3 June 2005
Just another nudge to anyone who remembers me from Sandringham in the early to mid 70's. Still looking for contact with Sue Carlile if anyone knows ofher whereabouts. (St.J 70's) I'm still in Biggleswade, still causing mayhem...Have found a few people from Laarbruch, in particular one Paul Blackhurst, had a blinding weekend with him late last year. 'Hi' to everyone
else ive contacted or who have contacted me. (Joanne Williams C73-76, Laarbruch/Weeze), could you please give me a call hun, lost your number and the C of C receptionist could get a job as line backer for the 49er's.....
Nige Hoar (S71-74)

I have to grow old but i dont have to grow up!

3 June 2005
John [titch] Hamilton sandringham 1961/63

Looking for lapsed members Alan Graham,Kieth Graham and Robert M Ritchie.Anyone help?
John [titch] Hamilton (S61-63)

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9 June 2005
Visit to Hamm and Berlin in October.
The ExWindsorHobbits are visiting Hamm and Berlin in October. Travelling out on Friday 21st from Stansted, 6:40am flight to Weeze (ex RAF Laarbruck), Friday sight seeing in Hamm, Saturday morning travel to Berlin, sight seeing and then returning Sunday evening from Berlin. If you want to come you will have to make your own travel arrangements.

Malcolm Brunsdon (E67-69) Aka Bruno Aka FH Aka Milo

16 June 2005
Does anybody who lived in Berlin between '70-'72, remember a Julian Barber ?
He attended WBS, Edinburgh Hse during that period. Was in to Wishbone Ash.
Have seen the name for a cameraman on TV credits.
Ritchie Peyton (E70-72)


17 June 2005
Message for Charlie Bull
Do you by any chance work at Jaguar in Halewood?
I had a contact there by the same name when I worked for one of their suppliers and was wondering if you are the same person

Dave Savage (C70-74)

23 June 2005
Mo Rankine,
Do you read this vistors book from time to time?
I just wondered if you are on left in the photo when one clicks on to vistors book ??
Ralph xx

25 June 2005
Does anyone know Trevor Mcardle? Sorry I haven’t kept in touch; I have been manically busy but will try better from now on!

Jon Cressey C96 (C73-76)

28 June 2005
have been reading some of the messages in the Visitors Book and recognise some names. I don’t know if anyone will remember me – Carol DeMelo formerly Churchouse – St. James’s House between 1976 and 1978. I shared a dorm with Wendy Yates and Michelle (sorry can’t remember surname) and I also shared a dorm with Jackie Gunter. I am currently waiting for my Windsor Society Membership details and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Carol DeMelo (nee Churchouse) (StJ76-78)

29 June 2005
hello, ian cheetham. you will remember me.was one year above you,and a lot better looking.if i remember rightly you were short and fat.just kidding your big bro. kevin cheetham 1978 to 81 EDINBURGH HOUSE W.B.S. p.s. i remember paul and john falcus. the older one had a nack at telling 1st years stories , in return for their tuck. kev
Kevin Cheetham (E78-81)