1 March 2004
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Sue Waller who was in Hillsborough in the first year about 1966/7. She lived at Geilenkirchen and was Linda Crawford's best friend. I have a special reason for trying to find her.
Thank you.
Chris McDougall (Crawford) (H65-67)

3 March 2004
Hi to all who had the privilege of attending Windsor Boy and Girls My sister and I were interned from 1970 to 1973 in Caernavon House Sue and Lesley Ball I would be really pleased to hear from anyone in my old house
Cathy Towers Vivien Beale Sue Adams and the all the the other associated with that gang.

Sue and Lesley Ball (C70-73)

4 March 2004
Hi there Eddy. My name is Joanne Dwyer (Woodcock). Spotted your message and am wondering if you used to live in Berlin. If so, you may remember my brother Steve.You both used to spend a lot of time together. It's a very long time ago now but you never forget a name! Hope all is well with you

Joanne Dwyer (Woodcock)
6 March 2004
Another year passes and I am still trying to track down Ian Black and Martin Baldwin with no success. Does anybody remember them or know where they are now. We were all in Sandringham house in the mid 70's. Steve Wizz are you still in Scotland.
Look forward to hearing some info in the near future.

Alan 'Pricey' Price (S75-79)
12 March 2004
I was so excited to find the website several weeks ago and have thoroughly enjoyed reading over the emails. Have seen several names I remember - Andrea Arnold (M) and her brothers Pete and Neil, Rich License (all from Geilenkirchen) and Sue Yeoman, Davina Fairley (both B). I live in the States and have since 1977 and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Joan Duff (nee Rickerby) (B65-67)
12 March 2004
Message for Alan Price (Pricy)
May Know the whereabouts of Julie Baldwin poss sister of Martin Baldwin, Will have to make several letters/ emails but will get back to you.
Laura Cooke (C76-80)
13 March 2004
re kevin bennett - did he have a sister called chris who was best pals with mo petty?
Jean Cooke (STJ65-68)
15 March 2004
In reply to Dianne Bennett 27 February 2004 Message: If Kevin collected match boxes then I certainly knew him, same dorm and into Jethro Tull

Ian Murison (S71-72)
16 March 2004
Eddy Feast,
I remember you - I think we were in the same Dorm with Mark Stapleton, Ian Mynott and some others, did you play the guitar ? Someone in our dorm did and they taught me to play My Sweet Lord. Was it you ?

Scot Innes (M72-76)
28 March 2004
still no luck, Ian Black and Martin Baldwin seem to have vanished off the earth we were all in Sandringham between 1974 - 1979 is there nobody who can help find them or remember them, please help if you know or remember them.
Steve Carr I still have your number and will call you again.
Bruno are you still around, lost your number, call me or send an e-mail.
Hope ypu can help out there.
Many thanks

Alan "Pricey" Price (S74-79)
30 March 2004
hello joanne yes did live in berlin and i did see steve a few years back been a long time now hope life is treatin you kind is steve still in sleaford?

Eddy Feast (M72)