2 April 2005

Ray Cresswell (S74-77)

8 April 2005
HI Charlie
Yes, it would be good for us all to meet up again. not sure where abouts you are in this vast world but i'm in cambridgeshire, Douglas is London area and Charlie is in Germany so well spread out . We all found each other on the friends reunited site before all coming over to this one after finding a link there for this one. Will shortly be re joining this club again but i let the membership lapse and never got around to re joining (sorry committee).
Dave (Billy) Bunting (H66-69)

9 April 2005
Hi there, Podge - a blast from the past! We overlapped in 1963, and I remember you. In fact, I scurried off to my photo album and I have scanned in a photo of you with a group of St James girls from that time - I have posted it on my web site if you want to remember how you looked all that time ago!
Best wishes
Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

10 April 2005
Blast from the past ! Pamela Cann, Caernarvon House WGS approx 1962 - 64, now Pamela Fielding living in Sydney, Australia.
ela Fielding (nee Cann) (C62-64)

11 April 2005
Dear Sue,
I think I knew your friend Kathy Scott's sister Joanna Scott. My sister and I came to WGS in 1969 and left in 1972 and now live in Perth Western Australia.
I remember Joanna and her family getting ready to travel in a special bus and they ended up in Africa. Memories of WGS are good and bad.
The regimentation of everything, life is very different now. I would love to catch up with some of my friends but I have not been successful yet.

Carol Everett (Large) (H69-72)

13 April 2005
In 1955, I stayed at Windsor School, Hamm, with a party of RAF Apprentices from No 1 School of Technical Training, Halton. We were on a tour of the Netherlands and Germany in the summer of that year. This year, I am going back to retrace the journey (with a caravan!), and I wonder what has become of Windsor School, and whether there would be any chance of seeing it. Can you advise, please?
Yours sincerely
Andrew MacKenzie (Revd)

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15 April 2005
would like to know, if my old mate is still around, peter darling(scottie), and really anyone who I was at school with. 1969-1972, and of course, the girls, mary fergison, rita hale, sylvia steel, etc. would be great to hear from you all. get in touch.
Keith Dykes (Alice) (69-72

21 April 2005
Hi Ali Lindley and all
Sorry cannot make the 23rd but would like to publish my email address....To anyone that wants to get in touch.
sorry, email deleted
Martin Potts (C76-79