1 January 2005
A Happy New Year to all

The Windsor Society Committee

5 January 2005
Hi Steve Ellis i remember you, i was at H between 65-68, read your message and sad
to hear about Hayden Jones. Iv'e heard from Charlie Bull. What would we do without
the internet, makes it a small world eh''.
Nigel Corke (H67-68)
10 January 2005
willie henry,
can you get in touch,have an invite to a party and your company is requested, they dont print email adresses any more and all the ones i have for you dont work.

ps fantastic work doug&the team, its great to drop in and feel the years melt away
Gerard Gilmer (M73-77)

13 January 2005
Hi there, anyone remember me? Hyron King, was in Sandringham Hse.between 1978 and 1981, just browsed the site remember lots of names but not many faces. Steve Whizz, Alan Price, Mike Ore, Stoney, Paul Smith, Shane Ray (who I've met a couple of times). All 'bigger boys' from Sandringham Hse. Had a sister in Hillsborough Hse. Her name is Sharon King, she has already left messages on here. Anyway, if you remember me, please get in contact. Cheers H.

Hyron King (S78-81)

16 January 2005
I was browsing through the site of Windsor Boys School and on reading some of the e-mails I came in touch with the name Charlie Bull. I remember very well that time spent between 1966 and 1970. Further more I was reading the list and came with some familiar names during that time. Tony Woofitt, Nigel Corke and others. Regards to all of you and best wishes for a New Year.

Joe Agius (H 1966-1970)

16 January 2005
I attended the school from 1966to 1968 hillsborough house would love to here from ex pupils I was their champion runner brian bosher.
Brian Bosher (H66-68)

17 January 2005
Hi Joe, been searching for you for a long time; couldn't believe it when I read your message on the board! Do you live in the UK or did you go back to Malta? If you're over here I'd like to chat or get together some time to talk about old times. I am a member of the society, so perhaps if you join or get in touch with them they will give you my details, ie email and phone no. Best regards, Charlie.
Charlie Bull (H 66-70)
21 January 2005
Hi Joe Agius, Nigel Corke, Brian Bosher and Charlie Bull all names i remember from school days in Hamm (and same dorms). By the way brian if you don't remember me i was the one at the back during school runs with Alex bainbridge oh and are you still a sunderland football supporter who by the way beat us last week. Any way back to the subject in hand would like to hear from you all. Am in touch with Charlie Barron and Douglas kay if any one interested.

Dave Bunting (H66-69)
22 January 2005
Hi is there anybody out there? I posted a note in the visitors book back in early 2004 for anyone who remembers me (Angie Barnard, Julie Tibbs, Chris Lancaster, Dave Edmondson, Debbie Rymer etc). Desperate to speak to any of you. Trying to trace Paul Falcus, I know his brother John is a member of the society, if anyone has any idea of his whereabouts I would love to hear from you.
If Julie Bulmer is out there and ever logs on to the site, please get in touch, really miss you and you owe me a visit.
Hope to hear from anyone who remembers me .missing the good old days.
Chris Duxbury (B 78-80)
24 January 2005
Just spent the weekend in Soest. There's a very good brewery/pub Brauhaus Zwiebel situated between the old Quarters Area and the town center. http://www.brauhaus-zwiebel.de

Steve Graham (B77-79)
27 January 2005
Really a message for BILL CRASWELL (ex Caernarvon). I was intending to email him copies of several old house photos taken between 62 and 66 but after trying something clever with my then computer I lost all my email adresses so never sent the pics. Bill, if you read this and still have my email then mail me and I will send them (all digitally enanced on state of the art equipment!!). Quite happy to send copies to the Windsor Society if anyone wants them on the site. Still have my old blazer badge - should be able to sell that to an enthusiast!!
Tony Jobber C42a (62-67)