1 February 2004

pinch 'n' a punch for the first day of the month! ;-)

Sean Cockroft (H 74-76)
and no returns...?..DP


1 February 2004

Pinch and a kick, for being so quick!
Jacqui Noyes (S69-71)

2 February 2004

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE LAND OF AUS. Well I am still trying to find some of my friends especially Christine Morgan (Hills 69 - 72) so if anyone remembers her or knows of her current location please let me know. Temp a warm 34 today and expecting 37 tomorrow

Carol Large (Everett)

9 February 2004

hi girls/chaps,
hope 2004 brings great times from an ex-windsorite from 68-71.marlborough house.defining years(was never the same innocent child after leaving there)
so gina dugan, gerry bird, gilfred cummings(sorry i hit you) what was it about?
and ex girlfriend JT.
any one else remember me( gladly or madly) please get in touch,
best wishes

Steve Winning (M68-71)

9 February 2004

Walking down the Park and Ride bus this morning and caught a whiff of Old Spice - suddenly transported back in time and space to the prefects' room, with a Boys' School visitor - amazing how powerful the sense of smell is!

Pamela Ross (StJ 63-68)

14 February 2004

Happy Valentines day to all the girls of WGS ;-)

Sean Cockroft

20 February 2004

eddy feast here recognize some of the names here was marlborugh 72 in the early 70s recognise a few names on members list ian mynott al gravener scott inness rosalind draper and a few more takes me back many thanks

Eddy Feast (M72)

22 February 2004

Pam, it looks like Henry Cooper is still about then!
John Fisher Hillsborough 65-68

John Fisher (H 65-68)

22 February 2004

My sister, Betty, and me were probably in the first batch of pupils at the School in 1953.
We took part in the opening ceremonies in 1954, me doing gymnastics ( which meant standing on the field with a pair of shorts and no top) and Betty in the Country Dancing, a picture of which is on your site home page!

Fred Lawton (53-


26 February 2004

This might interest anyone who was in CAERNARVON between 62 and 67. I recently discovered a few old house photos from my time as a pupil there and have managed to make some decent scans of them. Most faces are well recognisable!! Anyone who wants a copy can email Caernarvon@spectrum-photography.co.uk and I will be happy to copy them back.Like many ex Windsorites (I suspect) I often browse the WindsorSociety site and am still fascinated by the many names from my past that regularly feature, not just from Caernarvon ( which seems rather under-represented) but in other houses and from WGS. It would be nice(I think) to put a collection together of images from that period-maybe even a ‘then and now’ ‘rogues gallery’! If anyone else feels the same let me know (at the above email address) and if the demand is there (and the pics) I will see what can be done! Maybe the powers that be in the WindsorSociety would be interested in hosting the gallery!Anyway, best wishes to anyone who remembers me, and even to those I remember who haven’t a clue who I am!!! Tony Jobber (C42, then C42a (that’s what happens when they think you are leaving and you don’t – a completely unique house number) 1962-1967

Tony Jobber (C 62-67)

27 February 2004

my hubbie was at WBS in 1968-1974. he was in sandringham house. does anyone remember Kevin Bennett?