3 May 2004
Scot, I presume it's the Innes variety, apologies if not, but with regards to your aforementioned 70s mini reunion, some of the lads, Phil Macgregor, Steve Mayne, Steve Dipper, John Gay, Chip Carpenter, Ian Mynott, Paul Lambert and Malcolm Brundson (apologies if i've missed anyone out) and I meet now and again in London for an afternoon session, we've had about 4 or 5 so far, we all agree a time and destination. Let us know if your interested and we'll arrange something
Sean Cockroft
3 May 2004
Scott, hows things!?
Had a nightmare 6 months, lost my mobile, PC crashed etc.!
we can start the ball rolling for a 70's (including the few waifs and strays from the 80's!) reunion hopefully early next summer!
Anybody else who I seem to have ignored, please email me!
email me through
Friends Reunited

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
3 May 2004
Hi everyone, I'll try not to make this too long...(yeah, right)
I can't believe it didn't occur to me until now to do a net search on WBS. Finding this site unleashed a cascade of wonderful memories. Cascade? More like a Tsunami! I immediately contacted my sister Heidi who went to WGS 1967 to about 1971 to check it out.
Reading the Visitors Book was like opening the shutters in the attic. Names and stories I thought long gone in senility suddenly returned. I wonder if those who left messages years ago still visit the site: From David Gabriel's 2/00 message: Of course I remember you - what a great time we had! I'm doing fine, and Tommy Ritter is married with kids and working for DuPont. From 2001: "Hi" to Tom and Harry McPartland and John Christens. To Graham Keil: Yep, I remember your sister Sheena. To John Fisher: You mentioned Michael Cassatorgiani. He was a great guy. As I recall he came from Malta and hated PE almost as much as I did (that damn cross country...) Reading the list of past members and seeing Niki Benn's name brought back warm memories. Wish you hadn't moved away. Hope your life turned out great. Names I remember but didn't see: Malcolm McKay, Roland Hill, Michael Shepherds. So many whom I wondered what became of them. Lots of names and memories resurrected: Piggy ("I'm going to bounce you laddie"), Pegleg, Ma Flinders, Hayden Jones, Mr Hearn (those log tables....), the Brindleys, Malcolm Dineen. I remember doing a play at WGS (anything to get into the birds school) "The Crucible". I also recall torturing peoples ears with my lame renditions of Alice Cooper songs at socials. Sorry about that. Mainly I remember great friends and great teaching. They took an un achieving sod and somehow turned me into a decent student for which I'm grateful. I still know British history better than US. No one over here seems to be aware of William the Conqueror. My neighbors drive SUV's and I still long for a Lotus or Marcos. Oh well. If you haven't fallen asleep yet, you may be interested in some of my other yank compatriots. I can't guarantee these are correct, but they're close: Bill Galloway is doing research and teaching in Asian languages on the West Coast (that's after his career as a star chef), Mike and Bruce Kolesar have checked in on the visitors book, as has Bow O'Bar. Beth Thompson is working in North Carolina for a philanthropic/charity company. Lena Forehand in a Dentist in the same state. I'm not sure we don't need a US branch of the Society, although seeing each other in middle age might be too much for our hearts to take...

Paul Nicholasen (H67-73)

5 May 2004
Your number is not listed in the contact details of the Society list, butas long as you haven't moved home I should get your number, so will call you in the next day or so.Kathleen Gray and Marj Wright are also keen to help organise something, so with Sean and Chippy's group we should get something going! Hope the new job is going well!?

Sean, does your group ever meet during the week in the evening? It can be difficult getting down to London at the weekend, but I am often there in the week? (not for the actual reunion, just a few beers!).Nice to see regular names reappearing on this forum, it's been to quite for
to long!

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

13 May 2004
Hi to everybody,

Just a little hello from down under. Perth Western Australia has at long last had some rain lets hope it keeps coming for the rest of our Winter. I am still hopeful that some old school mates from 1970,71 and 72 may visit this site. So if any body can remember Christine Morgan, Cathy Mckenzie, or anybody I should remember let me know. Thanks
Carol Everett (Large) (H69-72)

13 May 2004
70's / 80's Reunion,
Nic and I have now had a chat and we are in the early stages of planning our reunion so watch this space for more details and start 'networking now' to get as many ex-windsorites from the era interested.
We will aim to keep costs and location as low and convenient as possible.James Mackenzie I need to speak to you asap - please get in touch.

Scot (M72-76)

13 May 2004
Hi Nic
Could you let me know if Kathleen Gray was a Day Girl Who lived in Soest around 1973-1976!!! How's your Sister She was in my Year at School and I believe we all lived in Verta(spelt wrong) Osnabruck!!!!

Jean Frost (nee Soars,Buchanan) (B74-76)
16 May 2004
Does anyone know whatever happened to Lorraine Winder and Christine Woods who I shared a dorm with in Edinburgh House? Also, Karen Cubbage, I remember we used to walk across for prep in that freezing cold hanger! I think you were in Balmoral.

Carol (Jones) and Jill (Cuthbertson), I hope you got my emails ok
Pat aris (E74-76)
22 May 2004
Hi Scot, hows the family? I have sent two emails but not sure if you have received them,as i am not yet computer friendly,and the machine I've have is about as quick as myself . I have just spent the last hour or so reading the visitors book, a few names I recall cropped up, John Cressey, Scott Ferguson, James Nelson, Alan n Dave Savage all from Caernarvon, and a few more from other
houses.If there's anybody who would like to get in touch for a chat please feel free, and look forward to hearing from you. I see you're trying to set up a reunion Scot, let me know how its going because it'll be good to catch up on old times (28 years gawd!).So all you old 70's boys n girls lets get the ball rolling ( yeah I sound like a d.j ). Whatever became of Dame, Nick n Steve Faz, Paddy( ox), Kurt, Stubbs, Cascarino, Jock Carroll and his Chelsea fan mate?(S), John Mullen(H).......?
I've got to go now and get ready for dorm points, take care all.
James Mackenzie (C73/76)
24 May 2004
Noticed message has been left for me from Heidi Nov 03. Heidi you can get in touch with me would love to hear back from you and what you have been up to over the years
Lesley Annable (B60-63)

26 May 2004
To Paul Nicholasen (H67-73)
Thanks for the mention. I will pass your details onto my sister Sheena. She lives in Canada (BC).

Tp Pat aris (E74-76)
Karen Cubbage lives in New Zealand. She is the co ordinator of the Australian and NZ wing of the Windsor Society Regrds
Graham Keil (B71-75)

26 May 2004
Hi James, Just found the site, and like yourself, have spotted loads of '70s inmates, what a blast from the past!!, I must admit its been what, 28 years or so since Iv'e been called "Paddy", so I had to read your message a couple of times, just to make sure!! Iv'e emailed you via "the other side", where, what, and how the hell are you?, I was just thinking about all the names I remember, and its loads, so surely someone MUST remember me, so if anyone does it would be great to hear from you. You may also remember that my younger brother ( Frank ) was in caernarvon at the same time, Iv'e spotted one or two of his "sidekicks"on the site, "Plug" Hughes, Pricey, and I think I spotted Jimmy Mair, not sure? Any how I'll keep on "trawling" to see if I can spot any one else

Tom Mc Carthy "PADDY" (C'71-76)
27 May 2004
Have not received your emails but its great to hear from you again - did you get mine ? I put my telephone number on there I think, we were hoping you would provide the sounds for the reunion, what do you think ?
Scot (M73-76)
27 May 2004
James Mackenzie,
I am in touch with Jock Carroll, dragged him along to the last reunion!
Jean Frost, yes we lived in Vehrte, Osnerbruck. Jill is well and catches up on this web site from Time to time. I will tell her your asking. She trained as a nurse, graduating last year! How's that for a career change! She's been married twice and divorced twice, to the same man! Glutton for punishment! Hi to Pat Aris!
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
31 May 2004
A Big hello to anyone who remembers me? (Angie Barnard, Dave Edmonson, John & Debbie Falcus, Michelle Hall, Kelly Roberts, Debbie Rymer, Steph Southall, Sharon & Denise Baker, Chris Lancaster, Andy Youngs, Julie Tibbs, Jim Alger and anyone else I've forgot). Really hacked off that I missed last years reunion and seeing everyone again, unfortunately I have been really ill since 2002. Hoping to get to the next one whenever it is. Have not been able to work since 2002 and I'm really starting to climb the walls, would love to here from anyone one out there who remembers me.
Take care and hope to here from you soon.
Chris Duxbury (B78 - 80)