1 Aug 2005
hi everybody
just read carol everetts (large) note in the visitors book i am sue smith (wilson) and was in the same dorm as pat my email address is listed wrong and they said i was in malboro and not Hilsboro from 70 to 72 hope to hear from someone somewhere .thanks
Sue Wilson (Smith) (H70-72)

3 Aug 2005
Hello to all ex-WBS members. I was in Sandringham House 1959-60. not very long, but long enough to know that if my father had stayed in Germany, my education would have improved!! Too many schools during the primary years and schooling in the state system on the return was a shock after WBS with all the facilities we had then. I remember being in a dorm with Allan Pook. Senior boys in Sandringham were the Barnacoats. There were 2 matrons, fr Kaule and fr Schidloff, both great fun but the latter was a bit of a dragon. The housemaster was Derek Nesbitt-Hawes, headmaster was Tom Beynon who every one respected. I was there when Dick Jolliffe was injured. Very sad. I was also confirmed at St Boniface during my stay. The minister always referred to films as “fillems” Good guy though! Does any one else remember the rock cakes we used to get from the dining hall. If you dropped one, the floor used to crack! After finishing school in UK, I had a couple of ciivvy jobs, then joined the Army and that was that for a thoroughly enjoyable 23 years until 1990. Since then, more jobs, failed marriage and now living happily with a new partner in The Forest of Dean. If there are any members of Sandringham or other houses who remember me and can fill any gaps (of which there are many after 46 years) I would love to hear from them. PS Am still awaiting my joining pack! Colin

Colin Smith (S59-60)

15 Aug 2005
I attended Windsor Girls School from 1965-1969 as an American Day Girl.

status: 3 children ages 14-29. Would love to correspond with anyone from that time period.
We had so much fun. Please post invitation to respond. Thanks
PS. Also looking for Boys School student Michael R. Davies- also from that time period.

Susan Lisk (nee Pepper) (65-69)

23 Aug 2005
hope to hear from any one who remembers me, lost a lot of good friends over the years but i still have the memories.

Jock Carroll


23 Aug 2005
It is with regret that I have to announce the sudden death of my Father Haydn Jones on 30 July 2005, aged 73. As a teacher from 1959 and Housemaster of Hillsborough at WBS from 1962 to 1982 (I think!), he
influenced many a young life and never forgot a face or name in the process.After mandatory retirement from BFES on reaching age 50 and returning to Wales, he became the assistant National Secretary for the YMCA in Wales until his retirement.He was certainly a Windsor character and is survived by his wife Delyth,
myself and my sister Sian.
He had a large archive of WBS photos and I will endeavor to scan and post them when time permits.

David Jones
29 Aug 2005
my best friend was Mary Hilditch whatever happened to you?
Look forward to hearing from you
Patricia Keeshan (nee) (E60)