1 September 2004
I found a photo on the WGS website of the sixth form prefects for July 1976, submitted by Janice Lewis (Moser) (M70-76). She was asking if anyone could fill in blanks... #14 is me! Janet Jenkins. Could someone please let her know? Thanks.
Janet Jenkins ( )

5 September 2004
I was walking the dog this evening and reminiscing about my old school. I believed that it was handed back to the German authorities but my wife suggested that I try to see if there was anything on the web. It was a nice surprise to find a society and I have sent out for a pack to join.I was in Marlborough for 2 years, 1963-65, my Brother Peter for one year and my sister was at the girls school. If there is any list of members I would be interested in seeing if I remember anyoneBest regards.....

Richard Hurford (M63-65)

6 September 2004
Just wanted to say hi to everyone and say sorry for not being in touch. I've not been online much over the last year (or two) and since the big reformat I've lost everyone's email addresses and ID's so if you've not heard from me in ages - please email me :) Better still, come to the Windsor Reunion at the Cumbria Grand, Grange Over Sands in the Lakes on the 23rd October.Lynda has arranged a second informal reunion there.The last time was brilliant as anyone who went will tell you.All exwindsors and partners welcome. And don't worry if you come alone and don't know anyone - Lynda gets a guest list & makes sure everyone is found and made welcome.Quite a few have already booked so make sure you ring soon. It's £37 per person dinner bed and breaky and disco with £10 pounds deposit.(supplement of £10 for single room so if you can find someone to come along with to share a room it's cheaper) Everone meets up in the bar lounge during the afternoon to share photos and chat so people are arriving all the time. Hope we get a huge crowd this time - looking that way! There is a review of the last one on the exwindsorbfpo site. Hotel number is 01539 532 331 - quote Windsor when you book so you go on the list.
Ali Lindley (E77-79

8 September 2004
Hello Jean, i remember you! I'll get in touch with Yvonne and see if she can let me have Chris's address. Yvonne is living near Newbury these days, not sure about Chris. I saw Denise Windsor in Munster about 24 years ago - I drove my brother's car into the back of her dad's car!! OOOOPS!!
Things you remember, eh?
I don't remember kathy Grey. Did you have a younger brother (I seem to recall you did).
Wendy Gregory (E70-74ish)

10 September 2004
Steve Ellis, I remember you. I was in Hillsborough from 1966 to 1970. Also having my 50th in a couple of weeks time - how time flies! This is the second message I've added to the site and you are the first name I've recognised from the messages I've read. Do you remember Tony Gant and Martin Fry (loads of others; too many to mention) - would like to hear from them, or anyone else who remembers me.

Played rugby and football with some of the Americans; do any of them remember me? Get in touch.
Charlie Bull (H66-70)
21 September 2004
My name is Ritchie Peyton. l was in Edinburgh House,70-72. l looked up the WBS website a year or so ago. Planning to send off the membership form,l changed my mind. Among the names on the three lists (as of Sept. 04), l remember Ken Thompson as Housemaster, and these pupils for varying reasons; Roger A.Traynor, Gary Marsh, Nik Pedley, Terry Horner, Paul Lafferty, Chris Lane,Julian Barber,Peter Alder and Sylvia Green from the Girls school l think l may have also known Brian Hawkins and Peter Nash.
Ritchie Peyton (E70-72)
21 September 2004
My name is John Lynch and I was in Caernarvon house from 77-80. I have been reading the visitors book and came across many names that I remember. Some of those include Paul McDermott, Tony Parslow, Tom Cooke, 'Bruno' Maddran, Paul Sambrook, Stuart Devereux, Martin Potts, Ali Lindley. I'm sure there are more but after 24 years the memory gets a bit fuzzy.
I now live in Virginia, USA and would love to get in touch with anyone from that time.
John Lynch (C 77-80)
22 September 2004
Saw the message left by John Lynch, well done John!, about time fella, see you on the dark side, by the way, I lent you 25 marks in September 1977, can I have it back?
Paul McDermott ( )
25 September 2004
Hello (2),
Have e-mailed four people; Philip Griffiths and Sylvia Green both failed to reach destination, Les Caffrey and Brian Hawkins appear to have been successful. Though no answer yet.
Perhaps someone may tell me if Sylvia Robinson-Green is same person as Sylvia Ann Lydia Green ?
Is there a list somewhere of Head boys of Houses and School ?.
Ritchie Peyton (E70-72)
25 September 2004
To Sylvia Green,
ln the Guestbook, 25th Aug. 2001, l came across your ref to a `Richy`.
Your years at WGS coincide with my time at WBS. Also, during that period l went out with a Sylvia Green, albeit for two brief periods. Of course, l was not the only Richy at the school. Nevertheless, it seems reasonable to enquire on the strength of the above.
An apology to you if l am mistaken.
Ritchie Peyton (E70-72)
29 September 2004
Having had a long lazy summer I finally logged on to the site again to See Tom McCarthy had replied. The Paddy he remembers coming back before going to university was my brother Cormac. However, I am the paddy that
was friendly with Tez Leahy and Geezer Butler. Tez I know nothing about but Geezer I have occasional contact with. He is a teacher in Kent.
They say teachers can inspired so what did George MacKay do. Geezer, I and another Caernarvon heavy Mike Smith all ended up as teachers but never found our way back to Germany.
Wendy Gregory what is Steve doing?
Paddy Hawkins (C71-73 )
30 September 2004
if anyone remembers me please get in touch . i was in malborough house from 71-74 and also had a brother dougie who was there at the same time . i remember paddy mccarthy he was in hills at the same time in fact he married my sister jean who was at WGS in sandringham. i remember ronald butler , mike james . ronald lived in the same camp as us we live in pinewood camp just outside neinburg and mike james lived in hanover. im married to my lovely wife lorraine for almost 26 yrs and we have 3 kids . i own my own double glazing company ( no jokes please ive heard them all ) in bathgate west lothian in bonnie scotland . so if u remember me get in touch . mr kitchen was my house master at the time of my sentence and geoff hern was my
maths teacher . i remember following him a long the corridors trying to inhale his pipe smoke and he tourght he was popular with the boys little did he know.

Bill Whitefield (M71-74)