4 April 2004
It's been some time since I visited the site and was therefore delighted to see the message from Joan Duff (nee Rickerby). After posting several messages I had given up hope of hearing from anyone from the Geilenkirchen mob. Joan you've restored my faith in the internet and I would be delighted if you were to drop me a line

R.A.Licence (no details)

5 April 2004
Hi Joanne So sorry I haven't been in touch, unfortunately I had a slight "technical" problem and deleted all my contacts!!! Enjoyed our lunch together catching up, hope all is well with you. Have you managed to contact anyone else in the meantime? Would still like to find Shirley Hewitt again. A big hello to Scott and Denise - what's your secret? And hi to anyone else who remembers me. Take care all.

Diane Davis (nee Niddrie) (S74-76)
10 April 2004
Happy Easter to all my readers. I am now back 'on line' after my sojurn around the world from June last year. The whole idea of the trip was to attend the 50th Anniversary Reunion, other reunions and visits to family and friends. The 50th was wonderful and it was great to see, once again, a number of old friends from school and to meet the new ones that I had been corresponing with on the various ex Windsor sites.
I hope that it's better late than never to thank the organisers for the reunion. My wife brought a book with her but didn't read a page because she was drawn into all the conversations and made to feel so welcome. I saw very little of her all night but now that the photos have appeared I find that she spent much of her time in the 'casino'. Nothing changes there then?
On returning to NZ there were a number of things to catch up on. Then on New Years Day my computer died, never to rise again, but now, a few thousand NZ dollars later, I have two computers with a lot more 'grunt'. We then had 3 lots of visitors from the UK, over an 8 week period. Now that they have all returned to 'Blighty', I have more time to catch up on here.
Just prior to the reunion I 'found' John Shepard (H54-58), but now appear to have lost him again. I was very disappointed not to see him at the reunion. Where'd you get to 'Shep'? Get in touch sometime please
Bob Stocks (Charles) (H54-57)
13 April 2004
Hello to Sue and Lesley Ball!
I haven't logged onto the site for months so very pleased to see someone I know mentioning my name. I can be contacted directly via the Friends Reunited site for gossip and reminiscing. Look forward to hearing from you

Cathy Towers (C71-74)
14 April 2004
Hi, Rich:
Great to see the email this morning. Will definitely drop you a line soon and perhaps we can catch up on the last 30++ years! Hard to believe it's been that long!

Joan Duff (Rickerby) (B65-67)
14 April 2004
Hi once again
Easter has been and gone and we here in Aussie are in the middle of a Holiday break.
Easter was always a memorable occasion in Germany with all the easter eggs and multitude of chocolate.
Still hoping some one from the past might remember Christine Morgan from Hillsborough house.
Well until next time, have fun

Carol Everett (Large) (H69 - 72)
18 April 2004
Hi all, pleased to see I am now listed as a member of the society, look forward to receiving my membership pack. In the meantime I would just like to say hello to some of the many names I didnt mention the first time I visited this page. Alan [tich] Feltham, Rod Jennings, Jonny Nighters, Tim Smith, Paul Sayers, Dot Smith, The Bennett dynasty, Ralph, Chris[owwww], James, etc. Cant remember all their names, Bob Young, Jenny Young, and last but by no means least Jenny Williams [hope you do still remember me.], Look forward in the future to making contact with you all.

Mick Powditch (B64-69)

19 April 2004
Hello Doug, I have a response to a message placed by Tony Jobber on 26th February, if you would be so kind as to enter it: I was in Caernarvon House from 1962 to 1963. Same dormitory as DavidPinkstone, 'Fozzy' Foster, ?? Appleby. Others whose name I remember are: James Tregidgo, Brian Whitman, Phil Pisani, Simon Hurst, Dave McCourt, John McLaren, Stuart Shaw, Bob Sherrill, Mike Trevithick. There are a great many mental images, too, but no names to go with them at the moment.I remember Tony Jobber well. We disappeared into the Caernarvon basement from time to time and built a model railway there. I don't have any photographs from those days but would welcome the opportunity to see other people's if they are willing to share them. Regards,

Mick Bonwick (C62-63)

19 April 2004
Hello again Joan,

Wonderful to see your response, Yes it has been a long time since those happy Geilers days carving our initials on the old bus stop wall. Love to hear from you
Hoping to hear from you soon.

Rich Licence (C65-66)
19 April 2004
Hello Diane Davis, Denise Meyers (Fletcher). We use to play Netball and Hockey for the school team together. Get in touch would love to chat to you.

Denise Meyers (Fletcher) (H72-78)
20 April 2004
Hello Laura,
Just seen your message, any news will help. I think Martin and his sister were twins. Still no news on Ian Black does anybody remember any of us. Seems to be very little from mid seventies. Ian and I both played for the school football team in years 3,4,5. Any help would be great.

Alan {pricey} Price (S75-79)
22 April 2004
I was at WBS from Nov 66 thru summer 70 and was one of the American day students. Is there anyone who remembers any of us? Our fathers worked for DuPont. I have nothing but find memories of my years there and kept in touch with some of my American friends from there but over the years have lost touch with them. I can only remember the name of one of the British students from WBS, Andy Robinson I think. He went out with one of the American girls. There was a band at the school too that we used to invite to our parties at our homes there but I can't remember their names either. It would be great to hear from anyone who was there at the time I was and might remember me or any of the other Americans. My name is Richard Pleming and I live in Wichita, Kansas now

Richard Pleming (66-70)

23 April 2004

Dear Richard,
Although, unfortunately, I do not remember you personally, I do remember the Yanks! I was very close to Tom O'Barr for a long time - he even came over to visit me from the States. We have lost contact now. My only contcat with you all now is family holidays in California - what a place!

Alan Pearce (S64-71)
26 April 2004
where are all the day bugs????????
to blinkink busy to write
if anyone remembers me or my sisters katie and susie rolfe please get intouch .

no name supplied (possibly Nicola Geden)
27 April 2004
Diane Niddrie,
A big hello to you too - there is no secret - we were just lucky to have found each other at such a young age. How is life treating you and are you in touch with any of the others from our era. Nic Cuthbertson and I were thinking of organising a seventies reunion but its gone a bit quiet, perhaps this email will spur us back into action. My excuse is I started a new job in October and have been really busy. Get in touch Nic and James Mackenzie if you still visit the site. Cheers

Scot (no other details supplied)