1 July 2004
I was a student at Windsor Girls school, Sandringham House at about 1969, I just saw some photo`s and they brought back memories.
I live in Canada now , it seems so long ago that I was there.
Thank you

Valerie Lilley ( formerly Sanderson) (S69)

2 July 2004
Having visited the WEBSITE I notice on 26th May an imposter. I thought I was "Paddy Hawkins", real name Brian, and that the next Paddy was my young brother Paddy Hawkins Junior real name Cormac. This Tom Mcarthy also from Caernarvon at the same time who posted on the 26th May, (My Birthday as it happens not that I want to remember my last one as it brought up a forgetable number, do you really exist and did we ever meet?
Hello to anywhere in Caernarvon from that period and remember we were called the heavies, we never lost the Tug-of_war. Paddy Hawkins (The orginal)
Paddy Hawkins (Senior) (C71-73)
2 July 2004
Does anyone know what happened to Sue Rafferty (Raff)?
She was there between 1966 and 1968, last heard of in the 70's at Catterick camp.
Christine Robinson nee Macgregor (StJ66-68)

4 July 2004
I see there is a mini Queensland Reunion planned. Whereabouts and how do I get to contact the organiser? I live in Brisbane
Carol Reading (C56-58)
6 July 2004
Just hoping to make contact with anyone who remembers me from time at WGS. Teachers I remember are Miss Brown, Miss Blackman, Mr Boyd (teddybear), Mr Savage, Miss Taylor. Pupils: Yvonne and Christine Hopkins, the Last family (Wendy and Stephen), the Britts (Bev, etc, were our neighbours in Soest), the Hendersons (Yvonne and her sister), the Patersons (Marion was head girl, Barbara was in my year), Janet McLachlan and her brother Danny (sorry about spelling of surname), Kim Pontin, Vanners, Bruce St.Armand, Steve Beech, the Smith family, plus loads of others. I still keep in touch with Linda Dawson, she has been a terrific friend through the years. And send birthday cards to Yvonne Hopkins. I recently emigrated to New Zealand (Christchurch) and would love to hear from WGS or WBS folk who are here. I have three brothers who also attended WBS: Steve (now living in the Middle East), Ian (Tich) and Michael who both live in Hull, E. Yorks.

Wendy Gregory (Day girl from Soest) (E71-74)
9 July 2004

Hi Heidi you had left a message saying that you recognised my name from the list. My address is on the Windsor Society Register - drop me a line, would love to hear from you.

Also Mike Handley where are you, ages since I have last heard from you. Also where is everyone from the 60's. Of what I can remember there was a few of us there.

Lesley Annable (B60-63)
11 July 2004
I'm thinking of visiting Hamm in the near future, for a trip down memory lane. Has anyone out there been recently?.If so, do you have any tips/pointers /info on :Access restrictions,local accommodation etc which may be helpful

Many Thanks
Mike Kinchin
14 July 2004
I've just noticed a reference to Graham Keil who mentioned a sister Sheena. Would these be related to John Keil who went to Gatow School in Berlin with his sister Sheena between 67 and 68? I think they were with the 1st Bn Queens Own Highlanders in Spandau. I would be interested to find out.

Tony Higgin (M67-69)
15 July 2004
Just spotted a reaction to my last post ( my first actually ) I must apologise to Paddy Hawkins snr, I had no intention of causing confusion!! Paddy, I do indeed remember you, I believe, you had left, but returned for a short while, before leaving for good, I think to go to university? I seem to remember, you were mates with "Geezer Butler, and Tez Leahy?
I have to admit that I was just a fresh-faced 1st or 2nd year about that time,so my memory might be a bit questionable!! What isn't in doubt though was the "exploits" of the "HEAVIES", which was "legendary" in the tug of war arena!! Mr Mackay just happened to mention it........ once or twice!!!!
To answer your question I do indeed exist.... I think! The reason you dont remember me was that great age gap that you mentioned, with it being your birthdaynall !!! and the only reason the "seniors" conversed with 1st and 2nd year "plebs" was to dish out some ingeniously designed punishment!! I'm afraid you'll just have to face it Paddy, there was life after the heavies!

Tom Mc Carthy (Paddy) (C71-76)
16 July 2004
I was a student at Windsor Boys school, Malborough House between 1968 to 72. Recently found the site and it's brought back a lot of memories. House master was Mr Kitchen and his deputy was Mr Bingham. I remember Pop Chater, Ma Jackson, Geoff Hearn and Hayden Jones. Friends included Steve Turner, Steve Porter (remember you're first day at school), Titch Jones, Scobie, Ian Black, Lindsey Naylor, Phil Vipond, Anita Smith, Teri Pellow, Viv Stone.
Fond memories of the weekend trips to WGS.
Anyone remember me
Rob Walker (M68-72)
16 July 2004
Hi, Just visiting, Saw message from Tony Higgin(M67/69). Yes is the answer to the question.. Sounds rather ominous tho' .. We are the same, and yes we did go to Gatow School in Berlin....I attended W.G.S. from 71/74 and was in Marlborough Hse..I had wondered if anybody had contact with Bow O'Barr, Beth Oxford..
Sheena Keil (M71-74)
19 July 2004
Just a quick reply to Wendy Gregory. I don't believe I ever met you but I was very pally with Steve. he, Mike Smith and Geezer Butler from Caernarvon boys knocked around together a fair bit. Last I heard of him he was a banker in Deal. At school he went out oth Bev Britt, a name you mention. Bev returned to England amd married Vince Fletcher another Caernarvon boy who was a policemen in Kent.
If you have any contact with Steve in the near future please pass on my regards
Paddy Hawkins (C71-73)
19 July 2004
In Reply to Tony Higgins message.
You are correct John and Sheena Keil are the same.
Colin I Keil (B70-74)
20 July 2004
Hi Tony,

Carole Fletcher working hard, thinking of going back to Canada. Been talking to her sister Jennie. Hope you and yours are all well.
Denise Meyers (Fletcher) (H72-78)
21 July 2004
i was really surprised to find a website on windsor girls school ive often wonderd if it was still up and running. It was 1975 i started the school and i attended for about 2yrs i was in caernarvon house. i had some really happy times at the school but some sad ones to. the only girl i can really remeber was Karen Smith who was in a year above me but she took care of me i would love to thank her.
(no name poss.Carole Buchanan?) (C75-77)

22 July 2004
Hi Doug,

My ex-wife was at this school 1958/64 St. James. Her name Jean Margaret Mackay.
Any info would be appreciated that I could pass on to her.
Kind regards.

Hello Mick

Many thanks for your email.
The best thing is for Jean to join the Windsor Society whereupon she will receive copies of all the Newsletters from issue no. 1 and a copy of the Register showing names, addresses, phone no.s, etc of all our members plus details of reunions, etc. Details of how to join are on the web page www.windsorsoiety.org.uk
Best regards

22 July 2004
ive just found the windsor school website it brought back so many memories. I was in caernarnon house from 73-75.I saw a mess from Dawn Clampin(Bradley) and my name was mentioned i was so pleased somebody had rememberd me, i would love to hear from anyone.
Carole Buchanan (C73-75)
23 July 2004

Tony Higgins - Yes Graham and Sheena are related to John (the oldest of the clan). Another brother Colin can be contacted through Friends Reunited, listed in the mid 70s, who would put you in touch, I'm sure.
Cathy Towers (C71-74)
23 July 2004
I've recently been back to Germany for a week - the first time in 27 years! Me, my husband Brian Innes and sister Gwen, went back to Weeze to stay, near RAF Laarbruch where we lived in the 70's, (Brian and I went back for a year to live after we were married). We took the train to Hamm one day so that I could see what Windsor Girls' is like now. I felt the same apprehension I felt all those years ago, on that train journey.

When we got to Hamm, we didn't have a clue how to get to WGS. The information office opposite the train station was very helpful, providing us with a map and directions via bus ( you take a number 1 or 3 at Neu Banhoff Strasse and it costs E1.50), it takes about 15 minutes.

The school looked exactly the same (complete with barbed wire at the top of the perimeter fences (to keep us in, if I remember!). The buildings are now used for asylum seekers, so we weren't allowed past the main gate. However, the 'gate keeper' did open one of the gates behind Edinburgh House to let us take a few pictures. The memories came flooding back, (not all of them good), but it would've been nice to have a look around. I could remember exactly where everything was.

Good luck to anyone else going back.
Pat Aris (E74-76)
25 July 2004
Thanks to those responding to my question regarding John and Sheena Keil, and don't worry Sheena, just idle curiosity!! I went to Gatow before attending WBS and knew John for a short while along with Graham 'Gogs' Mackenzie and Norman Burns, names that may ring a few bells
Tony Higgin (M67-69)
26 July 2004
What a rush of memories!!! I have just found the website and saw names I haven’t thought of in years. Sheena Keil, if you are still out there... I am living in Richmond, Virginia, USA with my husband of 25 years, 3 kids, dog and cat. I would love to hear from you. I haven’t heard from Bo O’Barr in years but I think my mom has a snailmail address for his mother. Has anyone heard from Marion Patterson (Mas) 70 ish-74, day student at WGS or Chris Storey, Australian guy at WBS, M74 (I think). Any other WGS/WBS 70-74 who remember the American daystudents?
Beth Oxford Shamburger (M70-74)
27 July 2004
Just browsing through the site saw a message from Wendy Gregory, I remember you from SOEST and your Brothers all the names you mention brought back memories from Soest. You mention you still send birthday cards to Y Hopkins, I would love to get in touch with her sister I believe they don't live that far from me!!!
I did go back a few years back and it's all change quite sad really, The last person I had seen was Denise Windsor in Munster Germany that was about 20 yrs ago!!! I'm still Looking for Kathy Grey daygirl in Soest 1974-1978. She tried to contact me quite a while ago
Jean (nee Soars) Balmoral (Boarder 74-76) Daygirl 72-74