1 June 2004
HI Everyone
A Message for Mary or Kathy Moss, Phone me Jean Frost Lost your number I'm still at the same number you phone about 1.5 yrs Ago!!!! And thank you for your Christmas Cards you send every year unfortunately can send one back have no Address. Hi to Nic Cubterson say hi to your sister. Nicky Rolf I use to be a Day Bug Lived in Soest(great times), I was in the same year as your little sis Sussie. Did Katie marry the German!!!
Jean Frost (nee Soars) D/Girl (B74-76)

2 June 2004
Hello. Just browsing through the site. Averil Sutherland from KH. I remember you, petite and dark! Your dad was in the Cameronions (excuse spelling). Think you had a sister. Denise Shann, I think you came to KH just as I left. My name is Deirdre Tyler (Dee), and I had a brother Toby Tyler. His name was Bernard but he became Toby after the film “Toby Tyler” which was shown around the time we all watched “Hamlet” and sat and giggled. Other names from KH, Bernadette Melia and Linda Proverb. Lorainne Yeadell was head girl!.
Deirdre Tyler (Dee) (K61-62)

3 June 2004
God I can't believe I'm 50 already??? Still remember my days in WBS. Found out today looking at some site that Hayden Jones (my housemaster) is no longer with us. Does anyone have any info on him?
Anyone else who remembers me just get in touch
Steve Ellis (H67-70)

3 June 2004
trying to get in touch with gerald bird.
we shared a dorm in marlborough house between 67-71
with john needham
david jenkins
we also shared a girlfriend called ann jones
please can you help me get in touch

looking to find georgina dugan
can anyone help with an email or something
Steve Winning


11 June 2004
Hi Lesley, not sure if I am the Heidi you think I am, I was in St. James between 59-61, came from KAS, now living in New Zealand. There are a few of us here in NZ, but haven't met with anyone I knew personally. Perhaps we could exchange Email addresses? Regards
Heidi Lock (Bedford) (StJ 59-61)

16 June 2004

Hello everyone,this is my third go at trying to leave a message to see if anyone remembers me,my name is Steve Brown and I went to WBS,from the years of 1978-1981.I was in Marlborough House,started as a third former finished as a sixth former.My former teachers were,among others,Mr Greedy,Mr Wenn,Mr Hanslip,Mr Hern,Mr Ball,Mr Moore,Mr Bugden,Mr Kitchen,Mr Jones,head Teacher was Mr Leighton and also later Mr Gysin,I shared a dorm with the likes of,Clive Smith,Phil Lowrie,Paul Burge,Mark Carver,Lawrence McGovern,and was in love with Jakki Manners,Dawn/Debbie Johnson,(they were twins,cant remember which one I liked the most!)Tracy Crouch,Jo Lees and Sheena Ball ! Needless to say I never found out if any of them felt the same way as I was very shy!! Please if anyone remembers me,drop me a line I now live in Somerset. Cheers.

Steve Brown 'Brownie' (M78-81)

17 June 2004
Thanks to Graham Keil (B71-75) for your little bit of info on Karen Cubbage, I hope she's well.

Also to Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77) I remember meeting you once when I came to your house in Osnabruch for the weekend with Jill. Jill and I were great friends, she kept me going and could always make me laugh. I hope she's happy and tell her I hope she keeps in touch.
Pat Aris (E74-76)
17 June 2004
Was hoping to be able to leave a message for Spook McGookin who also went to PRS in the 70's I think. Would be grateful if you could post this as I am hoping to put together a mini reunion in Queensland, Aus in the next few months and anyone else who might have attended the best school will be so welcome. (If anyone is a member of the Windsor Yahoo site could they leave a message for Spook as I am now unable to get in!!!!)

Best wishes to Mike Hill and Rodger Hollyoak (will catch up via email soon) and who was it now who used to live in Queensland Mike, sadly can't remember...not Bambi was it Mike? In any event he went out with Peps Minter! Do get in touch and join us for a tiny weeny mini reunion please.
Babs Magee
Collingwood Girls, PRS 1959 - 1964
19 June 2004
Dear Windsor Society,

I was a member of Windsor Girls Hamm (early 60s) having transferred from Plon. Does you/anyone recognise these names; Margaret Anstey (a Scot), Lesley Webster (from Celle), Linda Rogers (father a Major), and of course myself Chrystal Turnbull nee Guyan (Bielefeld). Would love to hear from any old school member
Chrystal Turnbull nee Guyan
21 June 2004
I was in Hillsborough from 61 -63, Have not visited the site very often but see a message from Sandra Howell (2001) was looking for me. well, here I am Sandra, but no email address on your message. You were in StJ the same time....
Anyone else out there?
Georgina Rogers (sister of Geraldine) (H61-63)

22 June 2004
Good Evening Doug,
I was flicking through various web sites and just typed in Windsor Boys School, Hamm Germany and found your site. Surprised to say the least.!!! I was a student at the School – Sandringham in 1958 – 1960 (if my memory serves me right). I can remember my house number as S172 as I still have a shoe cleaning brush with the number on it. (Sad Person) Seeing the site brought back memories, especially how cold the swimming pool was. I was only there a short time as my father was posted to Singapore and the family followed. I am sure I have some photographs of the school I will see if I can dig them up. Best Regards
Reg Stone (S58-60)

Thanks Reg - looking forward to the pics...DP

29 June 2004
Hi my name is Maurice Hickman and I attended Windsor Boys School, I believe from 56 - 60
My house master was the well respected and favorite Mr.. Benfield of Sandringham Boys. Another respected and popular teacher was Mr.. Cuttler. Who I never once saw cane a boy for some wrong doing. Nigel Frith sat at the head my table during meals, as did a couple of good looking women whose names I do not recall except for one named fairy? She was a senior, but that did not matter to me.
Other names that I do recall are Roger Ivy, David Jones, Hans Coulston, Terry Knight, Gordon Lawson, Barry Westhead. "Battler" Mike Britton, Brian Bradshaw, Dave Benge, who ran away on more than one occasion Peter Froud, the Barnicoats, Vicky Black, and last but not least my first real love Emily Birdling of Sandringham Girls. Many years have past, and in my many travels in this world I often times think of the wonderful times I had at Hamm School and the many friends I made. I consider my time there as my days of wine and roses. I wonder what became of them all and if they like me, remember the great times we had at Hamm. I trust they are all well.
Maurice Hickman (S56-60)
29 June 2004
Anyone seen or heard from Carole Fletcher recently…
Tony Reilly (M73-76)
30 June 2004
Further to the message from Maurcie Hickman. The surname Barnicoat came back to me. I lived in Osnabruck for 12 years and my primary school was in a place called Dodesheide. My headmaster then in 1960-61 was a Mr Barnicoat. I'm sure he had 2 sons who went to boarding school not sure if it was Windsor or not. I was a friend of their sister who was partially deaf and the same age as me about 9 or 10. Just wondering if this is the same Barnicoat, as the name is quite unusual. Best wishes to all windsorites out there and especially Pam Ross who frequently adds a message to the board.
Jean Cavanagh (nee Cooke) (StJ65-68)