1 January 2004
A Happy New Year to all

The Windsor Society Committee

1 January 2004
Happy new year to everyone!
Sean Cockroft (H 74-76)
1 January 2004
I am Les CARTER from Sydney, Australia, I was at Windsor Boys School 1959, My parents were living in Dortmund at the time, I was a day pupil and still remember the maroon blazers. We returned to UK in 60 where dad retired from the Army, we went to Australia in 66 and I have just retired after 35 yrs as a police officer in Sydney, does anybody remember me out there ? My wife flew into Frankfurt last year and did a 3 week coach tour via Berlin to Eastern Urope but alas did not go near Hamm where I would haliked to visit....regards Les Carter, DOB 2.5.48
Les Carter

2 January 2004
And also Hoping that by the time this is posted you have all recovered from the Affluence of Incohol.

Wishing all Windsorites a Happy New Year

Malcolm Brunsdon (S62-64, E67-69)

2 January 2004
Happy new year to all former pupils from WBS and WGS

Keith Turnbull (B 73-76)

8 January 2004
Just having a quick look on the website, as I often do, and thought you might want some of the names for the WGS Prefect photo! Here you go:

3.Michelle Hall
6.Deana Burge
7.Janet Robertson (also known as Scottie)
9.Valerie Phillips
11.Michelle Scriven
15. Trudy Wilson

Hope this helps. Kindest regards
Dawn Penn (nee Shrives) (S76-79)

Many thanks, Dawn .. DP

8 January 2004
Happy New Year to Jimmy Alger and thank you for the mention, hope you are well and safely back home. Sorry it has taken so long to reply. Thought you might like to know , my brother Mark is a Grandad now, twice!! – thought that would make you chuckle, or feel old!!! Big ‘Hello’ to Lorraine Norsden, hope to see you soon, and ‘Hi’ to anyone else who remembers me.

Dawn Penn (nee Shrives) (S76-79)

19 January 2004
With regard to any future reunions north bound, is it true there is something happening in Blackpool in April, anyone out there know whats going on?. Would appreciate any comments back or is it to do with the "other" mob?. Regards to one and all and seasons greetings.
Kind regards

Tiny McDermott ( 77-79)

24 January 2004
Hi everyone,
hope you have all had very good Christmases and very happy new years for the last 34years.
I have only just come into the computer age, and so have a lot of catching up to do. I found the windsorsociety web page only recently and have spent some time scanning the visitors page messages, a few very familiar names, some with faces others just a blur in the memory bank.
Keith Buckley,Douglas Paul Robertson,Bob Bernays,Dave Garnett,just to mention a few, from the memories spring other memories so to speak.
1066 and all that, Gordon Seabrook having to leave the pitch, ref didnt like the fact that he was wearing glasses[1965?],someone playing the bugle from C/H fire escape [Dave Parish rings a bell], Dick Joliffe caning 70 percent of the house[B],for high spirits one sunday morning,queue up one side of the corridor and down the other, poor chap looked shattered bythe end of the session.
Windsor moments since returning from Germany in 1974.
Walking down Lincoln high st. mid 1975 and bumping into Ralph Snape[B?-67], needless to say he didnt remember me, hope somebody does. He was stationed at Raf Scampton at the time, also stationed there was Derek Neale same house same date.
Turned the telly on one saturday and watched Mick [Horace] Hedges playing pro rugby league also mid seventies.
Working for the Raleigh cycle company in Sleaford, sat next to a guy for a year before I realised it was Steve Sinclair[S65-66?]. Sadly Steve passed away in the mid nineties, he was working as o postman at that time, still in sleaford.
As I said earlier, hope someone out there remembers me I would surely like to hear from you.

Mick Powditch (B64-69)
25 January 2004
Where everyone go? ;-)
Sean Cockroft (H 74-76)
27 January 2004
lynda barber - jean here, yes i do remember that occasion very well. I am still alcoholic - jokin? I was the one who bought the red wine. Every time I hear red red wine now i think about that time. Maybe that woz jenny wells. She was always good at typin. If you are reading this jen get back in touch. Regards to everyone Jean xx
Jean Cooke (STJ65-68)

29 January 2004
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29 January 2004
Just a quick hello to wish every 1 a Happy new year.
Would be nice to hear from Lorreto John Cornetto if N E 1 knows of his where abouts and Lee Seppings. Both from the same house and year.
Cheers for now, Jas Rowley.

Jason Rowley (E81-83)