1 February 2005

amazed to see the site i was a pupil 75/77 win boys and my sister win girls concurrent how time flies i never knew the school was around in the fifties thanks for the site regards...

John Richardson (75-77)


1 February 2005

Hi Charlie & Dave, it was great to hear from you after such a long time. By the way Charlie, the only thing I have in memory of our school days is the badge we used to have on our blazer and most of all I treasure a photograph of our 5 aside football team of Hillsborough when we used to play in the gymnasium. You are standing in the middle of us ( of course you were the captain and also the tallest from us all. I forgot the other names. By the way I sent this photograph with my last e-mail to the society. Also I remember Michael (Mitch) Ellis.he was a Leeds supporter!
I am still living in Malta. Maybe someday we might meet and talk about our school days, who knows. I will see how I can get your e-mail through the society. Maybe they can send it to me or they give you my e-mail. All you have to do is join...

Best regards

Joe Agius (H66-70)

5 February 2005

a reply to jean frost who was a day bug in soest. sorry it has taken so long to reply but have only just read the message. yes my sisiter katie didi marry the german, and susie does remember you ! what are you up to now from nicky rolfe as was st james 1970-1975
Nicky Rolfe (StJ70-75)

6 February 2005

Hello Doug,

There doesn't appear to be anywhere else to place these types of announcements apart from the visitors book. This is from the Hereford Times newspaper.

IVY, Ross died peacefully at St Michael's Hospice on February 1, 2005, aged 65 years. Adored Husband, Father and Grandfather, loved by so many and will be missed by all who knew him. So sadly missed by Donna, Daniel, Catherine and Samantha. For finalized funeral arrangements please contact Bayley Brothers (Hereford) Ltd, where floral tributes or donations to St Michael's Hospice may be sent. Tel: 01432 272465
Published in paper 03/02/05

Ross, known to us then as Bert, was a member of Hillsborough House at Windsor School from 1954 to 1956. He was a house and school prefect and was a member of the School Cross Country team. After leaving Hamm he spent 12 Years in the RAF as a wireless mechanic. He then worked for Rank Xerox for 24 years, retiring in 1993. In September 2004 he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and spent his last 82 days in the hospice. It was so good for six of us exHillsboroughites to meet up with him again at the Newbury Reunion in 2003 and we've corresponded since. The funeral is on Friday 11 February.

Bob Stocks

7 February 2005

Message for NEIL BARCLAY - please get in touch - I had my address book stolen when our house was burgled a while back so I havn't been able to contact you!

Read and weep everyone - I've got tickets to see Cream!!!

Angie Rowell M164 (M70-77)

9 February 2005

Hi Joe,
Good to see your reply in visitors book. Do you remember when you left Hillsborough giving me your old shoe brush as a momento of you well i kept that for years until i left home and got married and it got lost some where on the way. Mitch Ellis thats a name i had frogotten till you reminded me. It's good to see that some of the boys from our dorms are still about and well after all these years (oh by the way i'm only 21 really).

Dave (Billy) Bunting (H66-69)

13 February 2005

Calling all Ex-Windsors, come and see an old WBS Caernarvon Boy play at Rivermead Leisure Complex in Reading, Berks on Friday 25th February. My band Predatür are headlining this local charity event. Hope to see you there. So come on all you Windsor Rockers!
Hello Dorm 2, Mike Price, Mel Tough, Frank McCarthy, Jim Mair, Tony Hilton, etc.


Mick (Plug) Hughes (C74-77)

I see Plug turned out to be an appropriate nickname ....DP

15 February 2005

Hi Nigel Corke We shared a dorm at Hillsborough I think and speaking to Dave Bunting recently he mentioned that you had posted a message on the Windsor site. It would be good to hear from you.

Douglas Kay (H66-68)

18 February 2005

my name is maria rhodes nee keogh, I attended windsor boarding school in hamm germany from 1969 to 1972 as did my two brothers (at the boys school) Larry and Michael keogh, our father was in the R.A.F. it was lovely to see the pictures of the school and they brought back alot of memories some good some not so good!!! my very good friend there was Lena Robinson, are there any websites or pictures of the years I mention above, it would be lovely to contact some people who attended whilst I was there.
kind regards maria

Maria Rhodes (nee Keogh) (69-72)

22 February 2005

Hi, my name is Liz Nixon and my sister is Sarah Nixon, we both attended Windsor girls school at around about 78 - 79. I was only there for my first year (as a day-girl) my sister spent longer, but I'm not sure how long. I remember a few names, Miss Brown - Headmistress, Miss Beth - History, Mr McGowan - languagues, Mr Martin - Pottery, Miss Scott - Drama/Dance. I think my class was 4WD but I'm not completely sure on that. I'm sure I could remember more with a bit of time. We were both in Sandringham, I'd love to hear more or see more photo's if poss. Hope to hear from you.
Liz & Sarah Nixon (S78-79)