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, have been trying to get the old grey matter going puttin faces to names that I remember.I am in touch with Nigel Corke, we almost managed to meet up whilst he was over here on holiday.
Dave, we went to the last reunion in Grange over Sands in Oct 04, I believe there is a big reunion next year at Newbury perhaps yourself Charlie Barron and Douglas Kay and myself can arrange to meet up? what do you think? maybe if they do a smaller one this year we could meet there.

Charlie Bull (H66-70)

2 March 2005
Hi Joe,
Had a look for the photo on the web as I cannot ever remember having it taken as I was a bit camera shy in those days, and still am.
By the way what part of Malta do you live in? I have some contacts there.Do you remember Joe Muscat he is also in Malta, I have the paperwork from the society and noticed his name. Noticed a few of are era starting to appear on the notice board.

Best regards

Charlie Bull (H66-70)
6 March 2005
This is a message for Chris Duxbury.(who posted as message jan 05)
I doubt if you remember me but my parents were very friendly with yours in Berlin and with the Bulmers.
It is my dad's (willy cooper) 65th this year and we are trying to get hold of as many of his old friends as possible.

Amanda Cooper (StJ 79-81)

23 March 2005
Hi, if anybody still remembers me, Sue Clark, Hillsborough, 1968-1969 And is interested in dropping me a line it would be great to hear from you.I used to be a dorm with my dear mate Kathy Scott, who has been livingIn Africa since she left WGS. As for me, I’m living in Denmark.Looking through the membership lists I came across some familiar names,For example Martin Fry, is anybody in contact with him or does anybody Know where his brother Rich is? The last I heard, was that he’s living in Bristol.Life in Hamm was not easy for the most of us and impossible to think of nowadays,but we made a lot of friends there and had a lot of fun together.Look after yourselves

Sue Clark (H68-69)

27 March 2005
I attended Windsor Girls School from 1961 - 1963 and was in St James House my name was Sue Jaine (nick name Podge)
Would welcome any information. I have responded to the request on the website for ex students to send you an email.
Great to see the visitors book.
Best wishes

Sue Jones (Jaine) (StJ 61-63)
28 March 2005
i attended windsor boys school in 1980-1981 with two of my brothers john and kevin cheetham my name is ian could we get in touch with former pupils from the same era with your help.

Ian Cheetham (80-81)