1 November 2004
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The Windsor Society Committee

1 November 2004
Have just found my Song of Praise book which is disintergrating and it is signed by past friends.
Lynn O,Leary, Chris Morgan, Sue Smith, Julie Truswell, Rhonda Briffitt, Jan Swain, Fee, Debbie,
Kathy, Jakie, Anna, Janet. Unfortunately not all signed their surnames. If any of you are out there it would
be great to hear from you. The book was signed in June 1972 when I left to embark on an adventure with
my family to Australia. We are still here. I would love to contact Chris Morgan. If any one can help it would be great.

Carol Everett (nee Large) (H69-72)
1 November 2004
hi pam ross - jean cooke here (now cavanagh) I remember 1066 and all that i had 2 parts i was in the very first scene wearing bright dress with pink roses on - and in a later scene as OBIDIAH BOBBLENOB as an egg seller lol. One thing I have never ever admitted to was that the boys brought some booze that nite and i got stoned i think it was some german liquor. I had to appear in the finale and was pxxxxd to say the least. I remember u as elizabeth in all your glory. I wish i had know about the little reunion or i would have been there. Have not been to a reunion yet but us 60s girls and boys must get together sometime before its too late.

.My sister linda was the other.Nice memories

Jean Cooke J83 or 81 i forget lol (St J 65-69)

1 November 2004
Pam Ross - I ve just had another look at your photos and I am the girl on the left of the photo in big dress- white hat shoes.)lol)

Jean Cavanagh (Cooke) (St J 65-69)

3 November 2004
John Lynch

How can I contact you?

Garry Maddran
4 November 2004
My name is Nigel corke, i was in Hillsborough between 65 & 68, just had my 50th birthday.
I remember Charles Bull, Tony Gant, Steve Rockett, all in my dorm. I emigrated to Australia
in 74 but have lived in Christchurch, NZ for the past six years. Please get in contact if you
remmember me

Nigel Corke (H65-68)

5 November 2004
Fond memories of those days. I was a vulnerable 12 year old in 1961 in Hilsborough. My number being 224 ( I think)
Excelled at Cricket and Cross Country coming third in the school. Alan Howells former friend came first and Andy Marshall second.
Does the school still exist and if so how can I visit?
Left in November 1962 as father posted back to england.
House master was Ernest Flowers. still have the house photo taken in the summer of 62'
Mike Slattery (H61-)

6 November 2004.
Paddy Hawkins, thank you for the reply. l don`t remember the football or the swimming.
Chris Hardy it may have been who went on to Officer training. He was my closest `home` friend, as l`m sure he went to PRS. Julian Barber was my closest school friend at WBS, lived in Berlin.
Led Zeppelin indeed, to this day. And much more and varied since those years.
Did we not swop your Colloseum Live for my Jethro Tull, Aqualung ? l`m sure it was you.
l think it was a Joe Cocker album you decided to throw away out your bedroom window one day, landing in a bush,where you left it. l retrieved it a few days later. Took it in, played it a few times. You tried to persuade me to throw it back in the hedge.
Did you know Debbie and Nikki ? l can`t recall their surname. Chris went out with D.

Ritchie Peyton (E70-72)
9 November 2004
hi Paddy,
sorry for not replying sooner, I haven't looked at the
site for a while as I've been busy with other things.
My brother Steve (Gregory) is living in Dubai where he
works as an insurance salesman. He has three children
(a boy and two girls) and three grandchildren (all
boys). He lived in Soest for twelve years or so (after
a short stint in England working in a Bank after
leaving WBS), then in Kent for ages, before moving to
Dubai about three years ago. His youngest daughter is
just finishing University, and his middle child spent
a year living in Germany after she graduated.If you send me your e-mail address I'll forward it to him.

Wendy Gregory (E70-74) day girl from Soest

9 November 2004
Like the Pictures of the Grange Reunion, looks like a good time was had by all. I even recognise a few familiar faces.

Malcolm Brunsdon

10 November 2004
am looking for any members (Brits or Yanks) who were at Windsor from 1970-1974 that remember Beth Oxford, Greg Oxford, or Lena Forehand. Names like Elaine and Penny from Sandringham (WGS), Ian ? and Gerry Bird, Chris Storey, Claire Maxwell, Paul Nicholson, Tommy Ritter, Bill Galloway, Ellen McCandlish, Kathy Sellers, Michael Kolesar, and Melanie Mundy. It’s been 30 years away from Windsor Schools. I heard from Sheena Keil (Marlboro 74) and that was great! . Thanks,

Beth Oxford Shamburger (M70-74)

11 November 2004
i was at the boys school from 1959 -1962 Mr Benyon was the h/master when i was there ,my house was Hillsborough i would like to chat to anybody from that period

Adrian Stephens (H59-62)

16 November 2004
Hello Sue Finlay,
Thanks for the memory jog. Healey is indeed the captain with the ball, McArthur is the goalkeeper and Brierley is centre back row. The last one could be Winrow. Brian Glossop does't appear in the photo. He was at the 2003 reunion. I 'found' John Shepard through FR but now I've 'lost' him again. Our excuse for a 'disappointing season' is that our best players left the school in the summer of '56. That's m' story and I'm stickin' to it. ;o)
I remember Max Alexander; and Ralph was at the 2003 reunion. I used to 'go out' with Brenda Smith from Sandringham. You may not remember her as she left for Singapore in '56. She was the very first secretary of the Windsor Society. She's on the 'lapsed members list' so I haven't been able to 'catch up' with her.
It would be great if you could enter your copy of Concordia onto the 'Ex Windsor BFPO' website at http://www.exwindsorbfpo.com/ A number of the old school mags have been scanned and put on there. You may even find some of your old chums on there.
Bob Stocks (H54 - 57)

19 November 2004
Garry Maddran

Ask your sister Patty to check all her Windsor email accounts.

John Lynch (C77-80)

21 November 2004
Hi Nigel.
I read your message, glad to know that someone remembers me. I've been trying to get in touch with Tony Gant via the windsor society and friend's reunited, no luck. funny thing though I went on the last reunion and met up with Steve Rocketts sister and we are still in touch. Would love to here from you.

Charlie Bull ( H66-70 )
25 November 2004
I would like to get in touch with Mike Slattery ,he was in Hillsborough at the same time as myself and we would have played cricket together.

Adrian Stephens (H59-62)