6 October 2004
My sister Karen and I attended Windsor Girls School between 1968 -71.
I swam for the school (Back stroke)
Would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Pauline Cooper (S68-71)

8 October 2004
John Lynch

Please let me know how I can get in contact with you!!

Garry ' Bruno' Maddran () 

11 October 2004
I dropped by this summer and took a few pictures. WBS is in a sorry state but WGS looked identical (trees a little larger perhaps

no name supplied

web address for the photos crashes with error

14 October 2004
I just thought it might be an idea to put names to photos. 'Windsor School Soccer Team 1956/7'. Back Row: Latham, Greenwood, C/R, C/R, Ashton, C/R, Thirkell. Front Row: Lishman, Ward, C/R, Stocks, Shepard.
C/R = Can't remember.

Bob Stocks (H54-57)
17 October 2004
Just browsing the Visitors Pages and noted a message from Beth Oxford Hamburger who was a friend of my sister. One of the American Day students I
remember was Bobby Hoffman. One thought that has been on my mind quite recently was what the American Day Students thought of us. It must have been
a bit of a culture shock, Rugby, football, strange curriculum. I do not think (or feel) that we were a particularly friendly lot with all that
jockeying for dominance, avoiding the bullying and trying not to be associated with plebs (who ever they where). The impression that as a group couldn't have been that 'normal'.
On another subject how many of you remember your number?

Colin Keil (B71-74) B102
19 October 2004
Quick reply to Rich Peyton
I believe we knew each other at school but also in Hanover where we both lived in Walmodenstrasse. Are you the Rich that I knocked around with and we went to the local pool and played football regularly with the local German lads? I also remember you as a bit of a Led Zeppelin fan. If you are you will probably remember a few Hanover names, including Chris someone or other who ended up as an Army officer
Paddy Hawkins (C71-73)
19 October 2004
finally nice to see someone else who remembers the downside to those windsor days, wasnt all rosy and charming as it appears to be from all the previous messages, maybe i was a pleb though and my memories are more tarnished but then i didnt get to stay for my senior years, had some good times, ran a bit wild being away from the parents, met some nice people who unfortunately lost touch with, either no-one remembers me (god how sad after three long years spent cooped up together) or those that do dont log on, be nice to know if there is someone can remember me and we can reminise the good,bad and ugly
Tracey Smith (B76-79) B97 
20 October 2004
Hi Pauline Cooper,

I think I do remember you, long blonde hair.. Laarbruch.. shared a dorm with Babs Judd... I was in Sandringham at the same time as you. Frau Geisefeld came to my wedding in Germany in 72, (yes almost a Windsor Bride) and I had a Christmas card from her every year, sadly not last year, so have written to her hoping for a reply.. she was old when we were there, she must have been in her early 40's...!! But the dearest Matron you could ever wish for. I am looking forward to the Reunion in the Lakes this weekend, are you going? I am still in touch with a few pals from Windsor, if you want an update or a memory jog, drop me a line.

Jacqui Noyes (S. 68-71)
20 October 2004
Just a quick reply to Paddy Hawkins, you are undoubtably right about the Paddy I knew being your younger brother, it just shows what nearly 30 years does to the mind.... never mind the body!!...... and also far too many "Paddies" during the 70's!
All the best.
Tom Mc Carthy (Paddy)
21 October 2004
Garry "Bruno" Maddran
It's great to hear from you, hope we can get in touch.

John Lynch (C77-80)

24 October 2004
Hi Bob Stocks
As I happen to have the Spring 1957 Concordia does this little piece from the Association Football write-up help?

" The following regularly represented the School: Healey (Captain), McArthur,Greenwood, Ward,Winrow,Stocks, Latham, Thirkell, Clayton, Shepard, Brierley, Glossop."

I won't quote the rest of the article as it wasn't very complimentary as it seems to have been a "disappointing" season.

I see you were in Hillsboro', although I don't remember you I do remember Ralph Czumaj and Max Alexander from that era. My maiden name was Johnson and I was at the school from 56 -60 but being in Sandringham.


Sue Finlay (Johnson) (S56-60 )

Still I hope this helps you in your quest.

28 October 2004
For anyone who went to the reunion at the Cumbria Grand at Grange-over-Sands last weekend (and anyone who is curious to know what went on!) - I have posted some pictures on my website:


(Link from the "Windsor" page).

Best wishes

Pamela Ross (St J63-68)

31 October 2004
Another great weekend in the lakes - thanks Lynda, Alan & Becky for organising it.
For those people who missed it, you really should make effort next time to come along. Everyone had the best time. My favourite memory is of Steve gatecrashing the over 60's traditional dance club in the ballroom and teaching them some Windsor rhythm. I've never seen anything so funny. Also Austin and Scotty entertained us again into the night playing fantastic music and also singing their unique "Windsor Blues." Why that hasn't been released into the charts we'll never know. There are so many highlights of the night, so many fantastic people, all too much to mention. I just wanted to say thanks to everybody who went, for giving me such a special weekend - yet again!

Ali (E77-79)